Thursday, 21 October 2010


It was evidently great sport, spunkfaced zombieboy trashing a few million lives. Better than the hunting with dogs act being revoked, this is, we go hunting with LibDems, Tally Ho!  Such relish, waving of order papers, from braying, hate-filled Tory fuckpigs and not even embarrassment from the shiteating dogshooters, I mean, how could any party be embarrassed that is home not only to Clegg the Gimp but also Simon the Warthog and the fuckboy, Alexander; double turds all around, for them, down the CopraClub tonight.

And poor wee Ed Moribund, with his stooge shadow chancellor, cracking  gags like he was Bob fucking Monkhouse,  the whole place pissing itself with or at him or both, even Mr Tiny Speaker, Pray Silencing, I want to hear what the prime minister thinks of Chairman Mao, for, listen, the house is only  shattering the dreams of millions, no need for us not to have a bit of a giggle, is there ?

Say what one will - and one does - about the wretched Snotty, but either of the Ballses would have ripped SpunkFace a new arsehole, might at least have stilled he and his wanky supporters into respectful silence, Moribund, though, has swiftly sunk to the  depths of the shithole he inhabits, more cautious of his own ambition than anything else, appointing the worst possible candidate, short of Doug FishFace, as shadow finance minister, rather than have his own dodgy position undermined by another's expertise, how very Brown of him. How very fucking useless. And talking of Snotty, where was he, as his works were blamed for everythiing short of the Chilean mine collapse? Maybe Wednesday is his day in the Kirkcaldy Oxfam shop, putting something back. Maybe he's, as we always said, a rotten cowardly bully, hiding away, lest people, now that they can,  shout at him, lest people think he's not, after all, the cleverest boy in the school, the horrible fucking bastard.

 If there was ever any doubt, yesterday removed it;  the pampered, pensioned, ennobled and sinecured, shiteating  riffraff in the commons, no matter about their notional tribal differences, have far more in common with each other than with we, who pay them and their true place, their eventual destination must be, on this showing, Up against the wall, motherfuckers.


a young anglo-irish catholic said...

Am currently in Detroit, Mr I, so didn't see the axe swinging live. But they really shouldn't have been cheering.

I was whirling around the web earlier and found that, at the time of Mr Howe's notorious budget 1980 budget, the borrowing requirement was 6 percent of government income.

Today, it is 11 percent. Proof that we are really in the shit.

Perhaps we can look forward to 728 economists writing to The Times in protest.

yardarm said...

They`re all diseased; all of them, wanting to be politicians since the age of six months, the I know what`s right for everyone else solution peddling bastards. Never lived a real life or had a real job but feeling themselves perfectly qualified to lecture the likes of us while lining their pockets.

It`s fun when they crash and burn. The surprise halting of the elder Miliband`s career was enjoyable and one day soon we`ll have the full account of Brown`s lunacy. And Bernard Ingham is probably already spinning against St Peter.

Dick the Prick said...

I kinda ran a group of 21 Tories as caucus secretary - ofcourse it was a 2 way thing between me & the boss but he couldn't/wouldn't talk to anyone - it was so beligerent to the point of karma status. So I just waddled about for 18 months writing agenda, setting meetings and handing out briefings on stuff that floated my boat.

I think the job of governing has to be split from electioneering. If anything, I think perhaps the meeeja have come off worse than anyone. People like debate, sensationalism, contrast - the vacuuity of their formats doesn't aid discussion. Why is it always necessary for it to feel like an interrogation when they blatantly just sucked cock at a party! Meeja types are parasites.

It is proper amusing watching the Libs & Labs principles go up in smoke, though. At least with a Tory everyone knows there's a cunt in the room.

Agatha said...

Eching Dick the Prick's remark that, at least with a Tory everyone knows there's a cunt in the room, here's an Aneurin Bevan quotation that I came across today: "No attempt at ethical or social seduction can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party . . . So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.”

mongoose said...

Yes, Agatha and Mr DtP, but it is the fatal weakness at the heart of the Labour. They hate the Tories more than they love power. Uncomfortable thought that it is, the Tories have their political priorities the right way around. And no Tory ever hated a Luvvie.

Dick the Prick said...

Liberty and Democracy! I've been speculating about this Mexico problem - bit dodgy, all in all. Glad we've just got France, Ireland, Spain, India, America, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Ghana, Italy, to deal with. Columbians are nutters but so are Afghans so...hmm.

Dick the Prick said...

Casa del prick:

Young at heart, maybe

yardarm said...

Mr DTP, ' At least with a Tory everyone knows there`s a cunt in the room '. Very true. Osborne has never appeared to be anything but, whereas with Clegg,Cable and co. its a case of ' Principles, I`ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention...'.

Dick the Prick said...

Principles can go fuck themselves