Wednesday, 6 October 2010



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Mr and Mrs Tommy Sheridan leave court in Edinburgh, after the second day  of their perjury trial.

Sheridan's antics have seen him single-handedly destroy the Left in Scotland. You'd think that for that alone they'd give him a knighthood - he'd love it, and so would she.


mongoose said...

Can I look forward to some proper porridge? Oh, I do so hope so. they look a bit haggard, dare one say it, a tad scarde shitless. Slopping out in Barlinnie by the weekend. Excellent!

a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

Jesus Christ. Acquitted by the jury because the accusations came from an English newspaper.

Just how bad is it up there, Mr I?

The soon-to-be-ex relations all mostly from Fife/Edinburgh New Town. Stopped going up there to be quite frank...

call me ishmael said...

He wasn't actually on trial last time, but a claimant of defamation, a case he won by the narrowest majority. They are both on criminal trial this time at the instigation of the judge at that hearing.

You will know our view of murdoch, the rotten fucking bastard and his skymadeupnewsandfilth empire and of the wretched, slavish relationship of our cocksucking masters to this piece of Aussie shit and his vile spawn - why don't we politely ask him to pay some tax? - the fiercely deficit fetishising freaks in Birmingham or Manchester won't be asking that any time soon. But even so, having followed the first court case as closely as one could via the papers, Scottish and British, and the other media, and knowing a little of the running of the SSP I was flabbergasted by the verdict.

If it was arrived at because of the nature of the paper in question it is likely to be not solely because it was notionally English but also because of the Murdoch dimension. We might have seen the same result in a Liverpool courtroom, where Murdoch is also despised.

I have mentioned previously that there is a more intense political consciousness North of the Border, a greater cleaving to what we might call Left-wingery - witness the recent lionising of the celebrity and one-time union leader, Jimmy Reid - and the existence of the MickyMouse Holyrood Parliament keeps politics more centre stage, add the centuries-old confusion about who is the real oppressor - the native but Anglo-Scot aristocrat, author of the Clearances and much else - and you can see that politics is nearer to the knuckle in Scotland and Sheridan's one or two reforming achievements may have tilted a jury in his favour, as though he was Wallace and Murdoch was Longshanks; in short a deliberately perverse - he is one of our ain folk - verdict.

What I found most awful about the whole thing was that Sheridan, then an MSP, gave himself unlimited time off work to pursue a legal claim which he launched himself and remained on full pay, exes and pension rights. Imagine a nurse doing that - or a teacher. I complained to the parliament. They fucked me off, like they do, North or South.

a young anglo-irish catholic said...

Am fully informed now, thanks.

The Romans left well alone, scarpering from the Antonine Wall as soon as they got a feel for the place.

How can such stunning countryside be inhabited by such thin-skinned chippees?

It's like one giant village.

Still, was at a society wedding up near Kingussie a decade ago. Bride's family found out the the groom's youngest sister had not been fathered by her 'father' despite an active 20 year cover-up.

The speed at which that story travelled to the border and back would put fibre optic internet to shame...

mongoose said...

Are they in jail yet?