Friday, 22 October 2010



Yes, well, what Middlesbrough needs is a bit of bootstrapping, a  jolly good dose of nineteenth century capitalism......

Ordinary Middlesbrough bloke in audience :  Rickets! Exploitation! LowWages! Starvation! Lock-outs! Cheap Labour! This is the last thing we want. Silly old cunt.

Well, I didn't mean that, obviously, but private capitalism is clearly the way forward, or is it backwards?

And as far as us having no carrier-borne aircraft for ten years or more, this is absolutely the correct thing for Field Marshal Cameron to do.

Oh Fuck, Afghanistan again.
Still, 'sbetter than Question Time, 
damned inpudent beggar answered me back, he did, 
me, a fucking general and everything.

You see,  the thing is that not having them, the plane thingies, is just exactly the right thing.I mean, we obviously need the aircraft carriers and equally obviously we don't need them to be carrying any aircraft. Withdraw air cover for ten years, brilliant strategy And then bring it back. And  when we do have them, it'll be because we do need them, then, although we absolutely don't need them now. Simple. Of course, if this had been dreamt up by that Brown chappie, Lance Corporal Snot, it would have been insanity, treason, betrayal, all that stuff.  But since it's a Tory initiative it is bold and brilliant. No planes, Just for ten years or so. When they were up they were up, and when they were down they were down...that sort of thing.  (breaks into song)  Oh, the Grand Old Duke of Cameron, he had ten thousand spivs.... Oh, yes, and please can I have my peerage, now ?

CallHimDave's be-ribboned plaything, Dannatt, among many servicemen and women, is deemed warrior-genius. What is it, now, a soldier's soldier, looks out for his people, leads from the front of his desk? On the basis of his appearance on QT, last night, he's a fucking idiot.  No wonder the Selly Oak hospital complex grows into a City of the Limbless, the Blind  and the Burned, it's staff adroit in horror-surgery and lonely cripple-counselling,  there-there, son, you're no less of  a man for having no arms and no legs. And the bandit-pimp puppet, president Karzi  is truly grateful for your sacrifice, laughing all the way to the Swiss bank, he is. But hush, we don't mention that.

General Dannatt, war hero and now TeeVee personality. By the right....trip over your own feet. Jesus fucking wept.


Grob Bone said...

Yes, and the silly old bugger trotted out his his old regiment recruited from the Middlesbrough area. But not the generals, or the colonels, of course.

Dick the Prick said...

I don't believe a word of it. It's almost purposeful downplaying of capability. Fairy snuff. All a bit futile. If the EU want to spunk more cash, then fine. NATO seems to be worse than the EU - fake organisation type thing. Heard George Robertson 'telling it like it is' when it comes to security, 'i tell you this coz i'm not a fucking pervert or owt' - 'it's the slitty eyes you wanna look out for or the dusky complexion' - yes, thanks George, and back to Kirsty in the studio. Cunt with fucking knobs on.

call me ishmael said...

Aye, from the moment he opened his gob he was putting his foot in it, patronising, Steady the Buffs-ing, all stout fellows. Cunt.

call me ishmael said...

I missed his Lordship, George of Dunblane, When was he on, then? Is there a link to the revolting bastard?