Thursday, 20 May 2010



squeaked Willy O'Wanker of the massively subsidised airline, British-Dago Airlines.  I mean, anybody who knows me knows that I am a firm supporter of the Courts, just as long as they agree with me and my pisspoor record on industrial relations but once they step over that line then they can fuck off and fly with my arch-rival leprechaun, Mr Micky O'Looney, of Air Begorrah, see how their Lordships like that, having to bring their own champagne and not getting it bought for them by the tax-payer. I'd sack them, so I would, I'm good at that.

Time somebody at BA stepped back and had a look at how much this belligerent little monster is costing them - and their passengers.  There's no question but that this free or ninety per cent  discounted flights for life perk is a bollocks, indefensible, somebody's paying for it and it's probably me,  and it may be the case that cabin crew numbers can be reduced without compromising safety.  This nasty little prick, however, if he was any good as a CEO,  should have accomplished these reforms by flattery, bribery, negotiation, whatever it takes, that's why he gets the big bucks. Isn't it?

He should be sacked. He can always go into the House of Lords, with Digby Grease, Alan Sugar and that other tosser, wotsisname, Admiral Liberace. Oh yes, and Peter, the Lord Crabs, founder and proprietor, NewLabour plc.  Willy  could be on Call Me Dave's A-List, for the Lords, elected, but only sort-of.


Dougie the Legless Pilot said...

After his first attempt at destroying the RAF on the ground with his offensive upon terminal 5 was unsuccessful, Der Dicker re-grouped his aircraft and concentrated his attacks on drawing "Stuffy" Simpson and the first of the few flying pickets, up into the stratosphere of the High Court, culminating in Adlertag, or pidgeonshit day, as we aviators call it.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks,Wing Commander Bader, that's nice, but for you, the war is over.