Saturday, 8 May 2010



 Mr Simon Cunt-Hughes, MP,
LibDem GayBashing Spokesperson
and miserable fucking hypocrite.

Well, Jonathan, I agree with the rest of the panel;  it's not just about queers; there's copraphiliacs, paedophiliacs and spankingophiliacs in both parties and if the British public is to truly serve us, then an accommodation must be found, as I know from all my years in the closet, busily and sincerely gaybashing, before I boldly came out just moments before I was exposed, not that I came out as queer or anything, fuck me, no,  proudly bisexual, me, unmeaningful relationships with both men and women. And I think that's the mark of a true Liberal Democrat. We'll let anybody fuck us. And we'll fuck anybody. It's an issue of principle. And that's what the country needs, fucking six ways to Christmas. Did I mention I was a lawyer?

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