Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Adam Lard is married to former Blair bitch, Anji Hunter, now, like her former boss, a highly-paid fixer in the private sector. Fat Adam clearly in the Blair camp when it comes to Brown. Journalist my arse. Fuck him.

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mongoose said...

Much as Boulton is a mouthy lard bucket, I guess that he is in the right trade. And he is part of it all, isn't he? They are the political class, going to school with each other, shagging each other, "That's a very good question, Neil", snouts in the same trough, backs rubbed, playground fights on the telly, "After you, Dave", "No, after you, Nick. Whose turn on top is it?".

Some twat just said that we are witnessing the breaking of the mould of British politics. Oh, yes. The fucking government got in again. Five more years! Hurrah!