Sunday, 23 May 2010


Ed Miliband wins crucial backing from Neil Kinnock in Labour leadership race

Party's influential elder statesman shuns favourite David Miliband, saying that his brother has greater leadership qualities
ed miliband
Ed Miliband announcing his intention to run for the Labour leadership. Photograph: David Levene for the Observer
The race for the Labour leadership explodes into life today as the party's revered elder statesman and former leader, Neil Kinnock, shuns the favourite, David Miliband, and formally endorses his younger brother, Ed.
In an exclusive interview with the Observer Kinnock, who led Labour from 1983 to 1992, says Ed Miliband has all the vital gifts necessary to put the party back in power and possesses more leadership qualities than his brother. "I would say he has got the X-Factor, especially where the X is the sign you put on the voting slip at election time."

(There's more of this airhead shit at The World's Leading Liberal Voice.)

Kinnock ought to know, right? Having fucked-up the most easily-winnable general election - against John Major - with his ghastly, embarrassing rockandrolling, the stupid ginger prick and then having gone over to Europe to enrich he  and his family before coming back to windbag us some more. Yeah, Neil's the dude, alright.

One, just one of the initiatives which Kinnock is celebrated for is, as a paid spokesman  - a grand a week - for an electronic balloting company, ramming this method, together with some rotten forms of gerrymandering cooked up by Douglas FishFace,  into the last Scottish General  Election, depriving  many, maybe ten per cent,  of their votes and delivering a result so flawed that any decent politicians would have demanded a re-run.  Terrified of doing even worse in a a repeat election, all the shitbags at Holyrood resisted calls for a proper election, resulting in the blabbermouthing tribesmen  of Alec Lard and Nicola Moustache making Scotland resemble not a Celtic but a lunatic fringe.

The Arsebridger conveniently omits a mention of Kinnock's pivotal role in the shameful bullying of the auditor who refused to sign-off the books of he and his equally spectacularly incompetent and bent, sinecured commissioners.

If this is the best Labour can do, a grubby, greedy, failed gabshiting hypocrite,  they may as well pack it in. Kinnock, Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Campbell and their fawning,  anti-democratic acolytes, the Ballses and the Millipedes,  these fuckers are, having destroyed it, no more to do with the Labour movement than is Call-Me-Knave Cameron. And probably a good deal less. Elder statesman my arse.

 In a break from counting their fiddled expenses, two greedy, ignorant, shameless, knobhead fuckpigs pose for the camera.
Lord and Lady Kinnock of Brussels.

I will go back to the people of Islwyn and serve them for as long as they'll have me,  or until the Europe job comes up, in a few weeks.

(Kinnock, in one of his many conceding-defeat speeches.)


mongoose said...

And I would like to take this opportunity of apologising for earlier in the week saying something very-nearly-almost-nice about the bastard.

call me ishmael said...

You only nearly did.

P.T. Barnum said...

Apparently the EuroMPs have decided that they all, each and every one, deserve a nice shiny iPad dofaddle. Honest, not make up (as they say). I suppose Kinnock could use his as a mirror to comb his hairs. Sometimes I have idle daydreams about Bevan and Gaitskill coming back as zombies and rending this mob asunder. I like those daydreams. Then reality comes back.

Anonymous said...

The slimy bastards Kinnocks all the family snouts and feet in the trough thanks to services to capitalism carried out by Taffy senior. I still remember him when the miners were on strike debating with original mad cow Thatcher "in the house" whilst his countrymen were getting their heads kicked in by policemen saying Arthur Skargill is paying my mortgage. First time outside of a war was movement restricted on the roads and assembly restricted. Well done you Welsh fucker no matter how much money they give you you will be remembered as a sell out merchant.

call me ishmael said...

It's the elder statesman thing that riles me. Kinnock has never been a statesman, neither has the ghastly Ming Campbell, yet they award themselves these titles.

Amongst many other things I have taught for the WEA, which is all Kinnock has ever done, workwise, does that make me an elder statesman? Kinnock, like Campbell, was never even in office; their vanity, like their greed, knows no bounds.

Kinnock's father, by the way, was a miner, died of the lungshit disease, at 64. At least he won't be a burden on their LordandLadyship.

mongoose said...

It's the lies, Mr Ishmael, and if they be not lies then they are something altogether more horrible.

I am a hard left conviction politician driven by my experiences of poverty and horror in the Valleys. No, I'm not. I'm a centre left political pragmatist looking for achievable progress - deliverable change for a modern forward-looking Britain. I agree with Nick. I am against the EU. No, I'm not, I will have those shillings, thankee, and a few for the missus too. Did I mention the Baron Kinnock bit? Was I with the miners during the strike or do I not now remember, Glenys? Best not to, eh. What does Peter think I should think? Ssshh, there now, look you. Let's have a cuppa.

Horrible, worthless bastard. Did anyone say "Derek Hatton"? With those two as leading lights it is no wonder the left was electorally invisible for a decade or more. If you only had one bullet...