Thursday, 20 May 2010



No, it's just a simple microbe, said Professor Loony, but if you put it in a suit and haircut it can carry out fairly complex procedures,  like stabbing it's voters  in the back and using a limited vocabulary of words such as New, Change, Politics and StrongAndStableGovament, over and over again, in an attempt to feign human intelligence.  Lifespan? Oh, six months, tops.

What about those who say that unleashing this synthetic life-form could be dangerous?
Well, they're right, of course they are, no telling what harm it might do.

And if members of the public should see one?

Stamp on the fucker, hard.

Professor, thank you. And now back to Jayne Tits, in the studio.


mongoose said...
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call me ishmael said...

If it's like this now, mr mongoose, imagine what it's going to be like when they get into their stride.

Anonymous said...

Can't be as bad as it is here in Thailand over 60 dead in the last week slingshote versus assault rifles and machine guns. Very brave people the trouble has spread up country now as in red sky at night? Town halls alight.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, we wonder about you, out there, when the news comes on. It gets a sort of coverage, semetimes the top story but in a perfunctory sort of way, these wogs, what are they like, eh? But I suppose the trend would be to favour the protesters, slingshots versus assault rifles, 'twas ever thus. You take care.

woman on a raft said...

Pt 1

Artificial grass, certainly. Astroturf.

I've been back over the 9 May piece
why don't you just go home? because further facts are emerging about that interview. There are various interpretations.

Kay Burley did indeed get shirty, but that's not an average protestor she's interviewing. That's a spinner, specifically David Babbs of 38 Degrees. That is a campaign set up some time ago for various purposes including Proportional Representation.

There are opinions about this and several other 'brands' which feature many of the same, or closely connected, people. My traces show that in 2005 a couple of blocks of money, notably those wielded by Lord Shutt (Lib Dem chief whip in the Lords) and another by Henry Tinsley, were swung behind electoral reform campaigns. A person is entitled to campaign, why not, but there was a sense of deceit in that Lib Dems were the intended beneficiaries but wanted to present it as if the moral authority came from an independent cross-party, grass-roots movement.

Did it heck. The Power Enquiry, bankrolled via the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust (chairman Liberal Democrat Lord Shutt) set out to show that what we really needed was PR. And lo, it came to pass.

Tinsley re-named his campaigning umbrella company BetterWorld Limited. Previously it was called Tinsley Investments. He bankrolled several charitable undertakings, some of them genuinely good, but the main thing was that it created a home for various spinners and activists which didn't look like outreach branches of the Lib Dems until you looked very closely. He had just sold his stake in Green and Blacks to Cadburys. I don't know what proportion of the 22m sale was his.

Plus, instead of being specifically Lib Dem, Tinsley reserved the right to campaign for Labour where that was tactically expedient to do so. A formal party member can't do this. At the election he made donations to challengers in Tory marginals, which is fair in as much as Lord Ashcroft was doing the same thing.

woman on a raft said...

Pt 2

IanB at Counting Cats has an interesting analysis and says that by 2008 it was believed that they couldn't get PR directly but that a LibLab pact was to be formed whereby Labourites were already pre-softened to accept this as the price of office.

The first snag was, in the last month, Nick Clegg suddenly achieved much warmer audience response than expected, opening the prospect the Lib Dems becoming the party of opposition and therefore not needing PR any more. Labour, in the last few days suddenly became very very keen on PR. They were spooked.

The second snag was that it was expected that Labour would be the ones with the largest number of seats but not the majority in the house. The LD plan was supposed to lock in to place, but could not.

The Conservatives achieved bigger swings than expected, Labour got fewer seats than hoped. Suddenly the Lib Dems were faced with the political marriage to the Conservatives, not what they had expected.

However, 38 Degrees had its flashmob ready to go. This was supposed to force through PR in the event of a LibLab coalition, where they could point to Parliament Square and go "But the people demand it". Only, there was no chance of that as the arithmetic just didn't work. 38 Degrees had their flashmob ready so Babbs deployed it anyway.

So, basically, Kay Burley was right. Babbs was there trying to preclude the democratic process which was entitled to get on with doing its deal. He was just sore that they were treating with the Conservatives rather than Labour.

It was bloody cheeky of him to accuse Clegg and Cameron of doing deals behind closed doors as they've been up to that for the last five years. After the interview an allegedly furious Twitter storm of Sky viewers complained about Burley's 'bullying' behaviour and attempted to get her sacked. My bet is that it was Babb's mates being annoyed. Sky ignored them. Quite right too. Burley had done a better job than she was given credit for.

Giolla has produced a first version "how they are related" map. The difficulty has been in the detail of tieing down substantiated relationships so as not to indulge in speculation.

Apologies, but I mention this blog as having been spun. It was picked up somebody and ranked on Wikio as 'proving' what happens when journalists try to "squelch voice".

Anonymous said...

I was here in 1992 another day another coup the soldiers in Bangkok were going into 5 star hotels dragging students out and hey a few hundred more go missing.
A lot of the expats here live in Pattaya the only city in the world given over to industrialsed fucking much worse than anything the Philipines have on offer. A truly awful place the only thing they seem to care about is they can't get to their favourite bar. I see the coverage on TV, waste of time the meeja here is controlled by the government and try this for size.
The Thai military even have their own TV station and bank even though they now control BKK the problems still remain something else to look forward to. Thais are brought up from birth to have 'Kreng jai" respect for their betters and depneding on how far up the social scale you are the further down they bow I have a feeling thats all about to change as the 'elite" regard them worse than dogs. May you live in interesting times, Chinese proverb I do.

photo ex machina said...

Chill out dudes. Give the coalition a chance!