Friday, 28 May 2010


 The revolting Alistair Campbell reveals a porttrait of the ToryLiberal  axeman, gabshite former Master of The Universe, Merchant Banker, Dennis Laws. Mr Laws' appearance on the usually pointless David Dimbleby Show was cancelled by the govament when it was unable to oust Mr Campbell from the panel, leaving the Coalition represented  only by the dissenting member for outer space, Mr John Vulcan. 
A spokesoik for the stronganstableanunelectedgovament said it had decided to abandon party politicking and act in the national interest. But not this time.


Dick the Prick said...

It was a farce from start to finish really with Moron, Dimbledore & Alcoholic porno fiend all in cahoots drivelling utter durge and when anyoe else spoke, porno fiend became Chair. Whilst probably a mistake not to appear there was 20 minutes when Spock just fondled his bollocks whilst having a bit of shut eye. Car crash teevee.

call me ishmael said...

I thought the audience was quite disrespectful to the absentee stronganstablegovament, you know, disagreeing with it and everything; anyone'd think it didn't really have an overwhelming mandate for coalition and just, instead, insisted that it had. As if.

Dick the Prick said...

Mandate and overwhelming mandate are toughie nuggets to define. I dunno. Only 1 MP and 4 talking headshits all with 'an opinion' - how quaint. I thought the audience came out of it best really - some were even laughing at the end like it was a good night out, which, maybe it is. I, hopefully, would have had an aisle seat and been sprinting to the boozer or else taken a hip flask.

I always liked it when Sissons was Chair or (bit before my time to some degree) Day but this Dimbledick, being polite, is either aloof or just doesn't give a toss anymore (a common enough feeling).

Have you been to Biased BBC bloggy village as they run a live blog which Mrs WoaR also uses - it really does help to get through it. I would recommend as you don't need to get involved but some comments are very entertaining and it doesn't seem to be populated by knobheads (my own involvement excepted natch).

Have had to take a few days off the old fake worky worky thing as head in bits but am slowly calming down from 14 months of Tory bullshit. And now relax....

A young anglo-irish catholic said...

Question Time eh?


yeah, right?

Anybody remember they way they packed the audience for the post 9/11 QT, reducing the US ambassador to tears?

They had to apologise, but the point was clearly made by the production team.

Americahaditcoming didn't it? Even after years of 'accomodation' by Spunky Bill.

mongoose said...

No, no, no more of that shite. And no This Week either. Enough is enough.

Wotsverymuchnotontelly is that the Great Baroness Scotland has successfully managed to sacrifice her cleaner lady. The poor woman actually got sent down - to do time - for getting a cleaning job. Not enough balls to say "Don't we all pay our cleaners cash? It's the only way it works, isn't it? At least the lady is working. There is honour and dignity in that." No, fuck that. She, and we, has been defrauded by this foreign cheating bastard. Her Honour is stained.

It is enough to make your head spin. I give up on the lot of them.

call me ishmael said...

And it ain't just the telly, Radio Four plumbs new depths on Any Producer-Approved Questions.

Wishing the new govament well, they are all, cross-party, wanking each other at the moment, under the rubbergloved tutelage of Dimbleby Minor, aided and abetted by mediaslags Toynbee and Young.

That bastard Cable, how long can he drone on knowitalling reasonably, before someone kicks him in the bollocks, wretched old foxtrotting turd.

Anybody here rememeber Rhodes Boyson? Vince sounds like Rhodes on diazepam. All our yesterdays, today.

Up against the wall, coalition and old-style motherfuckers.

mrs narcolept said...

Muttonchop whiskers, watchchain, weirrrd accent, the Wackford Squeers of Highbury Grove. He was much more entertaining than Vince. I never understand what people see in him; he looks creepy and mildewed, much less endearing than dear old Ming.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, that's Rhodes, a headmaster, wasn't he.

Neither do I see the attractions or competences of Cable; if he is a star, I've wandered into the wrong cinema; this is the hyperbole of the damned, Cable, a star.