Thursday, 20 May 2010


 Flanked by representatives from LeisureCorp, Don Foster, MP, (Toiletmen)  receives his award for championing piers, parks and leisure areas. Honest, not invent.

Don Foster, the Lib Dem MP for Bath, admitted this weekend that members in his constituency had resigned over the coalition and he predicted more would "walk away" from the party. "Of course, it will be difficult for Liberal Democrats, including me, to swallow having to work with the people we were campaigning against, but the electorate asked us to do that and that's what we will have to deliver," he said.

When was that, then,  Don,  that the electorate asked you to  join the Sam 'n'Daves?

Translation: a hung parliament has enabled us to grab power and with our friends, the Tories, embark on a massive legislative programme which wasn't in our manifestos and which nobody has voted for and which we have only just dreamed-up to take people's minds off the cuts which we are about to impose on their standards of living. But not ours, although some of us have taken a five per cent cut in salaries on jobs which we shouldn't have, can't do and nobody elected us to. The New Politics is great, better than the old politics. Or worse.


lilith said...

Don Foster door stepped me once. He was so rude I shut the door in his face and shook with rage for some time.

call me ishmael said...

You have all the fun, Lilith, down there, in the West Country, Foster and Heath, Laws. Funny how the extreme ends of the country go for LibTories, up here we have Viscount Thurso and Big Al Carmichael. The lunatic fringes - wifebeaters, child molesters, Presbyterians, New Age necromancers and sheepshaggers; farmers, druids and fisherfolk - and their lunatic MPs. Looks as though he especially needs a punch in the gob, though, that Foster.