Monday, 31 May 2010


 THE GUARDIAN is tying itself in knots trying to defend the Coalition of the Unwholesome.  Half-million pounds of charitable pounds a year editor, Alan Arsebridger,  is busy coining a new phrasaeology for rich people's theft;  in an editorial denouncing the  grubby little prat's thieving, he laments the tragedy of David Laws being found-out and forced from his promising axeman career;  what arseholes these people are.

Trust me, I am a smirking, Hampstead hypocrite. And very rich.  Thanks to all the poor people.

 A personal error of judgement:     Fraud

A personal tragedy:  Getting off with something which would see an ordinary person jailed.

Resignation was too high a price to pay. It should have been overlooked

It will be harder for both parties without him. He is a fucking embarrassment.

A troubling verdict for a healthy democracy. The people know too much.

If he had not been an MP, none of this would have caused a problem, since he had done nothing wrong. Fiddling forty grand of housing benefit is not wrong when rich people do it.

The problem arises because Mr Laws is an MP, and because his legitimate privacy was apparently incompatible with the rules of parliamentary financial accountability. Who he is knobbing is the important thing, here.


a young anglo-irish catholic said...

Ha! Genius.

There's nothing quite like watching North London liberals squirm.

Incidentally, did anybody hear Toby Young vs Polly Toynbee on Any Questions?

After Toynbee had her say on the evil of the Free School Policy, Young pointed out that all three of Toynbee's children (didn't even know she had any) went private.

Toynbee described this point as 'getting personal'. She's right of course. What's good enough for Toynbee and Diana Lard is not good enough for the rest of us.

Lard was ambushed in Wimmin's Hour by Garvey on the subject of Lard Minor's public skool educakation.

Lard contemptuously dismissed the point. My majority double she said, only people like you think this is important.

Of course, Mr I, its a storm inside the North Circular, now fuck off.

I encounter this, Mr I, in London's medialand and me a working class lad with no advantages.

What do I say to those who had the best money can buy telling me that it shouldn't be allowed?

Fuck me, a few petrol bombs in Hampstead would not have gone amiss.

call me ishmael said...

Can't take too much of it, mr yaic, and had turned it off by that point. I just wanna kill them all. A decent commentariat would question Lard and Toynbee on every occasion they start talking, until they just fuck off and do some honest whoring, instead of this snooty type. You know where you are with the Tories, or you used to, anyway; but this gang who have, without permission, latched onto and perverted the labour movement, they walk on stilts of hypocrisy, head and shoulders above the angriest, greediest, hang 'em and flog 'em torybastards.

CallHimDave is supposed to be taking the public sector advertising away from the Guardian; it would be the best thing he could do for the poor, once Arsebridger and Toynbee abd Friedland and the rest were fucked off we might see the emergence of a properly working-labour supporting newspaper. Or blog.

Aquarius said...

" call me ishmael said...

....we might see the emergence of a properly working-labour supporting newspaper."

Surely all newspapers should be reporting news accurately and independantly, and without any political leanings what-so-ever.

yardarm said...

Fuck me, it says all you need to know about this mob when a thief gets caught having taken 40K out of the till all his Tory and Liberal co conspirators praise him as a man of integrity, and Thief Laws being a former wearer of the Red Braces being perfectly able to fund his own private arrangements.

Meet the new bosses: as bent and hypocritcal as the old.

call me ishmael said...

Surely all newspapers should be reporting news accurately and independantly, and without any political leanings what-so-ever.

1 June 2010 10:02

Yes of course. But since they don't, mr aquarius, it would be nice to have just one which wasn't part of the skymadeupnewsandfilth conglomerate of business, sport and celebrity.