Thursday, 13 May 2010


Mr Merv, manager of the Bank of England, a wholly-owned
subsidiary of the National Chopsticks Bank, Peking.

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One four is five, two fours are twelve, 
three fours are twenty seven, four fours are.....are...
four fours are..., Oh, can somebody help me?

Why is this prat allowed anywhere near the Bank of England?


a young anglo irish catholic said...

Wonder why Merv said nowt during the insane house price boom of 2002-2007. Interest rates were far too low.

Could he not have a quiet word with McDoom?

Anonymous said...

I know what a bank is, of course, but 'England'? What's that?

mongoose said...

The question now arises, Merv, of how do we reduce this deficit? Do we do as Maggie did and sack X% of them - "a price worth paying" and all that jazz - or do we do as the Irish did and we all take an X% pay cut? That will be starting with yourself BTW.

call me ishmael said...

A paycut is insufficiently punitive, mr m, you know that; the people must be punished into never voting the wrong way again, not even once, never mind three times. And they have to be kept slavering at the consumer trough. A tough gig but these two cunts'll manage, with a little help from their friends in skymadeupnewsandfilth.

But my question remains, Merv is at least as culpable as parliament for Hosannahing the End of Boom and Bust via the Iron Chancellor and for letting the bankers shit down our throats; never mind pay him any attention, throw fucking stones at him in the streets, that's what he needs.

yardarm said...

He looks like he`s fallen through a gap in Time from the outer reaches of Neville Chamberlains government.

Yes, this is the recession unpredicted, if not caused by Merv and the BoE, all those geniuses at the Treasury, most of the pols and media and City. These, not uncoincidentally, will be the most insulated from the consequences of their fuckwittery. Scum and cunts, all of them.

call me ishmael said...