Friday, 14 May 2010


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This, mr m, is what you have to do in order to light the Rayburn; a little more respect, please, for we pioneers, shivering,  at the ocean's edge.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about buying a cheap cherry picker? It might work put less expensive than hiring that one as it seems to spend more time at your place than the hire shop.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, I have. A friend has a used model which I tried a couple of times but it kept sticking, up there; this hired one is great, massive range and lorry-mounted, very stable. Weather permitting sometime this year I will put a Velux window in the roof valley and step out, in a safety harness, that should deal with chimney access and to half of the roof slates, still need to hire something, now and again, for the outer roof sections.

If I had the money I'd have a fleet of plant- mini-digger, roller, dumper and good aerial platform. Never mind, got a new Smartcar to see me through the NewDepression.

jgm2 said...

Kinell. I thought you'd got your chimney fixed a few weeks ago.

No luck with the jgm2 method of enhanced draw? ie open the closest outside door, light the fire and leave it blazing up the chimney for five minutes or so and then close the outside door. Used to work a treat when we lived in a massive house in Fucking Scotland.

I too was to be found looning around the roof, straddling chimneys three or four stories up to get to isolated areas of the roof trying to unblock drains. Needed to be half-pissed to pluck up enough courage to go up there. No wonder most accidents are in the home.

mrs narcolept said...

Are those the original chimney pots? We had a fire-drawing problem which sorted itself out once the small modern replacement chimney pots were taken off and bigger reclaimed ones put back. I don't know why that would make any difference, but it seemed to, despite not having been the reason for doing it.

mongoose said...

I am ashamed, Mr Ishmael, that I was so heartless. I have never liked those platforms and they sway like the very Devil in even the lightest wind. Yeck!

My place backs onto the churchyard with its trees and stream, and it is much higher than the front. In the autumn we are knee deep in fallen leaves and the gutters that side are always chocker. I clean them out using a set of drain-rods by leaning out (tethered) from such a velux window in the roof. Ghastly, scary business.

Anonymous said...

I for one am surprised that they hired you this without the relevant certificates that you could operate the thing. I have been using cranes 500 tonnes plus sounds very macho till you realise that you need another bloody crane to pick up the slings. All the stuff until elf and safety lawyers got involved. Some time ago I needed to cut a tree down the arboreal officer said it was OK went to hire a chain saw for the day. Not a chance without the relevant paperwork, nope sorry don't have but they sold me one work that out.

call me ishmael said...

Original pots, mrs n, far as I can see, c1803.

Tried the jgm2 method of arctic drafts from the door. Not quite sure how to proceed now.

Yes, you can hire anything here, save a chainsaw, some money proving to be a valid operator's license.

I kinda like the sky platform, shaking about a bit, as they do, like a ride on the wall of death.