Thursday, 6 May 2010


In the so-called birthplace of democracy the Greeks react to proposed austerity measures.

Here, guided by skymadeupnewsandfilth, we know better.


Oldrightie said...

Point taken. However with regards to the riots, the left already have one planned in London for Saturday after a Tory victory.

call me ishmael said...

The left, mr oldrightie, should know better than to count its chickens.

Edgar said...

The Left, Mr Ishmael, not only counts chickens, it also counts geese, ducks, sparrows, swallows (even in winter), ostriches, phoenixes (phoenices?), and the Oomygoolies bird, which, we learnt as youngsters, jumps up and down in pineapple patches crying 'Oomygoolies! Oomygoolies!' Not only do they include these exotic species but their understanding of numbers is also exotic: 1 is not equal to 1, for example; and 28% gets the Left 200, while it gets anyone else anything between 23 and 150.

Are there any decent people who finally realise that their sensitivities have been hijacked, distorted, and destroyed by filthy career socialists, that their ideals have been prostituted, bought, sold, stolen, leveraged and sold again by privately educated champions of the poor? I fucking hope so. But I doubt it.

I take the liberty of mangling your words above: "In the birthplace of so-called democracy the Greeks react to proposed austerity measures." And well they might. The pretence of democracy is the cruellest trick of all.

mongoose said...

The pretence, indeed, Mr Edgar. I "voted" today - a swift line across the lot of them and "none of the above" to accompany it. Let them all rot.

I then took the missus out to lunch at a wee country pub and the freakin' Conservative MP turned up and "worked the room", shaking hands with everyone except the dog, and braying and smarming old ladies like an SS guard. "How old are you, mother." Ed Vaizey BTW. A horrible, horrible, smug bastard. Can I not be spared? We'll have to order another rope.

We are next door to Cameron's gaffe and when babies are born here they are issued with blue rosettes at the JR. Democracy? Choice? It quite put me off my lunch, curdled the beer, and chilled the air, ervyone but him silent as he gurned and weaseled about the place. It was like something out of Stephen King. As he left, you could almost hear even the blue-rinses shrieking "Fuck off, you bastard!!"

He doesn't live too far away but, please, God, let it be an aberration and that the fucker leaves us in peace henceforth, or there will be murder done by Christmas.

call me ishmael said...

They know not shame, they nor their chums in the media, that's the thing, mr mongoose. My democracy voucher was marked none of the above, also, but I suspect that the Greek people have a better understanding of politics; ours is, as mr edgar remarks, a cruel trick.

Gone midnight, now, back off to the shit tube, see what the celebrity journalists and clapped-out politicos have to say about the Mother of Parliaments.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing you never see the banksters and their spokesperson Justin Urquhart smug twat red braces and all defending the balls up they have made. Mind you we are "all in this together" a bit like the royal we i.e. you so even if you didn't extend your borrowings, lived within your means etc. you are still going to get fucked financially. Not to worry this sort of thing doesn't happen in Blighty oh no far too busy trying to pay off the debt that the electrical engineer and millionairess financial advisor Carol Vordeman saddled people with. Plus of course they wouldn't want to miss an episode of Coronation st or Britains got no fucking talent to do anything about this, go back to sleep sheeple everything is under control. This is what I am worried about their control.

call me ishmael said...

The Vorderman phenomenon is amazing, isn't it, maybe some of our more analytical contributors could explain it. Why is it that those who already have so much, cannot resist even a shitty grubby opportunity to filch a bit more, acting as members of a press gang for GlobaCorp, trying to grab the widow's mite, or a prtion of somebody's dole money in some loan sharking "product."

I agree with mr anonymous that not everybody overstretches themselves but the whole economy, since the introduction of HP, has been geared towards keeping people in debt and obedient, and for many it is hard, impossible to resist. The great insult for me, however, is that cunt Michael Parkinson, waving a free biro at old and vulnerable people, threatenting them that unless they join his codgers' burial assurance scheme they are letting dowwn their children.

What is it, mr edgar or mr ptb or mrs woar, that so ails Parkinson and Vorderman?

woman on a raft said...

Take your pick:

a) Greed - they get paid very well for associating their perceived public virtues with private products. Greed is not about how much you've eaten, it's about how hungry you still are.

b) Vanity or perhaps insecurity. Either can be manipulated because a person may not be immune to these even when they are good looking and successful. Vanity is about an internal need rather than how one objectively is, which is why both ugly and pretty people can be vain. Parky needs to see himself as an eeebygum reet good bloke from Baaarnsleh and Carol needs to see herself as a maths wizard. In signing the contracts, both persuade themselves that this image is being polished. It's worth even more to them than the appearance fee. Whether the products are crap is beside the point.

c) Some kind of obligation to their managing agents. (Unlikely)

d) Ignorance - they really believe the rubbish they are saying.

e) They just like being on telly and probably do a guest spot on the security video at Tesco when they go to pick up Wincarnis and corn plasters.

Both celebs are hired because of their public perception of personal integrity. Both have been rumbled. This is an important distinction because they aren't in the same category as showbiz celeb where there is no reason other than the familiarity of the name, or more likely the character, to associate them with a product. (*)

There were particularly damning analyses of the insurance policy. It just shows what rubbish the FSA are that they even let AXA offer this instead of seeing if it fitted within some criminal description of deception. See these most useful comments.

Vorderman apparently ended her contract with First Plus in 2008, although people had been complaining since 2006.

Labour didn't mind about the shoddy insurance policies. They invited Parkinson to be their Dignity advisor. The Conservatives didn't mind about the moody loans - they invited Vorderman to be their maths advisor. As it became apparent that previous promotions were politically damaging, there was the entertaining spectacle of politicians tiptoeing away while trying to make it look as if they weren't moving.

I'd go for option (b) as the working explanation.

(*) I like watching for when interviewers get tangled up between a character and an actor. Helen Baxendale was very sweet to Richard Madeley one day, reminding him she was an actress, not a surgeon, and she didn't really know anything about emergency medicine, she just said what the scriptwriters told her, so she really couldn't answer his question about liver transplants.

call me ishmael said...

Wow, faster than a LibDem, turning his coat, thanks, Mrs WOAR.

Yes, they all make sense, although, as you say, the need for love, even from strangers on the other side of the lens, will, as Mr Browne avers, still remain.

It is clear when someone takes the trouble to spell it out, dunno why but Parkinson does that red mist thing to me, the one that comes down over the eyes, he always did, when he was brown-nosing celebrity for all he was worth - Tell me, David Niven, some of the other ways in which you are wonderful - but that twinkly condescension towards the impotent, aged poor, well, it is unforgiveable. I hope the bottom falls out of his coffin, the bastard, when they're lifting it from the gold-plated hearse.

I think I have mentioned before that you should be writing this blog, you and others.

Anonymous said...

You missed Katie Boyle the original
"television personality" famous for being famous I don't watch television one reason is I am in a part of the world where even the BBC news (thank you very much indeed)as one overpaid 'presenter" says to another looks good compared to local consumption. The way things are going with all the meeja diplomas being handed out like free newspapers there will be more people on the telly than watching it soon

Anonymous said...

If I were you I would be careful about mentioning hire purchase, buy now pay for the rest of your life. You just might have the plebs wondering why the best HP in the world is not sauce but a mortgage. 25-30 years on average about 5 years a room and if you default the boys will have you out on the street backed up by the plod. After they consider that they may care to fucking wonder why all these finacial institutions and lawyers pre Thatcher were tucked away in back streets and the top floor of a shop now temples to Mamon. Best not think about it too much don't want to upset the applecart.

mongoose said...

"And you'll get a free Parker pen..." There's posh for you.

"Just send your unwanted gold to us..." and we'll post ye a wee cheque for a tenth of its value.

"Consolidate your debt..." into one great freaking millstone at an APR that will make your head spin. Ah well, it'll make it easier for us to refinance Greece.

That they prey on the daft and the poor alike, they make no distinction, is not surprising but tthat they are not pelted with stones in the street is beyond reason.

call me ishmael said...

Careful, now; this is the Blatcherite economic miracle you're talking about here. No such thing as society, juts debtors and creditors. But mainly debtors.