Sunday, 30 May 2010


 "I don't think  I love you any more, you've made me look a fool."
"It wasn't very hard."
"You're just a dirty rotter, really; you Liberals are all the same, I never shoulda got in bed with you."
" 'Snot what  you said at the time, couldn't wait, as I recall."

It's not the beginning of the beginning; it's not the middle of the beginning, it's not even the end of the beginning; it is the beginning of the end of the coalition. All over by Christmas. If the Tory party lasts another six months men will say This was not its finest hour, fuck me, no.

sir winston s churchill


mongoose said...

Imagine, Mr Ishmael, a more complicated world wherein a Tory bastard was a tad brighter than the LibDem bastard.

Labour are a leaderless rabble. They cannot win an election any time this side of 2012. If the LibDems implode, Cameron could win a new election at a canter. As Mrs WOAR notes, the Thursday no-show by Laws is now very pertinent. I had not known it was his no-show until this evening. He has been killed. I think that the Tories have just fucked the LibDems right royally.

Perhaps Vince Cable saw the imbalance and the possibility, and this was the root of his grumpiness.

In any event, rejoice!

call me ishmael said...

Good stuff, mr mongoose but it would be a risky one, for Cameron, an election. I'm not sure you are correct, that he would piss it, Libdems might flock to Labour, they wanted a coalition with them, no matter what the parliamentary party decided, and many others, horrified by the prospect of cuts, might chance a Brownless Labour. I dunno, your scenario is probably the closest but these are strange times. A wilderness of mirrors.

Anonymous said...

Well call me Dave you know what they say, marry in haste repent at leisure. I can't wait for the next installment.

Woman on a Raft said...

Jonathan Aitken (spit) has written a useful piece in - of all places - the Mail. If you can get past the characteristic egotism of the man, the outline of the job of Chief Secretary of the Treasury is useful. Just ignore the first ten paragraphs.

Meantime the job has gone to another member of the Scottish Raj and one of a distinctly reddish-shade of yellow, Danny Alexander. Not public school this time, but PPE Oxford and the usual PR/public sector background.

His wife, Rebecca Hoar, is/was features editor for Psychologies magazine (says Wiki). Which means that she may one of the stupid bitches responsible for shoring up the ghastly Derek Draper so he can make unhappy people poorer and greatly increase their suffering with his vain and incompetent meddling.

As with Laws, Alexander can't be responsible for what his wife thinks but if she is as dippy as that, his judgment must be seriously off. BTW, his photo. Is there a factory, or an invitro breeding pod up there somewhere? Why to they all have to look the same - puffy with those funny little mouths?

Although this old photo suggests that he's been inflated with a bicycle pump relatively recently.

mongoose said...

Having slept on it and reflecting, it is true. It's the Tories wot won it. The LibDems have been sullied. To hang on to their Jags and salaries, they will now have to toe the Tory line a little more closely. It even looks as if they were shielding Laws from Campbell last Thursday, instead of tethering him out there, a goat to a post for the tigers of the Press. There will be sniping and shouting - A Blow to the PM etc - but the Cameroon wins the long game.

Still no Cable but Danny Fucking Alexander? What are they smoking, these people? Wish I had some.

call me ishmael said...

Spanker Aitken ? Jesus that's barrel scraping. Dismal piece, too, same old shit they are all spouting, tragedy, shouldn't have had to go, but best he did, eh, done nothing wrong, just frightened of upsetting his mother, error of judgement though, just the same, but brilliant cabinet minister, even if he was stupid. I've been there, me, simpers Mrs dale, in her best Sunday cardigan, only not in parliament, obviously, not yet, anyway, giggle, Prat.

You should see Scottish TV journalists, mrs woar, beside whom mr alexander is a vision of loveliness; face like a prison door, most of them; sour, snaggletoothed, bug-eyed, angry, like Satan's bouncers.

call me ishmael said...

No such thing as truth, mr mongoose, not in these waters. The coalition of the Unwholesome has taken a collective hit, few outside of we lonesome, obsessing insomniacs will discern or care about the niceties you allude to. It'll just be, if anything, look, only there three weeks and one of 'em's at it, they're all the same, who d'ya fancy for the World Cup?

That there will be nuances and mutterings and rumblings in Westminster is not in doubt, whether they will translate to Cameronian advantage is another thing, he's not that popular, himself, among his own,

If there was some dirt on the Foxtrotting Nitwit, now, that would resonate nationally, been on Come Dancing, has Vince, or Strictly, as it is rather worryingly called. We must live in hope. One-two-three, one-two-three......