Monday, 10 May 2010


Given the circumstance I thought I should  take a quick, first-for-a-year look at order-order and I found that  Col von Fawkes's posts, although superficial, non-controversial and much as the mainstream  are more sober and less self-congratulatory than back in the day, the comments, once a  cartwheeling, slippin' and-a slidin', Rabelaisian narrative, anarchic and irresponsible  are now truly depressing, not-smartass-one-liners, in the main; no mr fucking delicious or dalailamadingdong, no mr atlas shrugged or mr red despot spotter and no stanislav, a young polish plumber, no ispired raging and drooling, no  prickly camaraderie of dissent. That the comments  are published non-sequentially, anachronistically,   doesn't actually seem to make any difference, they are like a manuscript  of Bartok's music, you could shuffle the pages anyway you wanted, play them in random order and it wouldn't make any difference.

The reason I looked was  that  a rant  came which echoes stuff I used to post at Fawkes's  and I thought I might post it there, but there wouldn't be any point.

The junky on the programme has his daily Methadone and then continues with his search for Outlaw reality elsewhere, the accused on bail may have to check-in to the copshop once in a while, it's a hassle but no big deal;  seems that order-orderites at the PizzaHouseOfBlood are doing that sort of thing, checking-in, I'm still here-ing.  What a shame, what a shame. This is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, not with a righteous rant but with an All Present And Correct, Sir.


lilith said...

You are better keeping it here Mr Smith. Comments at order-order have been unperusable for some time.

call me ishmael said...

Oh, yes, Thanks, Lilth, I meant order-order as well as, after, here.

Funny, isn't it, I only ever went to Fawkes's for the comments, and, it must be said, for his leeway in publishing; never rated him as historian or political scientist or writer, more as a chaotic, freeing, enabling force, flung from the Web's maelstrom, and I still admire him for that, if little else.

Oldrightie said...

The moment the overweight, narcissist drunkard joined the MSM he became inconsequential. I'll stick with thee and my own!!

call me ishmael said...

Gosh, I thought it was just me, despised what Mr Fawkes has become.

mongoose said...

He's even got a little strap-line. "You're either ahead of Guido..." err, I forget the rest.

It is true that it was the comments that entertained. One cannot even read them now because the good, if good there is, the hidden by the avalanche of twathood. (Don't know what they'll make of the last half-hour but it won't be readble.)

Anonymous said...

If blogdom is viewed as a human face, laughing at the futility of existence, then Mein Herr von Fawkes must surely be a rather repellantly-loaded nasal hair. A job for Mr Brown, who seems in need of one, suddenly.

woman on a raft said...

Main conference dates 2010

Liberal Democrats
Liverpool, 18-22 September

Manchester, 26-30 September.

Birmingham 3-6 October

Whispered date for an election Thursday 14 October (not confirmed).

The resident dude points out: this lot have a few weeks where they now have no real work as it isn't clear anybody can get a programme through - except if they can put together a majority to vote in electoral system changes.

Then they have their long hols and we didn't expect to see them back until October anyway. minimum, what they want is to stay in a job for at a few months and then go to the country under the new rules where the Lib Dems think they can increase their holdings.

I believe Mr Ishmael reminded us about the imprudence of counting unhatched chickens.

woman on a raft said...

I think I put that on the wrong comments. Sorry.

GF - difficult to find the nuggets of whispered info in the current format. They do still drop them in but you have to sift a great deal more spoil for the flecks of gold.