Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I, Tessa, take thee, Thieving Lawyer Bastard, to love, honour and negotiate a satisfactory set of career-enhanching living arrangements; to have and to hold, from this day forth, for richer and richer, in sickness and in health until death or the spic cops do us part. Those whom ambition hath joined together let no court proceedings and lengthy sentences of imprisonment put asunder. Unless its for appearance's sake and to allow one of you to carry on robbing the taxpayer and fuckingeth up The Olympic Foolishness. Amen, You may now start your sentenee.

Ageing Blair Crone, Jowell and husband,
David Mills QC and thief.


Anonymous said...

One down thousands to go.

black hole sunset said...

David Mills came off even worse than might have been expected in The Price of Blood (BBC Panorama) - rage inducing, it was.

Would post a link but it seems to have been Memory Holed.

Alan Rusbridger said...

Yeah, but Hamilton was worse innit?

I mean , the judge said he trousered 30K, even though the only witnesses were an Egyptian conman and Countess Acid of reign.

I mean i don't have no space in the paper for this kind of fing. I mean us metropolitan types need our neopolitan hideaways.

Stands to reason dunnit?