Thursday, 22 October 2009






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word accountant said...

so if the governor of the bank of england is not a competent tosser, he is ipso dipso not a complete tosser either.

Dick the Prick said...

Obviously not in the same league but there's been loads of plays about the run up to war (my favourite being the ten 10 minutes to war plays the bbc churned out - especially the Ken Brannagh one (love Ken - a month in the country is a cherished film)) but having got an economics degree free with a packet of cheese and onion a few years back, the thought of blurting out a bit of a drama shite when the meeting where it was agreed that printing fucking money was a good idea would offer some kind of cathartic opportunity to scream my fucking head off.

To be fair to Mervyn, if he sucked Gordon's cock, which seems to be how seniority is obtained within his administration we would be even more screwed. Sure Merv the Perv has dropped a few bollocks but in comparison to McSnot McTwat - he's been as good as one could hope for nearly - well, B- maybe.

call me ishmael said...

I know I return to this tediously but many, me included, saw this crisis coming five or ten years ago, as people endlessly remortgaged and switched credit card balances around seemingly indefinitely and so funded a preposterous growth in consumption but not in wealth or industry and as people like Randall and this chump, King but all the prominent commentatots praise-sang the bullying oaf, Brown, one thought that insanity had gripped the ruling elite. In fact it is, in many cases, just fucking incompetence, hence two twos are six.

That those who brought us here, Brown and King, for instance, insist that they are the people to lead us out, insist that we should listen to them as they read their chosen entrails, their fingers crossed behind their back, is proof of Ruin. These people should be in fucking jail, all of them, never mind still sermonising like Solomon.

Verge said...

Bruin would probably enjoy a good stretch inside.

boom fucking boom

Dick the Prick said...

Dear Mr/Mrs Verge - tee hee hee.

Dear Mr Ishmael - yup, quite right but that's the way the cookie crumbles. These institutions carry their own momentum - they have very little to do with preventative mechanisms, just the sad and inevitable incremental movement to duly satisfy their own existence. That those who enter, young & full of beans are worked over, beaten, drummed into round holes where squares once went is as much a familiar sight as the rain. They are too big for radicalism, for a man to shout, 'hang on - that's utter bollox and you bloody well know it' to gain anything more than a swift P45 and a 'fuck you for all your services'.

It's not that their treatment is personal or held in contempt but the group think, the pious conceit of eddifice, the security of their own drivel made manifest prevents anything other than the tweek, the nudge, the slight knock into something more credible.

The size and power of the British state, the drone like honour esteemed upon money & power and the sheer force of will for them to hold onto it, the downward rigidities of each one's own personal image, the collective image of their venerated whoring makes all things pretty fucking difficult.