Friday, 30 October 2009


At the EU meeting, a snot-eating, gibbering lunatic and a boy on work experience discuss who should be Napoleon.

Get real, people, said Premier Snot, Tony Blair is the man for the job. And Imelda, too. It is the right thing for Europe's hard-working homeless families and small gone-out-of-business businesses. The right sol-you-shun. It would be good for the climate, good for jobs and good for snot.

Banana Boy: That's him fucked, then. As well as us.


From the Arsebridger.


Tony Blair's bid for EU presidency sinks

Ex-PM's chances of winning role slide as Sarkozy and Merkel fail to back him.

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Sir Michael Kneepads White & Dame Polly Mascara reveal how NewLabour has one last chance to get things right


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Swiss Bob said...

Is that a real photo from AP?

David Foward/Lorenzo couldn't have done it better.

So, a stitch up by the Germans and the French, who'd ha' bee-lieved it?

Euro trebles all round (sorry for the cilichè Mr Smith).

Ian said...

I think this is all spin.

Just wait for some last minute tinkering and bosh Tone for the top slot(gob).

call me ishmael said...

I think you're right Ian. And you M. le Suisse.

mongoose said...

It is, Gentlemen, the Great Treaty Stitch-up. For there to be a post of King Emperor, there must be a treaty. So those guys who do the most to seal the deal will be in line for the prizes. The Boy Milliprat btw is beyond parody.

I think, on balance, that Blair isn't destined for it but do not underestimate the euro-influence of Mandy. Whatever happens it is a corrupt and undemocratic stitch-up. They are in the club and we are out of it.

cap'n brownbread said...


there is no stitch-up here mr mongoose. my predecessor is undoubtedly the best qualified man for the post of european president, but there still remain some doubts vis-à-vis his future availability - as we are currently conducting delicate negotiations with somali pirates in the hope of exchanging mr blair for mr and mrs chandler.

tugdosh said...


you can keep him - our enquiries suggest that he's not worth a bent brass farthing. even cherie's ready to pull the plug on the psychotic cunt - and is (quote) not even prepared to pawn a plastic ear-ring for her has-been hubby.