Tuesday, 27 October 2009



Three prominent members of the New World Mafia enjoy a last few moments of freedom. Listen, says, Napalm Tony, I am a pretty, straight guy; just because all my mates are going to jail doesn't mean I can't be Emperor of Europe. And anyway, my bitch, Imelda, is a brilliant lawyer, she says so herself.
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sandra said...

a public service announcement

hi, my name's sandra and i used to have a boyfriend who worked for t-mobile - he showed me how to eavesdrop on people through their mobile phones, at any time, whether the phone was in use or not. if you suspect your phone-set is being bugged, please inform your telephone company, hackers invariably use an accomplice on the inside - and t-mobile's as about as secure as a sieve. bloggers are regularly targeted by the oddbods who carry out this kind of snooping.

The Night of the Demons said...

Just suppose,that in those silent,empty hours,when the world around you sleeps,a restless figure awakens in a start.A rush,that apparently we suffer when our heart misses a beat,passes through the racing mind,as the realisation that the scene of horror that you have just endured,was only the product of a bad dream.
The vividness of your whitened knuckles gripping the rail of the dock,as the five judges slowly and deliberately don the black caps,squeezing every second of the coming doom,being masters of the stage that they are,just as you once were,and establishing that eye contact,that lets you know God has averted his gaze.
Your sweat soaked torso has dampened the sheets,and the crumpled pillow attests to the frustration at the injustice,and the absurdity,of a murder trial where a bringer of peace stands accused of delivering violence.
Cherie reaches across,and her cool,soothing hand gently rests on your glistening chest.She murmers dreamily "Go back to sleep Tony darling.It's just a dream"
It's over.Until tomorrow night.Or the night after.But it will return.

woman on a raft said...

D'you remember the good ol' days when we used to think the lizards operated in shadowy secrecy, ashamed of their scaly skins.

They're all over the bloody telly and doing book signings now. The supermarkets are stocking Crunchy Locust Breakfast Cereal.

Elby the Beserk said...

Totally off topic. Mr. Smith, but there's an Aurora alert for your neck of the woods at the mo

call me ishmael said...

Thanks mr elby.

Nobody told me, I should have had an email from aurora watch. I will watch out for the Merry Dancers.