Wednesday, 28 October 2009



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Anonymous said...

Thr bloke in the wig is saying " So we are agreed then, 50 quid each and you keep quiete about the lack if kit"

mongoose said...

Mr Ishmael,

Everyt ime I see a picture of that scrote, I am reminded of Mr Gumby.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Well said, Mr Ishmael.

gloss kemp said...

what about me?

dicky blackwood said...


mr kemp, whilst i appreciate that you have done your patriotic best to lure misguided young british men to a grisly death in helmund province, afghanistan, i am sure that both steve mcfadden and yourself would be the first to admit that the taliban are a bit out of your league - barbara windsor, however, could no doubt take on the entire taliban and al qaeda network single-handed, send them packing, and still find time each week to fit in three debt-busting performances of live eastenders on the stage of the hackney empire (a charity for comically-challenged actresses of east-london origin). a far more preferable outcome would, of course, be for the indomitable babs to tell our brave woglet-wasting british boys to 'stop being silly', and 'to pack it in and go home'.