Thursday, 22 October 2009


Tonight, on the BBC's sinking current affairs flagship, Question Time, with one of this man's descendants,

Rchard Dimblebeebeecee,

political arsewipes like Obedience Minister

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Jack Torture, seen her with his succubus, will champion the cause of the corrupt, degenerate, war-mongering house of commons over that of some loony who insists that history never happened.

Straw, author of such civil rights triumphs as this

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and senior member of a government responsible for legitimising an invasion which has killed, maimed and tortured vast numbers of entirely innocent wogs and niggers will simper that Everybody Knows I'm Not A Racist, despite the blitzkrieg on the wogs which, I am minded to say, phoney simpering cunt that I am, is all in their best interests. And anyway, no-one knows how many wogs have been slaughtered in Iraq because we don't even bother to count them, untermenshen, you see, wogs; not worth counting, who cares, I obviously don't. Bit don't anybody call me racist; murdering wogs is not the same as being racist, like Mr Griffin is, fuck me, no But I'd like, David, to talk about Mr Griffin's far more serious racism, a racism which might yet result in me losing my seat and this, I am minded to say, is what really concerns the voters. It doesn't really matter to me mind, because, like Tony, I will go straight on the board of DeathCorp and into the upper house, they can't touch me, the people. Just as well, really.

Did I mention that accountancy, unlike mass murder and torture is not my long suit, and that's why I made some very genuine, innocent errors in claiming tens of thousands of pounds in expenses. But, thanks to Mr Griffin, we can talk about something else.
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mongoose said...

Mr Ishmael,

I was going to watch the QT massacre this evening. It's always good fun to see a scrote get a good kicking but now I look at the team-sheet and, no. For fuck's sake, we have the entire nation from which to select our intellectual artillery and who do we get? Jack Straw, Baroness "Obama" Warsi, Chris "Hoon" Huhne, and Bonnie Greer.

So the coloured people are delicate maids. "He won't be rude to the ladies, surely, not in England?" And two useless failed dickheads, soft left - apart from the torturing of the sand-wogs, that is - "would've gone to Spain with the Brigade if I was old enough and I weep buckets every hour on the hour that I wasn't born early enough to sacrifice my miserable life on the pyre or purity..."

Hopeless! Even Starkey could have been wheeled out for the night to rip him a new one. We might have found a use for the git at long last.

call me ishmael said...

Bonnie Greer, fuck me, Jesus; she's worse than Mad Mel, Yasmin MuslemWoman and Rabbi Julia Cheeseburger all put to-gether. This is a freewheeling sort of place, customarily but comment on this event, mr mongoose, must be conditional on having watched it. I don't see why I should suffer alone.

I simply can't understand why so many enrage themselves over Griffin but not over mass racist murderer, Blair. Is Griffin a lightning conductor, an unwitting stooge for the truly racist house of commons and the truly racist equal opps, anti-racist fuckwits and heterophobes, currently squealing like stuck pigs that free speech is all very well as long as people say what we noisy few want to hear?

question of time said...

there is only one type of politics in this country - racial politics. democracy is essentially a mechanism for subjugating and exploiting minority or less advantaged groups, who are automatically deemed inferior. racial categorization has always been le scam de choix which underpins the power structure on these islands - even the current class-system, ratified in 1066, ensures that the ancestors of norman barons can still, by-and-large, lord it over their anglo-saxon serfs to this very day. the unashamed racism of nick griffin's british national party is a potential embarrassment to the socialist and conservative neo-colonialist parties, because it is now becoming ever more apparent that all political persuasions are seeking to sell slaves in the same market. nick griffin is assuming an anti-establishment position in order to mine the votes of those who regard themselves as the under-priviledged classes. the bnp leader is also cleverly opposing the war - not out of any respect for muslim and asian peoples, countries and cultures, but because he and his miserable men do not enjoy seeing our highly-trained, heavily-equipped british warriors getting their arses harvested by a bunch of tribal poppy-farmers. of course, nick griffin, like all politicians of all skin-colours, wishes to become the establishment - but to get his membership-card, mr griffin will have to work his way up through the ranks, first serving his time as an apprentice boy-friday, acting as the whipping-racist and carrying the can-of-guilt for the senior slave-masters.

a sacrifice worth making said...

did anyone sense the chemistry between bonnie greer and nick griffin? he even started stroking her at one point...indeed i consider it not too much to ask that bonnie, as a committed multi-culturalist and british citizen, should grab this golden opportunity to save the country from fascism, and get griffin in the sack and have his babies.

bonnie d'arc said...


i'm a bit past popping-out babies for britain, darling - but i'd polish his spitfire anyday.

jack prat said...

yes mr griffin, what you may not realize is that many african, carribean and asian darkies helped us defeat hitler by taking on the crazy suicidal japs in the jungle of burma - our guys didn't want to take all the glory, you see. in fact, the asians are still struggling to defeat fascism today, but are now strangely shy about joining the british army.

call me ishmael said...

I watched it with two people deeply schooled in and committed to equal opps and anti-racism and they were outraged at the bear-baiting by the panel and Dimbleby; fuck knows what an unemployed, unskilled Northern man will make of it, assuming he watched it.

It was a series of hammy set-pieces, Greer too pissed to carry off her deadpan, wise-cracking broad act, her rehearsed bits falling flat on the floor, down there with Straw's written-down, spontaneous, righteous, flat as a pancake indignation and Huhne's ghastly over-confidence. It was only the painfully gobby know-it-all Baroness bint who broke ranks, sniping at Straw for NewLabour's immigration fuck-ups and that only briefly; the more Griffin floundered, the more distasteful seemed his consistent persecution. What a bunch of useless cocksuckers, maladroit, cack-handed and insincere; smarter, genuine anti-racists would have teased and mocked Griffin, not blethered facetiously about their ancestors, would have led him on, gently. But what can we expect from such as Straw, save bullying, what else from a braying Tory cow and an I-Know-Best, worthless LiberalDemocrat but bombastic fanfares to their own merit?

Among his flock Griffin's stock will have risen; the troughers may congratulate each other that at least no-one asked any proper questions about Afghanistan or their Expenses. Clutching his cock and biting his nails tonight, Gordon Snot will sleep a medicated sleep at least without further nightmare horrors generated by Question Time. If only there were more Nick Griffins with whom our masters might distract us.

michelle sidewinder said...

i don't know what your problem is over there in the uk? here in the land of the free we all have the opportunity to fulfil the potential with which god gifted us. take my story, for example - with only a first-class college education and a big arse i rose overnight to become an internationally acclaimed hool-a-hooping be honest, i think my husband is beginning to feel slightly disempowered by my promoted professional position, but he's trying his best not to show it, the dear. what an all-affirmative-action trooper he really is.

mongoose said...

So I watched it. We have suffered together, Ishmael.

Pap. My eyes and ears are bleeding.

(Griffy Baby? Total twat.)

pres obombaklaart said...

i don't believe you are giving mr jack straw the credit he deserves. i mean, the guy managed to convince the klan to accept iraqis as members - i'm sure he can turn round your bnp people too.

call me ishmael said...

That's trouper, Michelle; troopers are the crew-cut ones who wire-up Ahmed to the National Grid or throw him out of a helicopter.

Hyperbole, mr mongoose. And weren't they all equally twattish?

call me ishmael said...

There is much in what you say, mr a question of time; although I think Mr Griffin could have found an easier, Johnsonian route to power, had he not been entirely mad, than the one you posit for him.

woman on a raft said...

They didn't ask any proper questions at all. Why it is called Question Time?

Marketing report

Further to previous discussions: it's been one heck of a marketing campaign for the damaged BBC brand, though. While it may not have done much for their positioning, it hasn't damaged it. Above all, it has raised the corporation's profile, capturing audience awareness with a single edition.

The anticipation dominated the MSM, the other broadcasters were obliged to mention it, and there is a river of ink this morning. You simply cannot buy coverage like that and usually you don't want to; the Brand/Ross affair very nearly killed the corporation because it was used by the BBC enemies to show how badly out of touch and arrogant it was.

Unlike, it appears, Jack Straw, the BBC took that hard lesson aboard. The invitation to Griffin, however massaged managed and neutralized, makes it possible for them to say "we have all sorts round here".

What happened to Griffin never really was the point. It was the BBC which stood to make the win out of this show. They owed him the easy ride of not putting any difficult questions or making an investigative documentary and interview - he's the one who has done them an enormous favour by appearing as the Grade A Baddie on their poli-panto touring the provinces, which was only ever a vehicle for showing the BBC isn't London-centric anyway. Which it is.

Next week: Sir Twankey McKellen on why my sexuality is none of your business (extended edn.)

call me ishmael said...

No, you have it all wrong, Mrs WOAR, since six o clock this morning the BBC has reported that BNP leader, Nick Griffin used his appearance on QT to blah blah blah, no-one else, apparently, used it to blah blah blah, sort of a one man blah, it was, almost, according to the Toady Programme's massed Rottweillers, like there was no-one else in the studio.

Voting with their feet said...

Perhaps Mr Ishmael,as you say,he is just a distraction.A Governmental safety valve.But for many,desperate,frustrated,disallusioned,disenfranchised powerless watchers,who have had their belief in the corruption of the establishment proven beyond any doubt,he provides the only method of kicking said establishment in the head.
A mighty tasty dish for the angry.

mongoose said...

I have never been so sure that the BBC is not worth saving. It was absolutely hopeless. We all knew before the programme that the man, his party, and his opinions are without merit of any kind. The holier-than-thou my-grandad's-grandad-once-sat-on-a-bus-through-the-window-of-which-someone-else-entirely-once-saw-an-almost-black-person-stub-his-toe-and-everyone-wept... fuck me! Straw's opening fucking brainless, talentless, piss-poor-minus "tirade" of self-righteousness had the hens weeping. Even Dimblebore was trying to get him to stop the pain. What a worthless cunt. Is that all you have, Saruman?

By bullying him, by hijacking an entire programme, to shout at him and by being so one-sided they ensured that the odd Joe out there who maybe has a shard of an axe to grind might just edge a tad towards that Promised Land of Bitter Regret. Better by far would have been to engage him on the political topics of the day. "Tell me, Mr Griffin, what are your party's thoughts on the state of the nation's finances. Any ideas?" "Yeah, I fink if we send all the wogs 'ome, we'll save their benefits money." "Thank-you, Mr Griffin. Next?" Christ! And the "Holo-what? I'm not allowed to say there weren't no Holo-what in case some yid lawyer in Poland- Oh, nah, they're all dead ain't they? Oops..."

In the lowest set of the poorest school of political theory they tell you to engage the other guy on the territory on which you are stronger. Giving the eegit - and wasn't he absolutely beyond fucking hope, not even worth framing an opinion about him, the vacuous twat - giving him an hour's airtime of bullying was completely a) stupid, b) counter-productive and c) boring. Jesus, by the end even I was feeling sorry for the dickhead. Well, almost.

Another hour of my life I will never get back.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, mr voting with their feet, that, too. I haven't spoken to many today but none have toed the Establishment line on this.

call me ishmael said...

I cannot add to what I have said, merely reiterate:

What a bunch of useless cocksuckers, maladroit, cack-handed and insincere; smarter, genuine anti-racists would have teased and mocked Griffin, not blethered facetiously about their ancestors, would have led him on, gently. But what can we expect from such as Straw, save bullying, what else from a braying Tory cow and an I-Know-Best, worthless LiberalDemocrat but bombastic fanfares to their own merit?

A reinforcement of these basic truths is an hour well spent, mr mongoose; as disagreeable as all its participants may be, everyone should see that broadcast, at least once.

I hope Mr Swiss Bob has posteritised it for us, with his magic lantern apparatus.

buried in burma said...


mr prat, except for enlisted men, the colonial soldiers were, as in the uk, conscripted into the armed forces - although, unlike in this country, the men did not receive the courtesy of a letter, but were spontaneously rounded up at gunpoint. there was also a massive drive to conscript labour, which pre-existed the war. many people just disappeared off the streets, never again to be seen by their loved ones. do you really think that we wanted to fight for you white fascist cunts?

call me ishmael said...

That's harsh, mr buried in Burma, people suffered dreadful treatment at the hands of the Japanese and were bombered home, six stone weaklings, heads wrecked, to a nation soon to applaud Honda and Mitsubishi and Hitachi.

It is probably true that GlobaCorp is owned largely by white fascist cunts, but they oppress us all, heedless of our races.

Mr TDG would probably cry, I smell Commie, at such a remark but, you know, while the poor whites and browns argue Das Kapital shits in all our faces.

Swiss Bob said...

Mr Smith, it is indeed uploaded to YouTube for posterity, magic lantern willing.

As for comment, reading here I'm pretty much in accord with the general view, which is one that has rarely appeared in the MSM.