Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Nomad said...

Tut tut - can't take a bit of criticism? That illustrates perfectly where you are coming from you 2 faced hypocrite. I have just removed this blog from my reading list and you can rot in your own strawberry patch.

I removed mr nomad, not for his criticism and disagreement, which we welcome, but for his infantile abuse amd his imitation-of-an-arsehole stupidity, which we don't.

That he has removed me from his reading list and gone back to Iggle Piggle is almost more than I can bear.

It was that former tory MP, Gerry something, wh0 used to similarly throw his rattle from Guido's pram, what was his name, it was a rentboy thing, brought him down, Hayes, that was it, Gerry Hayes, he used to say This is pathetic, this is below me, I am NEVER coming back here, This shit is off my reading list, only to emerge at the next mention of his name, angrier than ever.

I look forward to the swift return of mr nomad and all his noms de guerre.


Anonymous said...


Mothers Ruin said...

Perhaps it would be worth putting Mr Nomad's post up for the benefit of those that missed it.
From my recollection,having created his own heaven and pulled the ladder up behind him,he had realised that he still needed humanity,even if only to give himself a hell to piss down on.

call me ishmael said...

I wish I had kept it Mr MR, but I junked it. It was, as you say, I'm a clever fucker merely by coming to live abroad and you're all stupid for staying there. I can't put it better than you do - he needed humanity to piss down on.

pick your own shrinks said...

you can rot in your own strawberry patch

funny turn of phrase...'gooseberry bush' would have been more piercing. i think he's expressing a subliminal desire to squirt cream on you, mr ishmael. i hope you've deleted him from your bloglist too - that'll show him.

lilith said...

Oh! That's sad. I like Mr Nomad, he has interesting tales of foreign lands.

call me ishmael said...

This continues, lilith, at the next trading post, further on up the road.

In keeping with his own values, Mr nomad is now a non-person.