Sunday 30 January 2022

The Sunday Ishmael: 30/01/2022


In a letter obtained by author Andrew Gimson; Johnson’s Latin master at Eton, a Mr Hammond, said : "Boris really has adopted a disgracefully cavalier attitude to his classical studies. He sometimes seems affronted when criticised for what amounts to a gross failure of responsibility, and surprised at the same time that he was not appointed Captain of the school for the next half. I think he honestly believes that it is churlish of us not to regard him as an exception, one who should be free of the network of obligation that binds everyone else."   Sourced by editor mr verge.


 The most fun thing this week in politics was the SNP up in arms against Boris Johnson for body shaming Ian Blackford, he who keeps himself well informed through  his expensive newspaper habit - in financial year 2018/19 spending over £1000 on newspapers, part of his eye-watering total expenses claim of £256,780.73. Blackford doubtless learned his free-spending ways during his previous employment as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank. Poor little deluded Ian Blackford believes the SNP will return to their former trading position in Europe once they have thrown off the shackles of the Union. Anyway, there he was at PMQs on Wednesday, in his bright blue three-piece suit and brown shoes - clearly no-one has told him that Brown in Town simply won't do; 
joining in the general cake-related banter at Boris' expense, to which a goaded Boris jovially responded "I don't know who's been eating more cake?" And the SNP then wet themselves in rushing to Fatty Blackford's defence.
See the source image 

I thought it was ok for one Fat Boy to  address another Fat Boy in these terms: as in: "Yo, Nigger." The real issue, of course, is not who ate more pies, but the inescapable fact that Fatty Blackford is unpardonably ugly. Not his fault, he's a proud son of an unprepossessing race.

Whilst Boris then laid low for the rest of the week, Languid Jacob, 

furtle as a turtle, already not short  of a bob or two and, on the accession of his wife Helena, mother of his six children, to her inheritance, looking to have an estimated net worth in excess of £100 million, took up the cudgel on Boris' behalf. Thusly: "Churchill always had new ideas. Johnson is good at thinking things others aren't thinking and not just going along politely with conventional thought. I'm not comparing him to Churchill, I'm just saying that the politicians who succeed are the ones with a willingness to make decisions and to then persuade people." The MP for North East Somerset said Johnson was an 'exceptional leader' who 'unlocked' the country when others refused to do so, and claimed, in the teeth of all precedent to the contrary, that there would be a general election if Johnson went. He thinks that's a disincentive.
Speaking on the Sophie Show this morning, 

Sir Ed Davie threw in his contribution to the CakeGate Scandal, accusing the Metropolitan Police of supporting the Prime Minister by requiring the suppression of most of Sue Grey's report. In order not to muck up the Met's investigation. Which they weren't going to do. But are now. 

Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats since 2020, was lucky enough to be Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change from 2012 to 2015 in CallMeDave's unelected coalition government, and, no doubt, would like another go if only Cake Johnson can be unseated. But really, to suggest that Dick is up Johnson's cake-hole - the very idea. Separation of Powers:
Parliament, the Executive and the Courts,  each having their distinct and largely exclusive domain. Parliament has a legally unchallengeable right to make whatever laws it thinks right. The executive carries on the administration of the country in accordance with the powers conferred on it by law. The courts interpret the laws and see that they are obeyed.That's the British Way.
This does not happen. Separation of Powers.
Whilst we're talking about the Sophie Show, Scary Tank-Girl Truss made a chilling appearance. An ardent Boris supporter, with no desire whatsoever to have the top job herself - well, that's what she says; she is distracting the nation from CakeGate by sort-of declaring war on Russia. Cold-eyed, stone-faced, untelegenic - no, not Putin, Tank-Girl,
she's invented a new category of foreign aid. Used to be that aid was a friendly kind of word - medicines, food, water, that sort of thing. Now it is Lethal Aid. The Americans have been at it ever since they decided to have a foreign policy, and now Liz Tank tells us that Britain is unashamedly at it - providing Ukraine with arms, munitions, anti-tank weaponry, training 2000 Ukrainian troops  and doubling up the British armed forces presence in Estonia.
Tank Truss: We will make it clear to Vladimir Putin that should he invade Ukraine there will be severe consequences. He has nowhere to hide. 
Headgirl Sophie, bullied but valiant: But will British troops be fighting in Ukraine?
Tank Truss: It is very unlikely British troops will fight alongside Ukrainian troops.

Headgirl Sophie: What the fuck has any of this to do with us? (I'm paraphrasing here, you understand. This is the question she should have asked.)

Tank Truss: If Russia invades Ukraine, it will be terrible. Terrible for Democracy, terrible for Europe and terrible for Russia itself because it will be a Quagmire.
Sophie: What the fuck????
Tank Truss: Putin is a threat to freedom and democracy in Europe. He will create a Quagmire. 
Sophie: Again, Foreign Secretary, what the fuck??? Are you raving mad? Are there no lengths you will not go to in defending Boris Johnson against CakeGate?
Tank Truss: I am travelling to Ukraine and to Moscow, to make it clear that it will be a Quagmire should Putin go ahead with this invasion.
Sophie: Like that's going to put the wind up him?
Tank Truss: The Prime Minister is travelling to Eastern Europe.
Sophie: What, trying to look like he's a credible Prime Minister and that we've forgotten all about the investigation into him personally breaking the law that he forced into place?
Tank Truss: The Prime Minister apologised. I was there in the House. I saw him apologise. (so there). The Metropolitan Police are Independent. It's a matter for Sue Grey. I'm not answering hypothetical questions. There's a threat on the European Border.
Sophie: Are you barking mad, Foreign Secretary? How do you propose discommoding Putin?
Tank Truss: Europe has been dependent on Russian Gas for too long. We must reduce that dependency. We will target any interest that has an impact on the Russian Government. We will go after the Russian interests bankrolling the Russian regime. We have seized £1billion of illicit finance.
Sophie: So you will be reducing the financial ties between the Russian Oligarchs and the ruling Conservatives?
Truly bloody terrifying. You couldn't make it up. I didn't make it up. Verbatim transcript of the Foreign Secretary's World-Domination remarks to Sophie Raworth on The Sunday Show. 
My dog barked at her. 
Thank god for the downright decency of Rory Stewart, also on the telly this morning, but not on poor Sophie's show. A former Conservative politician, he stood against Johnson in the 2019 conservative leadership election, because he considered Johnson to be a terrible person. He's another Old Etonian, but his very existence demonstrates that, against all odds and most evidence, a courageous, decent and principled human being can emerge from a public school education. In 2000, he took leave from the Foreign Office to walk across Asia, walking across much of Iran, Pakistan, the Indian and Nepali Himalayas, finishing with a 36 day solo walk across Afghanistan, staying in village houses every night. His book about that walk, The Places In Between, was reviewed by mr ishmael passim, THE BOOK PAGE. RORY STEWART, THE PLACES IN BETWEEN. 16th March 2010. 
 So when Rory Stewart tells us that
people in Afghanistan are selling their organs and their children to feed themselves, that we were involved in that country for 20 years before suddenly abandoning it and voluntarily handing it over to the Taliban for no good reason, his remarks carry weight. Perhaps we should learn that our foreign policy of I-Know-Best interventionism is deluded and not allow Tank-Girl Truss to play with people's lives, property and livelihoods, at any time, but particularly not when this country has driven itself yet again into financial crisis with its Covid Fear Initiative and poor people are, yet again, feeling the squeeze in order to protect the rich from the cold winds of hardship.
Stewart told us that with every delay to the Sue Grey Report, Boris Johnson is riding it out, and the opportunity to appoint a leader who is a serious person is diminishing. After years of inviting London to be a money laundering centre for Oligarchs, pricing ordinary folk out of the housing market, the Conservative regime is now taking action, whipping up a war against Russia in order to distract from Boris and his scandals.
You can buy a three-bed terrace house in Walthamstowe, London, for £650,000, sharing your square mile with 124,882 other people. What does £650,000 buy in your neighbourhood? 
In mine, you can buy Woodwick House, a substantial country house of stature and significance set in mature gardens and woodland, an  historic eight bedroom property, with a Doocot, a stream, and a bluebell wood, which enjoys a sea view through a tree lined avenue.  And still have £80 grand change.
See the source image 
And there's only another 23,000 people in your square mile. A three-bed terrace will cost you £175,000. But the Oligarchs aren't interested in Orkney. Thank God.

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See the source image
Quagmire: (1)a soft, boggy area of land (2) an awkward, complex or hazardous situation.


Mike said...

Truss has just been Down Here telling us how to run our affairs and how we should go to war with both China and Russia to save democracy. FFS. We have enough mad buggers down here without allowing another one in. And they have the cheek to expel Mr Djokovic.

I read Wallace and Truss are off to Moscow to tell off the Russians. I hope they are given a side trip to the tomb of the unknown soldier in Moscow, and given a little history lesson. Or maybe a primer on the Battle of Kursk might make them think twice?

ultrapox said...

yes, let's play "who's our favourite tory?" shall we, mrs ishmael?

now, although the conservatives have a wealth of working class talent waiting in the wings, they will no doubt opt for some noncing neo-liberal nobhead for leader - such as:

darling of the neo-imperialist establishment & accidental birthday-party-gatecrasher: posh-boy sunak - 2/1

overgrown neo-con schoolgirl & £500k flight-risk: cia-yes-woman truss - 3/1

cia-favourite, nodding neo-liberal nutter & part-time high seas pirate: jim dale look-a-like jeremiah punt - 8/1

capitalist-penguin-impersonator: michael "jackson" gove - 9/1

neo-con bovver-boy & new world order banker: savidge jabit - 22/1

former linklaters-solicitor & foreign secretary, but now lord high everything else: karate kid kurt raab - 33/1

"why are they all so fucking useless?" "bat-outta-hell" patel - 16/1 - might well say as she shakes seven shades-a-shit out of the euro-centric civil service and whips all the poncing public schoolboys into shape with their old school-ties.

here are my personal picks for the next pm:

"let's-'ave-sum" leadsom - 200/1 - who had the common decency to mingle with those not-to-the-manor-born whilst paying her respects at grenfell tower, who had the common sense to propose a properly 'managed no-deal brexit', and who had the sheer balls to kick the obnoxious bully bercow into touch

the extremely able & intelligent steve "boon" baker - 50/1 - former royal air force engineer, computer-engineer, and of course brilliant engineer of the european research group

the comprehensively belligerent prickli patel - 16/1 - if only because it'll be great fun watching her sort out the real men & women from the pre-pubescent tory boys & schoolgirls

meanwhile, over in ottawa, a hundred-kilometre-long line of liberty-loving canadian truckers is about to deal democratically with a certain blackface globalist fucker - who's probably now hiding under an afro somewhere amongst the critical mass of pro-freedom protesters...

go convoy

mongoose said...

Good evening Comrades,

Apologies for my absence - I have had the freakin' Rona since New Year. All those jabs, eh, and still hit with a viral two-by-four. Mrs m is now going down with it too and she has had even more jabs than me. Fucking nonsense it is, Neil and St Joni, ye dickheads ye.

I have just read the damning report of Sue. It contains nothing. We are listening to the last screeches of the Remainermob. If Boris isn't killed before the Autumn, all hope of rejoining or fudging Brexit will be FFS.

As for the Rooskies, Putin continues to run rings around them. Not a single UK boot should touch Ukranian soil. (Although I have discovered, mr mike, that the Ukraine has an older claim to be the real Russia than Russia does.)

Mike said...

Mr Mongoose: here is the definitive history - an essay by Putin on Russia-Ukriane. A lot of this was new to me. It well deserves a careful reading.

Somewhat paradoxically, it seems Putin was holding out an olive branch to Ukraine.

We have to recall that the land currently called Ukraine was soaked in the blood of millions of Soviets/Russians in WW2. Here is a video on the largest battle in the history of the world, at Kursk. Just one of many during WW2. I highly recommend watching the whole series (15 hours or more titled Soviet Storm) the definitive history of the war in the East - indeed the history of ww2 in large part.

I trust your recovery is speedy.

mongoose said...

Thanks for the links, mr mike, and I will look. I do get and know about Kursk and the eastern slaughter of WWII btw.

The Rona has gone but I am left a bit stupid. I am told that this lasts a few months. We shall see.

Mike said...

It might not be the Rona, Mr mongoose. Daily, as I read the news I think I must be going mad. The Memsahib says I have to stop reading - she may have a point.

mongoose said...

That's an interesting essay, mr mike. We tend to forget that history creaks on but builds on foundations we can no longer see. I have long thought, for instance, that our Scottish Braveheart Troubles were not really caused by Maggie's Poll Tax trial run, or even the Acts of Union, but were the result of the Emperor Hadrian deciding that Caledonia wasn't worth the effort of subduing it.

I see that the medical vaccine mandate has been scrapped - sorry, the scrapping of the mandate is now the matter of consultation with stakeholders. I have just listened to a radio discussion with various lofty medicos and care home scoundrels. The level of ignorance, straight out deceit, and braying bullying - after two full years yet - is staggering. Are y'all still locked up down there?

mrs ishmael said...

Sorry you've been ill, mr mongoose, and very glad you are feeling better. Are you well enough to have tackled mr verge's anagram in the title of his Boris poem?
Putin must be much relieved that Tank-girl Truss is also unwell and cannot accompany the PM on his intimidatory visit to Russia. The cheek of them. The persistent failure to stop meddling in matters that do not concern them, which they do not understand and which are not actually part of our Sphere of Interest seems to have been the defining feature of Britain's Foreign Policy. It is quite embarassing.
Thanks for the links, mr mike.
Had Europe not repelled Putin's overtures to become European and part of the NATO alliance, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the world would be looking a lot safer today.

mrs ishmael said...

Glad you're back, mr ultrapox - you were missed. Are you also offering odds on Boris retaining his position?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend, mr mongoose. Hadrian, eh? So "what have the Romans ever done ferrus?" would yield "the SNP." Sounds about right.


ps "Ian Blackford" anagrams to "boar-dick flan", which sounds like something the gNats would add proudly to the Hogmanay menu after the Borders had been properly rewilded.

mongoose said...

Thak-you for those good wishes, all. In truth, it was a pretty bad severe non-sneezy cold but I've had worse. It seemed to linger on for a good while though.

I shall attend to the anagram asap, mrs i. "ODE TO A HEARTFELT BONEHEAD"?

Errr, Eton, fool, deadbeat. Err, leave it with me.

Blackford, mr v, and regardless of the heroic consumption of pies which must go on, is a disgrace even to Scotland.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, mr mongoose, & with apologies for any confusion, the anagram does not include "ode to a". So Heartfelt Bonehead only. (You're already on the right lines, inevitably.)



mongoose said...

Aww, heck, mr v, I just dropped by the report the command of "Hear the deadbeat Eton fool!"

Anonymous said...

Just because it wasn't intended, doesn't mean it isn't there. That's some maestro shit right enough, mr mongoose. Chapeaux, in stacks.


ultrapox said...

thank you for the kind welcome back, mrs ishmael, and may i wish a very happy new year to both you and all your contributors; as regards my absence, i should explain tha, following an exhausting and stressful 2021, i was unfortunately forced to lie down for a month in order to recuperate my energies.

may i also wish a speedy recovery to all those hereabouts who have been hit by the dreaded delta-bug?

yes, mr mike, i really do wonder whether big brave boris and liz "wank-in-a-tank" truss possess the requisite reading age to comprehend the nuanced historical analysis which president putin so skilfully presents in his essay?

my odds for the conservative-leadership-succession were actually lifted from the cheshirelive website, however, in answer to your question, mrs ishmael, it is my strict understanding that jolly johnson's leadership-retention-prospects are currently hovering around absolute zero, unless of course he can succeed in starting an apocalyptic war-of-aggression against the russians - along with their sino-persian-syrian allies - whereupon the deadly joker of downing street will be afforded the career-salvaging opportunity of striking a pathetic churchillian pose on the eastern battle-front, whilst game young conscripts from our own, and just about every other nation in the global village, are senselessly slaughtered, gallipoli-style, on the high altar of both his, and bombardier biden's, neo-imperial vanity.

one might recall that it was the war-mongering white house sisters obama, clinton, and biden who originally stirred up this kremlin-antagonizing shit in ukraine - and indeed it was the same three drone-borne witches who, having surged democracy all over afghanistan, then armed al qaeda in libya as a progressive prelude to intelligently creating isis in syria and iraq.

now, if memory serves me right, did the three degenerates not also collude with the chinese communist party and iran's islamic revolutionary guard in releasing a morale-busting bio-weapon upon their own peace-oriented american population - thus ensuring the expedient economic destruction of the entire western empire and, more importantly, a serendipitously snatched victory for their devious deep-state-democrat comrades in the 2020 us presidential election?

well, you know, to my mind, biden's brazenly ignorant belligerence rather makes the pragmatic administration of dodgy donald trump resemble a placid anti-war oasis of political common sense, dunnit?

Bungalow Bill said...

Yes, a bit pious is Stewart but he has a proper mind. Keep the barbarians out, Mrs I, they are nearly everywhere else.

Bungalow Bill said...

PS Be brave Mr Mongoose, lucozade and some war comics will see it right. A bit of brain wooziness has its attractions anyway.

Mike said...

The Ides of March. I stand by my prediction. He will tough it out till then.

PS Mr mongoose: boil up some lemons, rind included. Old women's cure. Add a tot of rum or tequila to taste.

ultrapox - part one said...

i've now found time to read the russian president's local history lecture properly...

and i'm even more confident that neither brainfog boris nor dizzie miss lizzie commands anywhere near the degree of intellect sufficient to refute vlad's assertions...

fuck me, lightweight liz doesn't even know where the black sea is located, for chrissakes.

it's next to the red sea, init?

yes, doubtless a tank-load of russian nationalist spin has been imparted upon the thrust of mr putin's historical dissection, but nevertheless the message being sent is loud-and-bloody-clear: it's none of the west's business, if - for strategic, cultural and religious reasons - russia chooses to rudely repatriate another slice of ukraine.

oh dear, is he just teasing, and perhaps just preparing to have a nibble - rather than take a great big dnieper-sized bite...?

of course, vlad's view of russo-ukrainian relations rings a bit rosy, yet as a disinterested foreigner, who am i to judge him?

the holodomor, for example, is glossed-over with the polished nonchalance of a professional politician - dismissed with a peremptory "nowt to do with us, mate" - and whilst i agree that this "common tragedy" was the product of a past - soviet - era, at a time when britain too ruled an empire and our beloved whipstrong churchill presided over the creation of famine in bengal - can mr putin actually claim that russia never fed off or exploited ukraine...?

i remember crossing through the iron curtain to visit east germany in the summer of 1988, and, in my nurtured western naïvety, being rather astonished at the huge number of russian soldiers then stationed in that occupied soviet-bloc country - therefore i do really wonder why today we are incessantly whingeing about the existentially dangerous threat posed by russia, when it is evidently our own neo-imperialist western leaders who are filling the rôle of foolish greedy aggressors - and in fact playing well off-side.

you may notice that this cracking kremlin-production contains many a sardonic allusion to brexit, wherein the presidential provocateur delights in drawing the inherently piquant analogy between the uk's sham-divorce from europe - pretentiously paraded as real by british neo-liberal politicians - and the ukraine's politically motivated, yet culturally impossible, separation from russia - however, by the same token, he also perceives the pithy parallel between the common anglo-saxon's oil-and-water relationship with the holy european empire and the common eastern european's potassium-and-water fling with the neo-imperialist west.

basically, bungling biden's jumped out of the afghan frying pan into the ukranian fire, and in an inestimably ignorant manner which dodgy deal-broker trump would never have dreamed of doing in a million impeachment-permutated presidencies...

but that's the meddling american democrats for ya.

(continued in part two below)

ultrapox - part two said...

(continued from part one above)

all things considered, in the complexly woven context of eastern european history, putin reasonably regards the present ukrainian régime as comprising no more than an irritating flash-in-the-pan, and indeed, one truly senses that, if boris gobbytoff and bung-ho biden remain in the kiev-kitchen much longer, they are surely going to get their fingers very badly burned...

so are our governments supporting a bunch of corrupt neo-nazi-thugs...?

and if so why?

i think we should be told...

well, as far as boris jabscum's political prospects are concerned, mrs ishmael, it's now simply a case of whether he is exiled in ignominy to exmoor before this may's local elections or after them; you see, the writing's on the wall for this perfidiously prattling prime minister, i'm afraid, and - according to an assorted array of anonymous parliamentary bog-cleaners - it says "fuck off, you big fat hairy bastard, and don't bother coming back".

Mike said...

Yes Mr ultrapox: what an embarrassment poor Liz is. The Baltic nations on the coast of The Black Sea!! FFS. Madame Zacharova had a field day, not just on her geography failings but also history. Time I put my British passport through the shredder.

ultrapox said...

apologies, mr mike, i should have addressed the above comment to yourself - thank you for alerting us to mr putin's absorbing essay.

apparently, dizbrain liz did not cancel her trip to ukraine due to contraction of the corona-lurgy, but rather because she mistakenly landed in uganda...

mongoose said...

It is becoming apparent that Bojo doesn't have a complete set of political skills. He has a brain, Eton chutzpah, and a charming personal bonhomie - especially with the ladies. He doesn't do detail - which is alright if you have people about who do - and he doesn't do ruthless. So he is toast - as said above by everybody - sometime around the end of the Spring but anytime sooner that he gets bored with the shouting. He's a narcissist though. So he'll want to hang on. What else can his life now amount to? More shagging and babies, and ten thousand pound chicken dinner speeches in Utah.

It isn't though an external event. The Tories have an 80 majority and 30 more to come from boundary changes. Starmer hasn't the guns to put a hole in that castle. The next Tory leader is in clover.

If I was to find myself in Boris's Oxford brogues and I was still up for the fight, I would put in my Article 16 chit at 9am Sunday morning and go to Northern Ireland to shake hands with every Unionist politician I could find. "We stand with Her maj and the Union against the cheese-eating euro surrender monkeys and the filthy hunnish horde." And I would ring the local party chairmen of every shouty rebel and invite them to take the obvious inference.

Thanks, me mike for the remedy. I'm fine. Better and brighter every day.

the great plate of kiev said...

oh yes, liz: what a picture - what an exhibition

ultrapox said...

with regard to the comment which i entered on 4th february 2022 at 03:07hrs, the penultimate paragraph should better read:

"basically, bungling biden's jumped out of the afghan frying pan into the ukranian fire, and in an inestimably ignorant manner which dodgy deal-broker trump would never have contemplated in a million impeachment-permutated presidencies..."

ultrapox said...

sorry: take three

with regard to the comment which i entered on 4th february 2022 at 03:07hrs, the penultimate paragraph should better read:

"basically, bungling biden's jumped out of the afghan frying pan into the ukranian fire, and in an inestimably ignorant manner which dodgy deal-broker trump would never have countenanced in a million impeachment-permutated presidencies..."

ultrapox said...

in the interests of clarity, the comment which i entered on 4th february 2022 at 03:09hrs needs to be tweaked thus:

"(continued from part one above)

placed in the complexly woven context of eastern european history, putin reasonably regards the present ukrainian régime as comprising no more than an irritating flash-in-the-pan, and indeed, one truly senses that, if boris gobbytoff and bung-ho biden remain in the kiev-kitchen much longer, they are surely going to get their fingers very badly burned...

so is the russian president correct in his scathing assessment of the ukrainian government and the political movement which it inspires?

are western democracies in fact supporting - as putin claims - a bunch of corrupt 'neo-nazi' thugs...?

and if so why?

i think we should be told...

well, as far as boris jabscum's political prospects are concerned, mrs ishmael, it's now simply a case of whether he is exiled in ignominy to exmoor before this may's local elections or after them; you see, the writing's on the wall for this perfidiously prattling prime minister, i'm afraid, and - according to witnesses who have used the parliamentary bogs - it says "fuck off, you big fat hairy bastard, and don't come back"."