Wednesday 12 January 2022

Evensong: The fallen leaves that jewel the ground, they know the art of dying.... 24/11/2013

 mr ishmael prepared this for you on the 24th November 2013. It isn't  a song for just October, although it is The October Song by the Incredible String Band. It is from their debut album The Incredible String Band in 1966.
I'll sing you this October song
Oh, there is no song before it
The words and tune are none of my own
For my joys and sorrows bore it

Beside the sea
The brambly briars in the still of evening
Birds fly out behind the sun
And with them I'll be leaving

The fallen leaves that jewel the ground
They know the art of dying
And leave with joy their glad gold hearts
In the scarlet shadows lying

When hunger calls my footsteps home
The morning follows after
I swim the seas within my mind
And the pine-trees laugh green laughter

I used to search for happiness
And I used to follow pleasure
But I found a door behind my mind
And that's the greatest treasure

For rulers like to lay down laws
And rebels like to break them
And the poor priests like to walk in chains
And God likes to forsake them
I met a man whose name was Time
And he said, "I must be going,"
But just how long ago that was
I have no way of knowing

Sometimes I want to murder time
Sometimes when my heart's aching
But mostly I just stroll along
The path that he is taking.



Mike said...

Beautiful last photo. Is that your outside Dunny, Mrs I? (just joking).

On an earlier thread I said Bojo would be gone by the Ides of March. I may have over-extended my projection? It seems he can't keep off the grog.

mrs ishmael said...

Thank you, mr mike.
I really did miss my career direction. When I was a youngling, recovering from A levels and undergraduate rigours, I thought that a career in the Civil Service would be a gloomy business. If only my careers adviser had told me that, au contraire, it is party central and that so indistinguishable is work from partying that the Prime Minister himself cannot tell the difference.
We must devoutly pray for our Prime Minister in this, his hour of need. We really don't want the Bloody Tories to throw him out and anoint Rishi Sunak in his stead - did you notice that Sunak was missing from the Prime Ministerial cluster during The Apology - distancing himself from the doomed and positioning himself as the Prime Minister in Waiting? No, let's hope they stay with Boris so that the electorate can throw the lot of them out come the next Election. We don't want Sunak to wriggle his way into making the Tories appear honest, incorruptible and devoted to the best interests of anyone other than their own class.
Talking of which, UK-based Ishmaelites - do please lobby your MP to oppose the Election Bill, approaching its final stages in Westminster next week. By restricting the vote to UK citizens holding Photo ID, it will effectively disenfranchise those who either have no access to the required verified photo ID or those who refuse to hold and carry photo ID as a matter of principle. It is estimated that this will disenfranchise approximately 2 million citizens, who would never consider voting Tory. Here's a link to a handy lobbying tool:

Mike said...

Mrs I: John Major did the same when Maggie was de-fenestrated. Claimed he had to have a wisdom tooth out. I can't see the Tories voting for the boy Sunak. Too much racial prejudice. But then who else? Truss is an embarrassment.

mrs ishmael said...

We await developments with bated breath, mr mike. The narrative is getting increasingly preposterous. Now we are told that there has been a sinister agent of the CCP, Christine Lee, who has infiltrated Westminster to give large quantities of money to MPs. This dastardly behaviour has derailed the news caravan and distracted us from Boris and The Apology. Boris even has cause to be grateful to Brenda, whose stripping of the wayward son's honours, titles and military uniforms has also been dominating the news. What next?