Friday 14 January 2022

The Apology



mongoose said...

It's a hullaballoo, mrs 1. It's an entirely media-driven event. There are pictures of Starmer at his own gig, stories of just about everyone else breaking the rules at some point. It is a confection mostly of the BBC. It is the last cry of pain of the Remainer blob too. If Truss kicks the NI silliness into the ditch, as well she might v soon, the deal is done and the EU is finished.

But as I have said here before, Brexit will kill the one who achieves it, and if that is Bojo, they will do for him because of it. (BTW Starmer is truly crap I am afraid.)

Mike said...

In political parlance Down Here its known as "white-anting". As in: white ants which which eat into your house foundations.

Bungalow Bill said...

Where, in any of it, are the presence and the substance? Absurd phantasms they are, parliamentary democracy is dead never to be revived, so too institutional religion, so too educational and cultural authenticity, so too inquiring science without fear or favour; so too, above all, the human person.

We can hug ourselves close and pretend it ain't so, there being nothing else to do, but we know (funnily enough) the truth.

We live besmirched, parody lives.

mongoose said...

Presence and substance are here, mr bb. As long as the candle is lit.

mrs ishmael said...

Starmer may be truly crap, mr mongoose,but his approval ratings now exceed those of Boris. A YouGov poll for the Times this week finds the Tories have slumped to ten points behind Labour, 28 per cent to 38 per cent, while Johnson’s personal ratings have also tanked with Keir Starmer now leading him by 35 to 23 on who would make the best prime minister.
As for parliamentary democracy, mr b.b. - it has always been manipulated by the party in powers in order to keep themselves in power - from the days of the Rotten Boroughs to the very-imminent Elections Bill.
And, of course, the more we know about all this crap, the more impotent and besmirched we are. Learned Helplessness.
Still, we keep the candle lit, and derive what humour we can from the antics of the privileged ones. As mr ishmael used to say, you couldn't make it up.
And now we learn that Friday Evening drinkie-poos was just what you did if you worked in Downing Street. I know how that works - back in the Eighties, we diligent Offices of the Court always went to the pub at lunch time, and came back breathing alcohol fumes all over the drink-drivers and alcohol-education-group attendees, and thought nothing of it. We also used to drive our cars whilst being a teensy bit over the limit. For most of us, the culture changed. I'm sure that's how it is in Downing Street - it's just what you do of a Friday Evening and purchasing a wine fridge and a wine suitcase are just commendable forward planning.
Ah, well, time for a Caption Contest to cheer us up.

Bungalow Bill said...

A lovely thought, Mr Mongoose.