Tuesday 30 November 2021



Boris uncovers a root (anag.)

Thanks to mr verge.



mongoose said...

Given the days in which we live, mr v, that's an easy one but I will not spoil it.

Mike said...

Got that one Mr verge; Mr mongoose gave it away.

Mike said...

BTW, how's the Christmas crossword coming?

mongoose said...

The grid is finished. It is about half Ishmael-specific. It turns out that it harder than it looks to make a complete crossword grid to a theme. I am writing the clues a few at a time. I just need to work out how to get it into the sky.

Is it still raining in Queensland, mr mike? I have plans to travel and watch the first session of two from the Gabba with mongosling1.

Anonymous said...

Not up the standards of my usual willful obscurity, granted. Thanks for keeping your powder dry for now, though.

With apologies for rather crass content, here's a - possibly - trickier offering :

One likely result if Joyce was into wife-beating? (8,2,5)



mongoose said...

I should issue a mildly corrective note that the intention is to visit Somerset to watch the cricket on the telly, and not Queensland and watch it in the flesh. The chance however would be a fine thing.

I shall give your xword clue some thought, mr v.

Mike said...

Mr mongoose: here is the weather forecast.


We have an El Nino or El Nina at the moment, so this summer is unusually wet. Usually its bone dry now.

For a moment I thought you were going to Brisbane!. I was going to warn you to triple check the restrictions for both Aus and QLD.

mongoose said...

I have an invitation of 35 years standing to visit Oz during an Ashes winter, mr mike, and I have never been able to do it. Work, kids, money, family etc. I damn well will do it before I am dust though.

Mike said...

Looking forward to the first ball on the 8th. I'm glad to see Stokes in the squad. Hopefully, with his head screwed on. I hope Root has brought some extra underpants because the Aussie crowd, particularly at the Gabba, won't hold back.

the prime coke-snorter said...

boris frantically searches for his stash