Thursday 25 November 2021

 mr mongoose said:"the next big opportunity for a political realignment will be the explosion of the Green bollocks. This will happen the day that Josephine Public works out that it means that her domestic energy bill gets multiplied by five if everything is electric. "Oh, but green energy will be cheaper", says Bojo. Oh, aye, of course it will. " Gnasher's Leap of Faith

Let me invite you to run this little video - won't take you long - for a fabulous example of Newspeak and Newthink. The video would lead you to suppose that we have so much electricity here that we can heat our swimming pools, floodlight our homes and gardens, roast our oxen, run washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers non stop, run our electric vehicles and none of it costs a penny. And we have to turn off the wind turbines because there is so much electricity we can't use it all up. You know what? That's bollocks, that is.
Same old, same old - the rich get richer and the poor get children. 
The electricity produced in the Orkney Isles does not benefit the lieges one jot. Not one iota. Not one kilowatt hour.  Nope, we buy it from Scottish and Southern Electricity and its clones, just like everyone else.


Mike said...

At least you can throw shitcakes on the fire in Orkney.

Meanwhile in Germany, excessively cold weather is forecast - arctic blizzards. Also, high winds so the windmills have to be turned off, or they blow up. Nat gas prices are going skyward, even if enough is available (it isn't). And Germany has suspended NS2. The German migrants will be landing in Orkney soon.

mongoose said...

I think, mr mike, having mused upon it, is that politicians think that energy is like money. That is, that one can just create it on the hoof and lie about it until something else happens and crisis No1 is replaced by crisis No2. Such as Bojo saying that green energy will be cheaper. Well if that were true, the energy companies would have pivoted and done it already. The truly cheaper energy source (nuclear) has been badmouthed and demonised all my life, and yet deaths and illnesses from nuclear power are a fraction of a single 1% of all the slaughter of oil and coal over the years.

What happens BTW if there is a war? A proper war. In a proper war, all of those ocean windmill forests will be gone the first week. What then?

walter said...

Well mrs ish, weve just had a 24 hr power cut here in east aberdeenshire, my sons power is still out 27 hrs, if were all banned from burning fossil fuels freezing to death is the outlook i spent 16hrs in bed no tea etc and the heat from 7 tea lights...These green idiots want sectioning

mrs ishmael said...

mr walter, that's dreadful. I think retreating to bed during a powercut is the only sensible thing to do. The electricity is working fine here in Orkney, but it is so blasted cold I've got the stove burning fossil fuels to supplement the heating. It's snowing now and it feels cosy in front of the fire, now that Arwen has cleared off South. I think Aberdeenshire is just about the coldest part of Scotland, so I hope that they've restored your power and you can keep warm.