Monday 8 August 2011


Times are hard, even in luvvieworld, where five million pound contracts have dried up quicker than Cilla McCann's tears and former stars in a desperate effort to remain in the limelight are now being forced to join in the national debate about why all the kids are as thick as pigshit.

 Repulsive old  slapper,  Carol Voldemart, above, has joined the debate about  teaching standards in her pet subject, pouting, I mean mathematics.

When I was on Countdown I felt that I was a model, a role model for the nation's eggknobs, I mean heads, gazing at me in my microdresses was, I felt, a fine way for the nation's youth to improve itself. The newer, younger slut now trying feebly to do my job is a great disappointment. Now that the unemployed, the retired and the students can no longer look at my arse

 the nation's mental arithmetic skills have gone to the dogs.

This is, of coures, like most things in life, a blessing in disguise as if people can't even do their two times tables they won't be able to see just how much of a rip-off are the financial companies  I am proud to represent, none of which would ever dream of making an honest claim about their loansharking products. I mean dishonest.

I'll  just have the two from the top,  please, Carol


mongoose said...

Mad, grasping pain-in-the-proverbial she may be but she has a point. (And it is fucking vile that she lends a legitimacy to those thieves merely by being Good Old Mathematical Carol. How the fuck does she sleep?) The teaching of maths in this country has become atrocious. No kid these days learns what I learned all those eons ago. And I meet kids from all the best schools of this and neighbouring counties. Intelligent and fine kids that they are, they just don't have any arithmetic, let alone know any maths. This means also btw that they are hamstrung when it comes to a vast section of science because maths pervades all that. Certainly don't try to go near physics or engineering unless you carry a great big maths kitbag.

Verge said... the middle picture where she's dressed as Miss Brown and giving herself a mucky finger, some twat has spelt bowel with a V.

call me ishmael said...

Her only point, mr mongoose, unlike yours, is self-promotion, silly bitch, her lucrative day in the Sun is o'er, and now the night comes falling from the sky.

Anonymous said...

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