Sunday 14 August 2011


Mr Eric Pig, MP, was heard the other day saying, oh, these rioters whining, they sound like they've been talking to their social workers.  Here he is in full flight, whining; lest we  forget.

Hang an MP Week, he mocks; this bastard should be hung-up by the scrotum.


mongoose said...

I had forgotten that wee horror show. What an egregious little shite of a man. "I 'as to go ti work, you know. And I 'as to be on't time." Has he been hanged yet?

yardarm said...

I always thought you could tell where Pickles exxies went merely by looking at him. And if you could find his scrotum: I doubt if anyone`s seen it since the Bay City Rollers were topping the charts.

Perhaps this oaf, Jacqui Smith and David Laws could share Brillo`s sofa and give their opinions on looters losing socially funded housing.

And truly, was Hazel Blears seen dancing like a devil on the barricades at Salford screaming " I will be your leader ! I will be your queen ! We can pay it all back later ! " ?

Dick the Prick said...

Over on Craig Murray's blog he's assassinating David Steel - get some popcorn - whey hey!