Tuesday, 27 April 2010


From the Filthy Cameron-O-Graph:

Science teacher shouts 'die, die, die' at 14 year-old pupil during dumbbell attack

A science teacher beat a 14-year-old pupil around the head with a 3kg dumbbell while shouting "die, die, die" after the boy swore at him during a lesson, a court heard.

Peter Harvey, 50, is alleged to have lashed out at the boy after he began "sword fighting" another pupil with a wooden ruler as he tried to restore order during a lesson for year 9 pupils.
When the boy picked up a Bunsen burner and told him to "f--- off", he is said to have snapped. Other pupils in Harvey's class at All Saints' Roman Catholic School in Mansfield told how he dragged the boy out of the classroom and down the corridor.........

"He threw him to the ground and armed himself with a 3kg dumbbell and began to hit the boy about the head with it," he said.
"He struck at least two blows to the head which caused serious injury, really serious injury.
"At the time the blows were being struck Mr Harvey was only heard to say one thing. What he was saying was 'die, die, die'.......He grabbed a weight and hit him on the head constantly," she  (a pupil) said in a videotaped interview played to the court. "He didn't stop and blood was everywhere. Everyone was screaming and then two people went and got teachers."

Another pupil who tried to pull Harvey away from the boy said he was kneeling above him, raising the dumbbell to shoulder height for each of the blows.

Should have used a heavier weight, if you ask me, kill the horrible little fucking bastard outright. Him a science teacher, he should have known that.

One thing's for sure, this'll be a lesson in manners that sonny boy's parents neglected to give him, probably too busy loving him to bits, and he'll think twice about taking the piss in future.

It happened in my school, a whole class ganged-up on a music teacher - they're all a bit weird, anyway - did it so often that the poor bastard threw himself in the Stratford-on-Avon canal and drowned, and mine was a posh, King Edwards grammar school, with pushy, snooty professional parents, only not mine, obviously.  Jesus knows what it's like in Ruin's modern comprehensives and the wonder is that the teachers  don't tool themselves up and go in and massacre the little fucking monsters.

This guy should be nutted-off, cared-for, never mind put in the dock. Seems that he was just back, that day, having been off on sick  mental leave, caused by these very same little darlings. Nutted off to hospital for a while and his self esteem massaged and restored and then a chunk of community service;  the children and their parents got together and told that they can all do better, try harder. Fat chance.


jgm2 said...

That was exactly my thoughts. The little fucker will have learned absolutely nothing because yet again the bedwetting society has stepped in to reaffirm that 'the teacher can't touch you ergo you can do what the fuck you like'.

The punchline of course is that every one of these brain dead arseholes will get a sheaf of GCSEs proclaiming their genius and 50% of them will be off to some shite rebadged polyversity in a few years for a degree. Which they will likewise get using the same technique as they have for every other exam. Download the fucker verbatim from the interweb.

No knowledge. No understanding. No basic maths. No basic spelling.

But a nice shiny degree certificate as testimony to their innate genius and the improvement in education, education and education brought about by pissing billions on shiny new glass and steel PFI-funded monuments to idiocy.

Then standing there slack-jawed wondering why the world isn't beating a path to their door to offer them a job.

jgm2 said...

Oh and I went to one of those King Edwards Grammar schools too.

We 'broke' the RE teacher.

Horrible little bastards that we were.

As you say. I can only imagine how fucking horrible it must be in one of Brown's state run day-care centres for the terminally fucking stupid.

mrs narcolept said...

Sword fighting with wooden rulers, though; the spirit of molesworth not quite vanished from the land yet.

We had one of those fiftysomething burnt-out cases at the academy for young ladies where I received instruction. Poor Mr King. He was perfectly harmless in every way but had admitted in a moment of incredible rashness that he thought sunbathing was good for health. Someone painted Kinky Is A Nudist on the wall of the gym, facing the road. The words glimmered on through every repainting until the place was knocked down.

Dick the Prick said...

I, too, am aged by guilt of the treatment meted out to our RE teacher - post its adorning his back saying 'I am gay' and 'botty fun for me' and stuff. Hardly good etiquette and the chap, unlike the tale of the music teacher, just resigned at the end of term.

My mum, a teacher of special needs kids (apparently much better behaved than 'normal' scrotes) was instant in her support of the chap when this incident was first reported. And at the time his support came from both parents & students alike who turned up at the Crown Court hearing. From that the assumption that the kid was an horrible little bastard, a disgusting feral cunt can quite convincingly be deduced.

Hey ho - novel teaching method to be sure and I guess the homework took a few days.

Dick the Prick said...

Magistrates Court - d'oh.

PT Barnum said...

One of the things I cherished about teaching the over-18s was that I could, and did on a tiny number of occasions, simply order the offender from the classroom, while holding the threat of failing them completely over their heads. Didn't make them hate me any less but they never made me do it twice to them.

How schoolteachers are expected to manage persistant little bleeders when they are held responsible for their behaviour inside and outside the classroom is beyond me. Although I have occasionally wondered if that some kind of institutional 'shunning' of such pupils (as in they are in school but treated as if invisible) wouldn't have some corrective effect on behaviour. Or is that only effective with dogs?

woman on a raft said...

"Harvey...has already admitted causing grievous bodily harm without intent. Prosecutors are seeking to prove he knew what he was doing when he attacked the boy. They claim it is attempted murder but if the jury rejects this, Harvey could be found guilty of an alternative charge of grievous bodily harm with intent."

We don't need a trial at all - Mr Harvey has already admitted a serious offence which seems to adequately describe what happened: a person of acknowledged fragility lost it and injured someone after being provoked. Sounds about right, and minimizes the unnecessary expenditure of public money.

The CPS however, want to have an expensive argument over intent and prosecuting barrister Stuart Rafferty QC (of Furnival Chambers and 1 High Pavement) has presumably got "gardening, walking, music, the theatre, good food, fine wines" to pay for, so he has taken the case. Connected, presumably to the fact that he defended in R v Pearson: The successful defence of a mentally ill, albeit fit to plead, accused for the attempted murder of an on-duty police officer.

How fortunate that Stewie had the foresight to become a barrister and not a teacher so that he can piously overlook the fact that Harvey owed the class a duty of care and was attempting to control a git who was waving a meter-rule and bunsen burner about. In response to Mrs Narcolept, if our young Molesworth had poked out a class-mate's eye, or merely slapped them, it's Mr Harvey who would have had the authorities down on him.

Ishmaelites might care to compare this with the treatment received by Baroness Scotland, who was able to plea-bargain herself down to a much lower level of culpability when she 'unknowingly' employed a person not entitled to be here or work here, even though she wasn't a sandwich short of a picnic. I don't recall the CPS insisting on going for the more serious charges and seeing if they could make them stick.

Here's legal advice from Raft Chambers. If it's good enough for Baroness Scotland, it's good enough for Mr Harvey.

BTW, I thought faith schools were supposed to be bastions of peace and discipline, especially the Catholics?

woman on a raft said...

The unfortunate Mr Harvey may even be caught in the cross fire between his honour Judge Michael Stokes QC, Recorder of Nottingham, who is hearing the case, and the CPS. Stokes had a furious go at Nottinghamshire CPS in March 2009.

Judge Stokes said: "The days of grubby compromise are over. I want to make it plain to the Crown Prosecution Service. Self-induced intoxication is not a defence to section 18 any more than it is to murder. It is merely one of several factors that a jury must take into account in deciding whether the defendant had the intent to cause really serious injury. These compromises undermine public confidence in the criminal justice system. In future, I want to make it absolutely plain: judges won't accept these pleas, where serious injury is concerned. I can see no prejudice to a defendant having the issue of intent decided by a jury and not people looking for a way out. In a case where a ruptured spleen is the outcome of gratuitous violence in the street, the constitutionally appropriate tribunal to decide a defendant's intent is a jury."

mongoose said...

Long years ago, at a very pretty grammar school, ancient-ish stones, and cherry trees all along the drive - you can guess it, Mr Ishmael - we got a "first year" chemistry teacher. She tried to engage in a friendly way. We were A-level lads; she was what? Seven, maybe, years older than us. An age of course, but we didn't know. We drove her to tears within the month. Unable we were, of course, sixteen-year-old proto-men, to take instruction from a blonde "girl" not, we thought, so dissimilar to those we crowded incompetently around of a Friday night.

One by one, we were led to the quiet of an interview room. Not in droves or queues but alone and fetched out of class at odd times "Mr Dragon would like to see mongoose, Mr Hatchet." He didn't even speak, just looked at me, the shit on his shoe, and waved his hand dismissively.

Quietly, but firmly, and completely without mercy, we were faced with our wretched horribleness. Politely. With an air of betrayed disappointment. "We expect rather more from you, mongoose. You have let us, and yourself, down." [pause until the wretch speaks] "Err, err. Sir? Err-" [Raise one finger to silence the boy. Pause.] "Do you think it's funny to make a lady cry, mongoose?" {Boy will now look at floor and hope for chasm to open.]

They used their authority - now there's a word from the past - to get us to get the fuck with the programme. Thank goodness that they did. One of the best day's learning I ever got - please do not gang up and bully the weak ones because it is wrong, mongoose-me-lad and btw, you savage little sod, I am her protector and could if I so chose make your life so difficult you would pray you had not been born. But I am not going to. This ten minutes is your punishment and insight. Now get out and try not to be an ingrate because there's plenty out there getting a rougher deal than you.

She would be nearing sixty and retirement now. I see from the school website that she is still there. One life and career, and one school. Outlasted we bullies and put in just another 34-odd years. Well done, Miss.

lilith said...

Poor Mr Harvey. I only have one 19 year old to deal with and I often feel like that. It is lucky he wasn't teaching the little scrote to drive.

I enjoyed making the music teacher's face go like a tomato. I have never known anyone go so red. Poor man. 25 educationally privileged fourteen year olds. But he survived us.

Great story Mongoose.

woman on a raft said...

Mr Harvey has been acquitted of attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

"It emerged during the four-day trial that pupils at the school were trying to wind up Harvey so his reaction could be caught on a camcorder being used secretly by a girl in the class. The footage was then to be passed around the school as a way of "humiliating" the teacher."

They sure got their footage. Make the parents watch it on a continuous loop and let them wonder: "Suppose it was me or the missus or the kid at work, would I want to be victimized like that?" And then make the head teacher watch it for letting his charges fall so low.

Judge Michael Stokes QC made some interesting statements. I bet he's breathing a sigh of relief, though.

"Judge Michael Stokes QC said: "Common sense has prevailed now we have heard all the evidence." Turning to Harvey, the judge said: "I'm not going to send you to prison for this offence. I'm not even going to impose a suspended sentence. That would be wrong given that you have already served a sentence longer than can be lawfully suspended. This court is looking to impose a community order which will assist you with the problems that you have had."

There you go, Mr Ishmael, a rare example of a judge calling it right. Polish it up and stick it on the mantelpiece.

I'm guessing that he realized he couldn't save Mr Harvey but decided that he wanted the full story out in public and rub their noses in it good and hard.

Maybe he is right and his way is better - let it go to the jury, don't try to second-guess them.