Sunday 19 March 2023

The Sunday Ishmael: 19/03/2023

Crime rates have been high in Crow City. It is nesting season, and the crows have been busy from first to last light, up in the tree tops  sawing off twigs with their beaks, descending to waddle (they have a lurching gait as their legs are set wide apart, and their bodies sway from step to step) under the trees to snap up offcuts. Their avaricious perfidy, though, is at least equal to humans. Alerted by a crow altercation, I looked up into the tops, where a couple were stealing twigs from a neighbour's half-built nest, teasing out the woven sticks, whilst the dispossessed owners, who had done all the heavy lifting, looked on, complaining bitterly and volubly. No sign of the crow police when you need them - but that's inner Crow City for you. Mind you, it's no better in Crow Suburbs. Harris and I were walking along, foraging for wild garlic, when twigs descended on our heads. Aloft,  a nest was being torn apart, the twigs thrown down with much squawking, whilst the owners tried to prevent the destruction. Get back to the slums, we don't want your sort living round here. 

When mr ishmael and I moved to Orkney, over 20 years ago, to make better life, I hadn't fully grasped that Orkney is part of Scotland and that Scotland is a foreign country.  Bacon in bread is just one of the cultural differences. In England, you have a bacon sandwich. In Scotland, you have a bacon roll. In the Central Belt, the roll will be Morton's. The bakery went bust on March 7th, putting 230 people out of work. But, jubilato!, an investment company, PVL, has bought the company, re-employed 110 workers (the other 120 are suing through their solicitors, Avid and Eager  Thompsons) and the bakery will resume its production of 2 million breakfast rolls per day. A PVL spokesman said: "The important thing now is that Mortons is back in action, we’ve got the workforce back on the production line, and we’re ready to start producing our famous rolls that the good people of Glasgow have been crying out for. Glasgow doesn’t need to worry about having nae rolls anymore; Mortons is back.”
Thank God for that. I learned the importance of the breakfast roll early on - my secretary, a traditionally built Orcadian woman, one morning at 11:00 am, asked if she could pop down the street tae get a roll as she was feeling faint and would I like one and would I like it plain or with margarine? No thanks, I said, I'm watching my weight. What on earth for? she asked, astonished by the very idea. You'll be putting on the Orkney stone soon enough. It's so ye don't blow away in the gales.

Jamie, our list Conservative MSP for the Highland and Island Region. Used to be a slim lad  before the Orkney stone got him.
That's enough body positivity, ed.

Pity the poor immigrant. We might have wanted to make better life, but the native inhabitants weren't so keen.
When mr ishmael kindly attempted to engage in political discourse through the letters pages of the Herald and the Orcadian, responses and comments tended to be of the "you don't like it here, get back where you came from", variety. Fortunately, he paid them no never mind. Through these pages, he continued to warn of the systemic corruption, scandalous waste and incompetence inherent in the Scottish system. Since I picked up the baton, I've attempted to continue in the tradition of giving the whoreson Rebellious Scot a kicking when deserved (it usually is), confounding their politics and frustrating their knavish tricks, as the National Anthem has it. So you can't say we didn't warn you, when Scottish events unfolded this last week. 
For those who haven't been paying attention - and why should you if you don't stay in Scotland? (another cultural difference - the English live in places, whereas the Scots stay in them. Why? Fuck knows.)
Here's how it went.
1.     Between 2017 and 2019 £600,000 was raised by SNP supporters specifically for the purpose of funding an independence referendum. Party insiders claim the money was spent on legal fees and refurbishing the party’s Edinburgh headquarters. Certainly, by the end of 2019, the SNP's accounts showed that it had about £96,000 in the bank and total net assets of about £272,000. In July 2021, Police Scotland opened a formal investigation into the SNP's finances and the missing £600,000. The investigation is ongoing.
2.     Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister, announced her resignation, because she had become aware she was polarising opinion and was no longer a vote-winning asset, said resignation effective from the next First Minister being elected from the ranks of the SNP membership. The membership was thought to number  around 104,000.
3.    John Swinney, Deputy First Minister, also announced he was off, after 16 years in high office. It had been an honour to serve Scotland, he announced. 
3.    Three SNP MPs announced their candidacy. Humza Useless, a practising Moslem, the MSP for Glasgow Pollock, (at the fashionable heart of the SNP) is the candidate preferred by the SNP leadership and describes himself as the continuity candidate. He will continue the drive to get the Gender Reform Recognition Bill passed. The campaign period has been reduced to 5 weeks to allow Humza to slip the appeal against Westminster's veto in on time. He will also support the Reverse Vending Machines and Circularity Scotland. Both pieces of legislation are deeply controversial and are driven by the SNP's coalition partner, The Greens. Case of tail wagging the dog. Humza is also likely to continue Sturgeon's policy of talking up Independence whilst working to maintain the status quo or Devo Max. Wings Over Scotland (Wings Over Scotland|) , the blog for nationalists, doesn't hold back in its contempt for the SNP.
Kate Forbes, a practising Christian, the MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch (back of beyond), is loved by the general electorate because she doesn't hold with any of that damn wokery and Green policies and actually wants to bring about Scottish Independence.
Ash Regan, MSP for Edinburgh Eastern (also at the heart of things) is a ginger motor mouth who knows very little about anything, but says it loudly and with conviction. Ash is currently contemplating court action to pause the SNP leadership contest because of jiggery-pokery.
During the hustings Kate and Ash have been deeply critical of the SNP's record. They have been saying, effectively, if you keep on doing the same things, you'll get the same result. And they want a different result.
4. Jiggery-Pokery. Turns out the SNP haven't got anywhere near 104,000 members. Nobody seems quite sure how many, exactly (why not?), but it looks like there's around 72,186.
5. For some reason, apparently, and nothing to do with the finances, but because he lied to the press about how many members he had, this has caused Nicola Sturgeon's husband, Peter Murrell, Chief Executive of the SNP, to resign.

There you have it: Sturgeon, Swinney and Murrell all resigned during the course of an eventful three weeks. And the three potential successors fighting like rats in a sack. And the £600,000 still missing. And where did the 30,000 members go? Back into Salmond's cold and fishy arms? Couldn't make it up.

Amongst the sins of incompetence to be laid at the feet of the SNP is the fact that you can't get an NHS dentist in Scotland. The greedy bastards object to being paid less by NHS Scotland than it costs them to fill teeth. 

Have you come across Sorolla? 
I hadn't,  until very recently. Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida 
(27 February 1863 – 10 August 1923) was a Spanish Valencian painter. Sorolla excelled in painting portraitslandscapes and monumental works of social and historical themes. He worked en plein air, and often on the beach, as attested by the grains of sand seen in his paint. His most typical works are characterized by a dexterous representation of the people and landscape under the bright sunlight of Spain and sunlit water. 
Chicos en playa
At first glance and to a modern sensibility, I suppose, this looks like a paedophile's delight - but look at the shine of wet skin, of the liquidity of water, the shadows and reflections. These chicos look like baby seals, waiting to slip back into the water with the tide.


Sad Inheritance
By contrast, these chicos  are the victims of hereditary syphillis, with two little lads crippled by polio, their pale little wasted bodies attesting their condition, being assisted to sea bathe for their health.

  Florence Nightingale, social reformer, statistician and the founder of modern nursing – reduced the death rate in soldiers recovering from their wounds in a filthy foreign hospital in  the Crimea from 1 in every 2 patients to 1 in 50, by means of cleanliness, sunshine, good food and fresh air. She and her team of prostitutes*scrubbed the place down with carbolic soap, opened windows, boil-washed the bedding, socks, nightshirts, caps, bandages, kept people washed and dressings changed. Her recipe for a good hospital was to have lots of windows looking out onto green growing Nature, open those windows, keep the place clean and provide nourishing, easy to digest food prepared in sanitary conditions. All this to create the optimal conditions for the body to heal itself. The High Heejuns who resented the cost of all this,  changed their tune and started supporting her when they saw that fighting men were being returned to the fray. Her first order home was for 50 scrubbing brushes and soap.
*Why recruit prostitutes? Because they had no fear or qualms about the male body and could cope with the language of the rough soldiery. 
Fresh air, good food and cleanliness can only go so far. Antibiotics have been the single most effective alleviator of human misery - well, that, contraception and the death of religion. Antibiotics arrest the progression of bacterial colonies, thus allowing the body to heal itself in the right conditions, which we seem to have forgotten how to achieve.
Hospitals are now built by contractors who put in the lowest bid, with ceilings that are plastic and low, there's little natural light, no green vistas or spaces surrounding these cheap new hospitals and  windows, when not actually sealed, are not openable. Indeed, the NHS orthodoxy, taught to nurses, is that open windows increase infection, by the wind blowing germs from one patient onto another in adjacent beds. Apparently there had been actual studies of how far these germs can travel in the breeze from an open window, to contaminate the next patient and any surfaces they encountered. Honest, not invent. My solution to that would be to not bang patients up together like battery chickens, and keep cleaning the surfaces. That’s another problem with our hospitals, of course – they are filthy, maintained in their filthiness by minimum-wage skivvies, who think pushing a floor duster around, or giving a surface a blast with Spray and Go is all you need.
Dr. Gavin Francis, in his book, Recovery: the lost art of convalescence, is advocating for  the re-introduction of convalescence. Until antibiotics were discovered, everyone knew that patients needed a lengthy period of convalescence to allow the body to build its strength after a mighty battle with disease, that convalescence was a period of rest, gentle exercise gradually increasing, nourishing food and quiet. Antibiotics seem to have convinced the population that if you are not better in 3 to 5 days, then you’ve developed a syndrome, rather than actually needing time to build up strength. The Good Doctor, who admits that most doctors don’t know what they are doing, says that, following the defeat of the disease, the body needs one week of recovery time for every decade of life. 
And the environment needed for healing is still as hard to come by as in a Victorian slum for most people.  
Before, it was poverty that made the population malnourished – now it’s the adulteration of the national diet by capitalist food manufacturer/technicians, maximising their profits – boost the fat, salt and sugar content of food to make it more desirable so that people eat more crap and increase profit, inject meat with water to make it heavy, keep animals in conditions so abysmal that the national flock has endemic salmonella, feed the animals growth hormones and antibiotics – its no wonder that Lizzo and Jamie are the size they are.  Before, the air was polluted with smoke and chemicals from coal fires and manufacturing – now it is polluted with exhaust fumes, trapped in our cities by density of housing and oversized, over-high, flammable buildings. Before, the Victorian poor had no access to a garden to grow food or raise a pig, unless they were quite well-to-do – now, housing is crowded and gardens are tiny, people have forgotten how to grow their food and how to cook it. Cities are so huge that you’d have to get on a train to get out and find some trees to walk under, some bluebell woods to delight your soul. We can’t dispose of our sewage properly, the seas are polluted, the air we breathe is polluted, our food is adulterated, our entertainment consists of sitting still for hours whilst watching television or playing computer games. Doomed, I tell you.

stanislav said: can go in hospital bed with nice cup of tea and Jock nurse, big like elephant, keep check on observations and say There-There, Hen, There-There. 
Scotland, best part of England.

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Thanks to editor mr. verge, there are now three anthologies of the collected works of ishmael smith:
Honest Not Invent, Vent Stack  and Ishmael’s Blues are all available from Lulu and Amazon. If you buy from Amazon, it would be nice if you could give a review on their website.
Ishmaelites wishing to buy a copy from lulu should follow these steps :
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Mike said...

That is a very sad picture of the modern world you paint, Mrs I. Wholly accurate I would add.

mongoose said...

The SNP, eh? What are they like? I think young Kate will win and that should be fun. The loons will rip her beliefs to shreds. We can't be having politicians about who believe things. Oh no. In any event, the high water mark of Scottish Nationalism has been reached and the waves are now rolling back. This is Labour's chance to take the nation back into the fold.

We used to eat bacon "batches" where I come from, mrs i, but they would come with that rancid chutney filth if one did not ask the dirty bastards to leave off. A soft floured (white) roll or a hard crusty orange beast. The crusty ones allowed one to slather the bacon in ketchup without getting it all down your tie. They sold them in the cafe safely one road over from school - the Holyhead Road. (Although it was a bloody long way to Holyhead from there.) Illegal bacon batches, eh? Innocent days.

We are this year overrun with squirrels rather than crows. The buggers are eating every shoot and bud to be seen. And mrs m has a vast array of supposedly squirrel-proof bird-feeding apparatus and the tree rat buggers seem to take this as a personal challenge. One of them grasps a neighbouring support with his back legs - like a flag upon a flagpole - and pulls the nearest feeder to him with one hand-paw and raids it with the other. Vast amounts of birdy peanuts disappear every day.

mrs ishmael said...

Could you not get them some easy-access squirrel feeders and fill them with squirrel food so they don't need to raid the bird feeders? So you could be running an equal opportunity, multi-species wild life restaurant?
Your preferred bacon and bread combination marks you as a closet Scotchman, I fear.
Are you deep in the throes of composition of the Easter Crossword, mr mongoose, sir? Can't let the fans down.
In fact, we need more jollity all round - anagrams from mr verge and a caption contest or two.

mongoose said...

As luck would have it - and after the last unpleasantness - I have finished a grid and done about a third of the clues. Might even get it done for Good Friday. Mind, I have promised to take mongosling 3 to Oxford to see the Jesuits warbling and shrieking in latin on their big day.

mongoose said...

Feed squirrels, madam? Have you taken leave of your senses up there? Why, such is treason down here. I'd be in the divorce court the next day.

mrs ishmael said...

Ah, I see species-ism is rife in your neck of the wood, mr mongoose, sir. No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish, No Stoats, No Squirrels.
Well done on the Crossword. Don't let the Jesuits put you off your stride.

ultrapox said...

is that putin spying on us - or is he just nicking our fish?

according to reports by mi6, he's bitten the heads off so many babies that he's basically tanked the russian birth-rate.

not a nice man

sun bra said...

knowing your commitment to the woman's cause, i hate to pull you up on this, mrs ishmael, however i feel that the institutional sanctification and idolization of florence nightingale always forces one to draw the inference that her sister-in-arms, mary seacole, was, by contrast, somehow dirty.

if you ask me, this subliminal discrimination is just another outrageous example of institutional racism - especially when you consider that it was madam creole who taught tightstringal how to scrub shit clean.

ultrapox said...

ah yes, florence nightingale's prescription for recovery was clean air, clean thoughts, and carbolic soap - whereas mary seacole's was a large bowl of chicken soup with dumplings, followed by a good helping of rumpy-pumpy... or do i mean roly-poly?

apparently, the service at seacole's british hotel was completely non-discriminatory - and she even had 'cossack-days' too.

mrs ishmael said...

Apparently they didn't get on, Florence and Mary. Florence objected, in particular, to Mary's habitual drunkenness - but that could have been bitchiness towards a business rival. She did give her a bed for the night, though, when Mary turned up in the Crimea without sponsorship or prior planning. Anyway, we are not allowed to criticise Mary, voted Greatest Black Briton in 2004, whereas Flo, being white and a Protestant, is fair game, as her legacy has been picked apart.

ultrapox said...

whilst i recognize that there exist conflicting theories as to whether it was mrs seacole who instructed miss nightingale to scrub or vice versa - and indeed as to whether it was actually mrs seacole, or miss nightingale, who taught the entire white population of britain to wash...

the fact nevertheless remains that both women operated on a commercial basis and successfully utilized their acquired knowledge, along with basic nursing-skills, to save many lives - one as a medic on the frontline in crimea, and the other as a clinical manager in the relative safety of constantinople, hundreds of miles away from the war itself.

of course, it should be noted that mary seacole had already achieved great fame in the caribbean - as a highly respected cholera-nurse - and that florence nightingale went on to achieve celebrity through her mission to professionalize british nursing.

mongoose said...

Deaths in Sweden..."

It was all a nonsense and was made into a wickedness.

ultrapox said...

dozens of families to sue astrazeneca over rare reaction to covid jab

according to the oxford mail:

"dozens of families damaged by a rare reaction to the astrazeneca covid 19 jab have launched legal action against the pharmaceutical company.

the action is being taken by the families of 19 people who died after being vaccinated and 54 patients who suffered severe reactions but survived.

the 54 who survived the reaction have been diagnosed as having vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia - vitt - a rare condition that has been identified after covid-19 vaccination."

tellingly, there's even a wikipedia-page now devoted to this state-induced death-syndrome:

embolic and thrombotic events after covid-19 vaccination

mrs ishmael said...

And it doesn't seem to have been that effective in preventing the vaccinated catching Covid or quickly recovering from the symptoms. It was all over the Scottish news this morning that around one in 50 people in Scotland have suffered or are suffering with long Covid. I dutifully had all my vaccinations and boosters and still caught Covid. And I'm still tired.
The study was led by the University of Edinburgh. The medical records of more than five million people in Scotland were examined between March 2020 and October 2022 as part of the EAVE II project. During the time period it was found that 90,700 people had long Covid. And this is reckoned to be an under estimate of prevalence, as many Scots manage their long Covid symptoms without consulting health professionals, keeping well away in case we are invited to have more vaccinations.

mongoose said...

I had the first two, mrs i, despite my better-than-average scientific understanding. I remember now that I needed to go to France and therefore needed a chit. I didn't then know that the blasted thing might hurt me. I advised my kids not to go near any of it because they are but kids and not at risk. 2 did, one didn't. And I have had covid 4 times FFS - although I no longer test. Each one worse than the last. The first I barely noticed but we all went to Christmas that winter with ancient grandpa and grandpa duly died in Feb. 3 families visited over the hols. Who brought the contagion? Nobody knows. There is BTW nothing wrong with that. A 90-plus-plus-year-old got to see his family again and have some parties. The old, tired horse did not make it through the winter. He died in his own house on his own terms. Let us all be lucky enough.

The wickedness is now compounded by the fuckers lying about the "vaccine roll-out". This is what will have saved us. Just as banning shit and building windmills will be the things that saved us from climate-doom. There never will be, never can be, a "vaccine" against an MRNA coronavirus because by the time you have made your jab the virus has mutated on. The dogs in the street know this. We are just in flu jab territory. A flu jab is a good idea if you are immuno-compromised or vv old or have other pre-existing medical issues. Otherwise stay the fuck away. Every sensible medical person will tell you this. And this is now terrorist-speak.

Mike said...

Mr mongoose: remember "2 weeks to flatten the curve"; "clap for the NHS".

I had some prior knowledge of gene therapy, albeit of the lay-man variety, and advised those I spoke to here in Aus not to take the mRNA vaccines. Like you, we were being imprisoned - even not able to play golf - so I succumbed to 2 shots of AstraZeneca. I banned my whole family from the mRNA "vaccines". People treated me like the village idiot; my wife even compared me to Victor Meldrum. No one has apologised or eaten humble pie.

IMHO its not an exaggeration to say this will be the greatest crime against humanity, in history. The data is now oozing out, reluctantly, and its damning.

mrs ishmael said...

Four times, mr mongoose? Have you been crazy reckless, going around kissing strangers and licking toilets? Once was bad enough for me. Granted, it's more luck than judgement. We were slow to get the virus in Orkney, because the borders were closed and stayed closed - you had to endure an interrogation by the ticket clerks before being sold passage on one of the boats still running, bringing in food and other vital supplies. When the borders were opened and free travel allowed again, we did get it and there was havoc - mainly because people had to stay home for 11 days after testing positive. I caught my Covid on a trip south, stayed in bed in isolation and was still testing positive on Day 11.
It's a ghastly illness, convalescence is protracted, sometimes over years, and I don't know enough to say whether the vaccines were effective or positively harmful. I do think Lockdown slowed the progression of the illness - well, Orkney's border closure shows the effectiveness of lockdown in reducing spread - but we were all going to get it eventually, and either die or live in a changed state; and Lockdown created huge harms, individually, societally and economically. In the end, and I'm not sure that we've reached the end, the vast numbers of projected deaths didn't happen but the population has been weakened.

mongoose said...

Well, I share a house periodically with three twenty-somethings who do do these things - and all three live in university towns, and one is a teacher. So I am FFS.

Yes, mr mike, I had two AZs and then stopped.

It is always the same. This drastic thing A will cause terrifying B and therefore we must do C, D and E. These are done. B doesn't happen - because it never the fuck was going to happen - and victory and vindication are claimed. It is quite wicked. And it astonishes me that the people fall for it time and again.

Mike said...

I feel guilty I haven't had the virus. I recently had routine blood tests and these confirmed my immune system was working fine.

All you need to know about mRNS "vaccines" - actually gene therapy, not vaccines.

ultrapox said...

the 'covid'-vaccinations are triggering a spectrum of auto-immune blood-disorders, including vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia - vitt - and auto-immune haemolytic anaemia - aiha - yet due to a general nhs failure to properly investigate these steroid-treatable haematological conditions, such cases receive neither correct diagnosis nor appropriate treatment.

indeed, in wales, it appears that the labour government is directing the nhs not to investigate death and injury caused by the 'covid'-vaccination.

it's gulf-war-syndrome all over again, folks - of this there is no doubt.

mrs ishmael said...

oh dear.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Ishmael my daughter in law is a cleaner in a school and the rules and regulation about cleaning are farcical, no bending down reaching up i kid you not, i suppose theyre the same in hospitals ie unbelievable RegarDs Walter

mrs ishmael said...

Hi, there, mr walter, thanks for that insight and I do believe it - indeed, it is the total explanation for why institutional cleaners all appear to be dipped in glue, with restricted movement syndrome.
My daughter was a self-employed cleaner before she gave it all up (the fame, the popularity, the income) to breed. Her clients adored her, with so many recommendations she had a waiting list which would only shuffle forward if a client died or moved off-island. She'd learned her trade in hotel work and then in Australia where she stripped out tomato vines and cleaned out battery chicken establishments. She was, and is, a cleaning demon, habits learned, body trained, muscles honed to get the job done and move onto the next to maximise income. That's what self-employment does.
Local Authorities and the NHS have to be mindful of Health and Safety Law, which requires employers to provide a safe system of work, or get their asses sued off. And we don't actually want people wearing out their bodies in pursuit of a decent income. Maybe the answer lies in robotics and A.I. The next generation, of course. Anyone who has watched their Roomba twirling, apparently aimlessly, before launching itself ferociously at the furniture legs, or come to a juddering halt at the top of a flight of steps, would agree that the dipped-in-glue hospital cleaner does a better job, gets into the corners and doesn't trip you up.

Jock Nurse, Big like Elephant said...

There, there, hen, a bit of dirt builds up yer immune system. And we don't want nasty drafts from they windies, now.

inmate said...

Dr. Mike Yeadon reckons we’ve all bin conned and lied to. Formerly the head of research into all things virus and vaxxine at Fizer, I would trust his opinion over the Fatfuck boris or Whittless or unBallanced. Have we been fooled? Are we just sheep?

I’ve had had Covid, apparently, well tested positive for it, couple of days mild flulike symptoms, loss of smell and taste and muggy head, had worse colds.I’ve not bothered with the jab, no thanks. If the vaxx is not good enough for our betters in the Commons and the Lords then we should all give it a miss.
It’s been an exercise in control. They got the answer they were hoping for. Cunts.

ultrapox said...

dear mrs ishmael, would you please delete the comment which i entered on 25th march 2023 at 19:44hrs.

thank you

ultrapox said...

the 'covid'-vaccinations are triggering a spectrum of auto-immune blood-disorders, including vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia - vitt - and auto-immune haemolytic anaemia - aiha - yet due to a general nhs failure to properly investigate these haematological conditions, such cases receive neither correct diagnosis nor appropriate treatment - which may consist in the administration of steroids.

indeed, in wales, it appears that the labour government is directing the nhs not to investigate death and injury caused by the 'covid'-vaccination.

it's gulf-war-syndrome all over again, folks - of this there is no doubt.

mrs ishmael said...

Thanks for the link, mr inmate. First of all, I thought this is nonsense - I've had covid and it was no joke. You got off very lightly from your covid, mr inmate. Then, I thought, if I hadn't taken a test and just felt ill, would it have felt like a new disease? How, from my subjective experience of having a nasty illness, would I have known it was something outwith my body's prior experiences of battling an infection? The thing that was different was the range of symptoms - it seemed every day it was a different disease. The fatigue and misery were constant, but the cough would come and go, the joint and muscle pains would attack different parts, appetite and nausea would vary. Sometimes, my skin hurt.
I also don't know if I would have been better or worse had I not been vaccinated.
There's been an awful lot of rhetoric and theorising, a lot of government fear mongering and inconsistency. But there has also been a lot of illness and deaths. More deaths than would have been the consequence of an outbreak of the usual winter flu.

ultrapox said...

big clue number one:

no mandate was ever issued which required nhs-staff to receive the 'covid'-vaccination - this anomalous situation arose due to the multitude of doctors and consultants who point-blank refused to take this emergency-approved jab.

Mike said...

Mrs I: there is no doubt that a virus circulated. The questions are:

1. Who was responsible for creating it? (we can dismiss the bat thing, because no bat has ever had it). We know the US funded the work at Wuhan. This was Obama who outlawed gain-of-function work in the US after a mysterious leak of something (?) at Fort Detrick in the US which caused its closure. The US got around the ban by off-shoring overseas. Lot of strange stuff going on in US biolabs (eg in Ukraine).

2. Was the release accidental or intentional? A lot of odd facts. Eg: Senior Iranian politicians died despite no evidence of any contacts with China.

3. Was the response suitable? If maybe hindsight, but 99.7% if sufferers do not die. Only a small fraction need hospitalisation. Coincidentally, flu seemed to disappear during covid. Then there is the growing evidence that the experimental mRNA "vaccines" were dangerous. The excess non-covid deaths in the UK and the world at large are off the scale. Economies have been knocked for 6. Sweden with no lockdows did the best of all European countries. Vaccine damage claims in the UK are rising considerably. The Filthograph reported that staff process claims have risen from 2 to 80 and are still swamped.

4. Have any lessons been learned? Answer NO.

ultrapox said...

thank you, mr mongoose, for furnishing us with the excellent, if shocking, mortality-rate-graph from sweden, which in the context of recent clinical history, depicts the statistical insignificance of increased death-rates suffered during the 2020 'pandemic' - the tragedy hidden behind this data being that the 2020 'pandemic'-spike in swedish mortality, much like the corresponding british excess-death-toll, was in fact entirely caused by throwing elderly folks out of hospital, sealing them in care homes, and then systematically denying them all medical treatment; the only difference between the uk's killer-lockdown and sweden's was that our own genocidal policy targeted the whole population - not just the elderly.

in 2019, we unfortunately needed to elect boris johnson in order to avoid the real danger of civil war over brexit - a war which the democracy-demolishing labour party were seemingly intent upon stoking - however by handing power to a corrupt fool with a cocaine-fuelled penchant for civil repression, we suffered at least a couple of hundred-thousand excess-deaths, a terminally ruined economy, and then disastrous involvement in a suicidal nato-induced war against russia - one which has subsequently deteriorated not only into the mutual massacre of far right nationalists mobilized by both kiev and moscow, but also of countless innocent civilians and conscripts caught tragically in the crossfire.

all partygate proves, by-the-way, is that those working within downing street were fully cognizant of the fact that there was absolutely no killer-pandemic.

inmate said...

All cause mortality mrs Ishmael, is no greater than for the five years leading up to the great pandemic, other than in the 70- 90 yr old group. They of course were removed from hospitals, without a test, a test that hadn’t yet been ‘introduced’, a test that will indeed find anything you wish it to find, with enough cycles. Those same old folk were then Midazolamed and Morphined by untrained care assistants following orders from distanced doctors in hospitals.
Of course there were no post-mortems to establish cause of death; sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing? midazalam that’s the stuff, that’ll do for oldies with pneumonia.
Friends and family members have experienced the same debilitating symptoms as your good self mrs I, no idea whether the vaxx has any bearing, although I suspect it has, however I’ve seen no reports of any MPs or Lords suffering those same symptoms. Strange that. On average there is apparently 1 in 800 hospitalised, with post vaxx covid but of 1500 parliamentarians not one.

ultrapox said...

it is with regret that i must contradict you, mr mike, but during the 'first wave' of the - statistically fabricated - pandemic, sweden did not exhibit the lowest mortality-rates in europe, and did in fact lock down elderly residents in care-homes; according to official euromomo data, the lowest mortality-rates, during the 'first wave', were achieved by countries such as germany - which:

"...did not employ midazolam and intubation, did not desert elderly and frail care home residents to die of thirst and neglect, did not classify every death as 'of covid', [and] did not close hospitals to all but rebranded-flu sufferers."

if in the uk, we had followed the nordic model of pandemic-response - and had chosen not to shout fire in a crowded theatre - then we surely would not have suffered the horrendous spike in mortality which we subsequently did - as regular as fucking clockwork - during each lockdown.

incidentally, the uk's recent ugly spike in mortality was due exclusively to our health-system becoming paralysed by a deadly surge in vaccine-injury-victims - which in turn resulted from the autumn 2022 'bivalent' booster programme.

self-inflicted senicide is what it is

ultrapox said...

if i may say so, that's a very accurate analysis of the still unfolding catastrophe, mr inmate.

as regards our elders and betters in parliament...

well, given their constant partying, i can only conclude that the conniving old cunts were fully aware of the pandemic's statistical fabrication - and i therefore sincerely doubt whether they've all actually been receiving the 'covid'-vaccination.

indeed, i recently met a local labour party official who complained of ill-health following a 'covid'-vaccination, and yet, as an ideological member of the neo-liberal establishment, still insisted that 'it was right to vaccinate everyone in order to protect the nhs'...

of course, when i asked this selfless socialist whether he would be taking any further 'covid'-vaccinations, his answer was "probably not".

in my experience, these sorta 'socialists' always attempt to avoid taxes too.

incurable hypocrisy in the hierarchy is erupting with a vengeance, and no good will come of it - mark my words.