Thursday 9 March 2023

Evensong: Music for Growing Flowers

I've featured Erland Cooper in these pages before. He was born and raised in Stromness, Orkney. His work combines field recordings with classical orchestration and contemporary electronic elements. Cooper also works across mixed media projects including installation art, theatre and film. He is a recipient of a Royal Television Society award and his music is played frequently on BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 6 Music as well as featured on various TV network productions.
He is credited by Mojo Magazine with exploring the concept of psychogeography, connecting identity, memory, and place through music, words and cinematography. He explores these themes further by partnering with well-known artists and writers in his work and live shows.
In 2021 he buried the only existing copy of the master magnetic tape of his first classical album in Orkney, deleting all digital files and leaving only a treasure hunt of clues for fans and his record label alike to search for it. He buried the tape in early spring 2021 and intended to retrieve and release it in 2024, but it was found last autumn, September 2022 by two amateur sleuths.

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ultrapox said...

i don't know how you and harris are bearing up to the devastation of political developments in broadcasting house, mrs ishmael...

but i've just heard shocking news that match-of-the-day furniture arseacre, wrighty, scorer, and scotty have all walked out and are holding a one-weekend wildcat-strike.

i mean, how will the country fucking function without their profound ethical and humanitarian insight?

how can we possibly now appreciate the sheer subtlety and intricacy of soccer-strategy - or even comprehend the deeper significance of the score-line, for that matter?

how will ukraine's far right nationalists, white supremacists, and unadorned nazis ever be able to fight-on against russia without the pro bono celebrity-support and neo-colonial altruism of completely uninduced bbc-millionaires?

indeed, given their unflagging and uncompromised commitment to nato's neo-imperialist cause, should we not perhaps set up a gofundme-page to help these struggling establishment-stars, and their poor starving families, through the hard times ahead?

pass the bucket, please...

well, the global ramifications of this industrial dispute are just horrific, of course, but thankfully, in a bid to protect the british public and prevent irreversible damage to the nation, the conservative government is considering the introduction of emergency-legislation designed to prevent football-pundits from taking socially, or morally, harmful strike-action...

and quite right too: the situation's becoming as bad as the winter-of-discontent.