Wednesday 8 March 2023

Snowy March morning in Orkney

Harris the dogged

Cold bare naked ladies

Just let me in the house, I need a wee

Flowers appear from the frozen earth


Mike said...

Once again, Mrs I, lovely pics. It made me think that my two little dogs will never see snow.

mrs ishmael said...

They probably wouldn't like it, mr mike, being Australian pugs. Harris gets very excited by snow - he tears about in circles, throws himself down on his back and gets snow in his beard. I suspect that smells are different in the snow, and he can certainly see better, with a white canvas. He has cataracts and his eyesight is challenged - if he's lagged behind when we're out walking, I see him looking all around him for me and I have to wave my arms and call his name before he locates me, but in the snow he doesn't lose me. He has a splendid red and white jumper to wear, so I can spot him easily.

Mike said...

Sorry to hear about Harris' cataracts. Can anything be done?

Mr Pug is coming on 11 years; he's had a hip joint replacement several years ago and is still quite mobile - particularly at feeding time. He gets anti-arthritis injections one a year which seem to work well - so well that my wife asked the vet if she could have a shot. The vet replied that it wasn't certified for human use, but she did know some vets who injected themselves.

Ms Pug, who is only 2, would be devastated (as will we all) if anything happens to Mr Pug - something I cannot contemplate.

mrs ishmael said...

Harris will be 12 in May, and does very well, despite having pancreatitis and insulin-dependant diabetes. He was at the dentist last week, and had 10 teeth out and an abscess drained. Home on painkillers and antibiotics and instructions for a soft diet, and now he's as right as rain. The vet hasn't suggested doing anything about the cataracts - probably thinks he's a bit of a miracle as it is.
Love the thought of formerly arthritic vets bounding about!
Everything and everyone eventually has to shuffle off this mortal coil. You will find that Ms Pug will accept the situation, especially if you let her see Mr Pug's remains - much better than letting her think he's hiding somewhere or has gone out and got lost - she would worry about that, but dogs accept death. Let's hope that the sad day is a long time coming.