Tuesday 21 June 2022

The Solstice Launch!

 Now Available

mr mike, who kindly agreed to be a beta tester, said: 

"Ishmael’s Blues was a great read and brought back memories of happier times, when we could laugh at stuff as if it wasn’t really important – although I can now see it was leading us to where we are today, in a much darker place. It is an excellent anthology."
 Ishmael’s Blues is now published, in both paperback and hardback editions; readers who have copies of Honest, Not Invent or Vent Stack will know that our chosen POD firm is pretty reliable when it comes to production quality. 356 pages, each essay dated in the list of contents. The vast majority of material in this book is in the voice of ishmael smith – we hope to return to stanislav in a companion volume to Vent Stack, possibly later this year. 

 Both editions are immediately available from lulu.com. No one’s billing or delivery address, nor any payment info, will be disclosed to the creator of the book; all this is securely handled by the publishing platform (and Paypal, if used). The paperback is listed on amazon. (HB may follow – for some reason the HB of Honest, Not Invent never appeared on amazon, so maybe the same will happen with Ishmael’s Blues.)

Ishmaelites wishing to buy a copy from lulu should follow these steps :

 Unless you’ve done this already, please register an account first, at lulu.com. This is advisable because otherwise paypal seems to think it's ok to charge in dollars, and they then apply their own conversion rate, which might put the price up slightly for a UK buyer. Once the new account is set up, follow one of the links below (to either paperback or hardback) or type "Ishmael’s Blues" into the Lulu Bookstore search box.  Click on the “show explicit content” tab, give the age verification box a date of birth such as 1 January 1960, and proceed. 

The book’s full title is "Ishmael’s Blues – further Chronicles of Ruin", and the cover you'll see is red with white titles and a picture of blogdog Buster retiring from the fray, cat gloating from a safe distance. The cover is the same for both editions.

Link for Hardcover : 



Link for Paperback : 


At checkout, try WELCOME15 in the coupon box, which (for the moment) takes 15% off the price before postage.  If this code has expired by the time you reach this point, try a google search for "Lulu.com voucher code" and see what comes up.  

With the 15% voucher, PB (including delivery to a UK address) should be £16.84; HB £27.04.




mongoose said...

Well done, everyone. Sorry that I have been absent - busy buying body armour for US trip.

Mike said...

Echo your first sentence, Mr mongoose. I'm looking forward to your report on Boston.

inmate said...

Brilliant news, a little more light to illuminate the present gloom. Well done mrs I and editor mr Verge.

mrs ishmael said...

Thanks, chaps - I know you will enjoy the anthology - editor mr verge has surpassed himself in collecting and curating a fine selection of essays by my late husband, spanning the years 2009 to 2019, none having previously appeared in book form. Goes without saying that this stuff is funny, scurrilous, witty, satirical and controversial: but it is also poignant, thoughtful, philosophical and autobiographical. The author didn't have his sorrows to seek - he lived with complex, painful and debilitating medical conditions, of which ishmaelites will have some awareness; but there was no self pity and he describes his encounters with medical professionals with clear-eyed robust cynicism - even when the clear eyes were arrived at after painful and prolonged laser surgery. Indeed, he survived so much and for so long that it was deeply, dreadfully shocking and surprising when he succumbed to his final illness. His legacy is contained in the series of anthologies that his friend, editor mr verge, has provided for us.
In "Normal Service Will Be Resumed", mr ishmael said, "all I do is write this stuff. There is a book's worth, here and at other places; maybe several books' worth....."
Not 'arf. editor mr verge tells me he has started collating material for the fourth anthology.
Ishmael's Blues is a tribute to ishmael smith - a great writer and fine mind, and we are all beholden to editor mr verge for carving and sculpting these books from the huge body of work that ishmael left to us when it was time for him to leave us.

Bungalow Bill said...

Powerful, Mrs I, on every point.