Thursday 2 June 2022

Jubilato! mr mongoose's Jubilee Crossword!



1     Libidinous parasite is a king and a useful cockney couple.             (5,4)

6     Important Lothario of Edwina's dreams. (5)

9     Permits and penalties. (9)

10   One of Marilyn's mountains did I hear? (5)

11   28a contains not even one such of truth. (4)

12   Say "Exempli gratia"! (3,7)

14     Turned down fawn in the long grass (8) 
16     Wow warrior ma'am's hound. (5)

18     Morgan's under milk wood fixation. (5)

20     Brenda's confused solitary supporter. (8)

23     Potters eye unlikely pigeonhole. (10)

26     Gay cockney in the press. (4)

28   "One never touched the child, m'lud. One was dining that evening at Pizza Express in Woking." (5)

29   On top of that, why Bojo will resign. (9)

30   Muddled rapper finds his roots maybe. (5)

31   It isn't what it used to be. (9)





1    Make her go faster, said tovarisch, and we'll get home. (6)

2    No, no girl had Tea for Two in it. (7)

3     Big Nepalese foot. (4) 

4     Egg cut up cheese. (5)

5     Ye strayed when undone once. (9)

6     You'll need two degrees for this dating site. (5)

7     First instant each cone for spirit. (7)

8     Does hair tangle in old Zimbabwe. (8)

13    The chronicles report that in accruing wealth we come to it.         (4)

15   Ordinal carried sound reason Chas will rule. (5-4)

16   Thin out those copper lines. (4)

17   1ac's ex sounds like she'd be a plain scorcher in a red top. (3,5)

19    Online racing somehow for Stavros. (7)

21   Allocation from allotment (7)

22   The strange gamine was one. (6)

24   Idle character from Pygmalion. (5) 


25   ee cummings, Edgar Allan Poe, TS Eliot hid their true identity. (5) 


27    Ask almost politely. (4)



Anonymous said...

Nicely done, mr mongoose. Just the right combination of doable and perplexing. Should 17 down be 3,5, btw, not 8?

And if you think the cricket couldn't get much worse, I read somewhere it's starting to take off in Germany.



mongoose said...

We' the first one was too hard, wasn't it. But yes, 3,5 is right, mr v. I thought that I had that. Just as sec.

Yes, the clue is right but the little line isn't there. (Unless mrs i has already fixed the clue for me, that is.)

Anonymous said...

She has now, thanks both. I'll see how I get on with the hold-outs tomorrow. That rapper is annoying!



Mike said...

I'm half way there. I think my brain is not working as it used to.