Saturday 7 January 2012



"  Look, I am the guy who took on Murdoch, "  Miliband said on Friday. "  That was a decisive thing to do. I am the guy that has said the rules of capitalism as played in the last 30 years have got to change. What is the most important thing for a leader of the opposition to have? It is to establish an argument about what is wrong with the country and what needs to change. I have a very clear plan and I have set out very clear themes. "

Poor, whimpering deadbeat, what he means to say is: What is the most important  thing for a leader of the opposition to do?  His very clear plan and very clear themes obviously do not include the cultivation of grammatical consistency in his public whimperings.

When you look back at them, now,  the Labour leaders, well, since Wilson and Marcia, anyway, you see that they are all delusional nincompoops, just like this one, good for fuck all, and that any good which has emerged during their tenures has come from outside parliament, travelling inwards and not, as this  creepy, malformed  bastard suggests, outwards - it is not about "what is wrong with the country and what needs to change," it is about what is wrong in MediaMinster and who needs hanging-up from a fucking lamp post and what needs burning to the fucking ground.


Trevor said...

I think your analysis of the "leaders of the opposition" is very accurate and succinct, but you do the "leaders of the government" a very great favour by not also describing them in the very same terms, because they are both the opposite sides of the same, very badly bent, forged, coin.

jgm2 said...

I have a very clear plan and I have set out very clear themes.

Apart from any grammatical issues you may have with Miliband what is even more important is that the fucker is lying. He has no plan. Clear or otherwise. And no themes. Clear or otherwise. He still has only a blank sheet of paper and meaningless, anodyne soundbites.

Which, of course, is what worked for Blair (and Obama) and, to a lesser extent, for Cameron and Clegg. Actually for Clegg they worked pretty good too. Five years of pay'n'perks as a minister is equal to at least ten as a back-bencher.

Empty Ned is just hoping the voters will forget how utterly hopeless and incompetent Labour were last time they fucked the UK economy and take his 'rightful' turn at fucking it up further in 2015.

mongoose said...

Paper ships and painted faces, mr ishmael.

Reginald said...

Where have all the nice people gone????

yardarm said...

No sound save for the gentle tap of wind blown wisteria on the window pane as Cameron lies abed, unable to sleep of a night for fear he`s not up to the job.

" Eurozone crisis; dunno what to do about that....millions without a job: good thing the trust fund`s shielded me from having to get one of those....will Leveson tumble that I doffed my topper to Rupe....will Coulson squeal in the dock...Christ, if there was a proper Leader of the Opposition I`d be fucked... "

Then he remembers who is the Leader of the Opposition. He breathes a sigh of relief...a smile spreads over his broad, shiny phizzog.... he chuckles....he chortles...he laughs. Samantha stirs beside him "`ll wake the children ". But, heedless, his laughs develop into guffaws " And I`ve even got the fucking dogshooters by the balls " he bellows. By now the servants are stirring in their distant wing but he eventually settles down, drifting off happily, his worries vanished like phantoms with the dawn....

Woman on a Raft said...

Oh, I dunno. Faced with the most uselesss Labour party, so bad that even David Ostler is writing despairing blogs about the state of it

his ministers take out their revolvers and carefully shoot their own toes off.

Is HS2 a good idea? Not really, there are better ideas, but worst of all is that it makes enemies of his own core on the assumption that they cannot or will not vote for someone else.

It is political ineptitude, and it is repeated serially until he chips away at what was never a majority. There is a very good chance that the next government will be a Labour one, but it won't win the election so much as inherit it from a Norwegian Blue.

Dick the Prick said...

.....but for Scotland, for Scotland. It's a bullshit can of worms that serves no purpose except to cover up mother fuckers. 10 years of shite for a pining parrot? Groovy. In other news....

jgm2 said...

Aye, HS2 - what's all that about?

Knock 20 minutes or whatever off the cost of a trip to Birmingham. I grew up in Birmingham. It used to be the workshop of the British empire. Now it has daily flights to Pakistan and Dubai but not to the USA. And it produces fuck all.

Am I supposed to believe that the few remaining businessmen in Birmingham are somehow massively inconvenienced by an additional 20 minutes on the train to some monthly sales meeting or exhibition at Earl's Court?

Angus said...

Have you noticed that every "Big Brave Promise" for significant improvement to the lot of the people is eventually watered down to something fairly irrelevant?
Have you ever noticed that every notion for the improvement of the lot of the Financial World (and thus the lot of our masters) is forced through without much trouble.
Money talks.No matter what colour rosette you wear.