Thursday 5 January 2012


Of course, by sending my son to a private school I am not seeking to set him apart from the riff-raff, workshy, fatherless, drugtaking,  black children in my shitpoor constituency and ally him for life to the children of rich people.  Only I am. That'll be a thousand pounds please, Andrew. And at least if they do sack me from the Front bench of Oblivion I'll be able to come back on the show every week.  Instead of that cheesy old minge, Jacqui Schmidt.  Or Alan Johnson, yes, the one whose missus was banging half the Met.  And him home seckatry.  Well, of course it's not for me to comment on colleagues making themselves look ridiculous but really.....


banned said...

BBC Radio 2 really got the bit between their teeth onthis yesterday. Maybe they are as pissed off with the santimonious old hag as others or perhaps backwoodsmen survive there yet.

By 5pm they had someone they claimed to be Guido Fawkes (didn't sound like him) pleading "offence" on behalf of Whitey.

Trevor said...

Why can those with similar ethnicity to "Her Ladyship" call themselves "Black" and the rest of the community" be guilty of racism if they use the same word. (Apart from the Black Police Officers Associations of course.)

call me ishmael said...

A study of the work of the late Mr Lenny Bruce is useful in the matter of CorrectSpeak. Lenny insisted that he used the word nigger as often as he could so that eventually a black child would hear it and at best laugh at it and at worst not be hurt by it.

If you can find my young friend "stanislav on cunt," that is a lengthier exposition of the art of how to talk dirty and influence people. Never mind the language police, say it out loud, Geoff Hoon is a cunt, which, indeed, led to his own name becoming a synonym for same. We must rob them of their impudent tut-tutting, their I Know Bestism, destroy their censoring collective. Chaucer would have shat on them. Those fuckers who claim to shrink from the word cunt or nigger are the people who dropped fragmentation bombs and napalm on Iraqi children. Oh but I would never ever say that word, the c-word or the n-word; it is a threadbare substitute for morality which these bastards peddle. Fuck 'em. The BPOA are all cunts. Black cunts, as it happens.

And don't start me on heterophobia, on straight and gay; there's nothing straight about me.

I think her remarks - Abbott's - are meaningless, by the way, another media storm in a skinny latte, what the stupid cow should have said was that the rich have always found a way to set the poor at each others' throats, a strategy exemplified by Chancellor Osbum's Curtains Speech, a dismal, hate-filled refrain, taken up by Redneck Central and now largely seen as gospel. Not that these fuckers would know one end of the New Testament from the other, Godless heathen fucking bastards.

Trevor said...

It seems that the "redistribution of.....(fill space to personal taste)...." will always be to the benefit of the advocate.

...from them that hath shall be taken away those that hath not from which to even they that hatheth not and hath not shall ever more be taken and given.."