Friday, 22 July 2011


The Beatles, it says, in a historical footnote to this clip, were bigger than Cheeses; judging by this piece of doggerel, that seems about right.

Norway, eh, who'd have thought it? Still, all you need is love. And body armour.


a young anglo-irish catholic said...

Well, there goes Schengen, blue-eyed blonde nutter or not.

Might not be a bad thing.

call me ishmael said...

Hello, Jens Stoltenberg, here, prime minister of Norway.

And here we are, in Norway. And we just sit around eating sardines and drinking vodka and beating our bare arses in the snow. And we don't expect this shit. Bombs in my office and fucking madmen shooting the children.

What we like to do is to decide which murdering bastard should get the Nobel Peace Prize and that makes Norwegians feel good about themselves, like when we gave it to President Obamalama, for all the wars he has escalated, as a menas to bringing peace. And we Norwegians like that.

i mean, we bomb the shits out of people in Afghanistan and Libya. But they are niggers and not clean, white, Northern people who go skiing. Bombing niggers is one thing. But getting our own arses bombed to fuck, here, in Norway, where nothink ever happens, this is the bad shit. I mean, it will be some long time before people can sit down again to a plate of Gravalax and Anchovy, listening to Grieg's Piano Concerto, after all this shit happening.