Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Watching Rupe now, is it him or has someone wheeled in the dessicated mummy of Rameses III and working it like a ventriloquists dummy ? I get the feeling he`s going to pull an Ernest Saunders before too long.         mr yardarm    
 Mr James and Mr Rupert Murdoch, shit merchants, appear at the select committee.
Phwoar, I dunnnownuffink abaht all that, arsk my son 'Arold, he's in charge a the horse manure.
Wot my favvah means is that we are bofe extremely 'umble.


Verge said...

And now the pieman cometh. For these small pleasures we must give much thanks.

(The late Dave Sheridan once did a comic-strip called "Tales From the Leather Nun" - there's a frame where a freshly popped bishop arrives in hell right in the middle of lunch: "look what just landed in the shit souffle" exclaims one of the little devils. Won't be long now...)

Mothers Ruin said...

Did anything happen?
I must have been stoned and missed it.

PT Barnum said...

What a difference a week makes. Last week the insufferable Vaz preened and sneered and barked orders. This week, like a sleepy little rodent, he fluttered his eyelashes, spoke softly and politely, and failed to land a single blow. Murdoch hung a few scapegoats out to dry. The shareholders are all grinning. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. All will be well in the best of all possible worlds.

I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Mrs Murdoch, though. Feisty.

Mike said...

Mt PTB - I suspect Vaz is wise enough to keep his gob shut.

You may not like the dirty digger, but he's light years ahead of his inquisitors, and the assembled IQ and legal nous behind him must be staggering. NI shares rose 6% - that's an impartial verdict.

Predictably, they failed to lay a blow. The judicial enquiry will run for 5 years, and the only issue emerging will be its cost.

Hackgate has now run its course but the police corruption is potentially more explosive - but not for NI.

Mike said...

PS: and the pie incident and Wendi flying in to support her man was truly icing on the cake for NI.

call me ishmael said...

The only comfort was for nitpickers - the admission that they didn't know about the legal fees was about all there was. Aside from Tom Warson there wasn't a live wire amongst the lot of them.

Yates was, I thought, altogether too gobby and far too convincing - how does he ever do any work if he's making notes to himself about everything which ever happens? And yes, Vaz was even oilier than usual.

After this, I wouldn't be surprised to see the whole house applauding CallHimDave tomorrow, before they all fuck off on six weeks allinittogether holiday. .

Dynamite, it's the only answer.

mongoose said...

Watson may have been the most incisive of them, Mr Ishmael, but that is not saying very much.

lilith said...

The Committee collectively sounded thick, partial and ignorant. Stupid questions like "When did you discover that criminality was endemic at News International?" Just fucking stupid. Rupert came across as he is, a wily old cunt who thinks before he speaks. His son must have been podded out of some business school high tech project to create uber execs out of playdough and suits. Slick. A million ways to say nothing. As for Rebekah. Well. She managed to make herself dull and inaudible so I just wondered if she grew her own hair extensions before having them re-implanted.

lilith said...

or whether they are attached to combs and she takes them out at night.

mongoose said...

Quite right, Ms Lilith, the "endemic" question was so easy to answer because it is so stupidly phrased. The fools were playing their political games instead of forensically going after them. And so they let them all off the hook. What a waste of an opportunity. And now Cameron has got through today, he go off on hols and it will all be forgotten come September. A pox on them all.

call me ishmael said...

I think she's a man. Which is more than can be said for most of the house of commons.