Friday, 15 July 2011


I'm very sorry, I didn't mean it.

Maybe hizonner detested the sight of Gilmor senior, strangling the same  notes out of his Stratocaster
decade after decade, maybe he just loathed the lardy bastard and the ghastly, chilly bombast of Pink Floyd and he gave junior a good taste of porridge, just to balance the cosmic books, so to speak;  Charlie won't greet tomorrow  with a million bright ambassadors of morning fluttering around his cell, that's for sure. Climbing up the Cenotaph is the next best thing to shitting in Money's face and their honours are there to stop that sort of thing happening.

I actually don't care if twenty-year olds are disrespectful, I was, and I'm not now. And I believe that Charlie Gilmour throwing a dustbin at Charlie-Saxe-Coburg-von Battenberg, aka  Windsor and  his Horsefaced Nazi, FagAsh Lil, is entirely admirable and the more people do it, the better, as far as I'm concerned. I don't want the worthless, idle bastard himself injured, just his simpering amour propre.

What's depressing, though, is young Gilmour's grovelling for leniency, his suit and haircut, all that stuff, bright young man, at Cambridge, one of the Establishment, really. Would've been lovely to see him going into Court with his two fingers up; as it is,  he has completely devalued his protest, and, in my view, also, devalued  the short lives of those whom the Cenotaph claims to honour, did they really die so that international crime families like the Murdochs and financial terrorist like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan  can shit all over us? 'Fraid they did and old men listening to - or worse, performimg -  The Wall and Dark Side of The Moon are just passing them the toilet paper.

Maybe one of their own going to jail will shake the Showbiz aristocracy out of its indolence but I wouldn't hold my breath.


a young anglo-irish catholic said...

Spoilt brats swinging off the flag on the memorial to the working class blokes blown away in a foreign field?

Ten years trapped in a room with that other whinging public school revolutionary, Roger Waters, would be too good for him.

Ironic really, when so much of the Water's-forced Floyd stuff is about the fallen.

I hear nearly first hand, that all the work that's going into the re-launch of all the Floyd back catalogue, due this autumn, is being done by Mason because Water's is on tour and Gilmour has had his head in his hands for the six months.

A month's worth of interviews for poor old Mason in the US in August.

call me ishmael said...

Be not so hard, mr yaic, he's only a kid and anyone old enough to think properly wouldn't do that stuff, they'd find something else to climb up.

Back catalogue, eh? They should give it away freely,or, as we say now, for free.

I think Mason, by the way, is the second luckiest person in the world, after Mr Starkey. Money? it's a gas.

mongoose said...

Atrocious blasted oik but as you say, Mr Ishmael, not a thought through deliberate act of disrespect. Just a lad being a twat really.

Woman on a Raft said...

Being at Cambridge - 2nd year history at Girton - but not knowing it was the Cenotaph must surely tell you something about the calibre of idiot they have up there these days.

I'm far from convinced that Cambridge recruit on technical excellence. It sounds more like the admissions tutor came over all nostalgic.

a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

Ah yes, Mrs Woman

Charlie Gilmour came into the interview and the tutor thought...'wish you here..'

lilith said...

I thought you were particularly intolerant of youthful disrespect Mr Smith. Maybe it is just disrespect towards parents that riles you.

I am with WOAR. How could he be studying history at Cambridge and not know what the Cenotaph was? But the sentence doesn't make sense and does seem harsh. After all, our prisons are so overcrowded that we have to let out rapists and murderers early. How many months did that kid get for pissing on the war memorial?

You do wonder what they are being taught these days. Obviously they are no longer teaching ethics to medical students.

call me ishmael said...

I don't think I ever suggested that knowitallness deserved imprisonment, Ms lilith.

As for non-existent Cenotaph-consciousness among the young elite, yes, it is bewildering and hard to believe but look at govament documents written by bright Oxbridgers, look at leaders in the so-called quality press and everywhere there is a failure of grammar and punctuation, look at a national disappearance of estimating skills and of the ability to perform simple mental arithmetic calculations and then look, again, at the title of these chronicles.

I am perfectly prepared to believe that Gilmour junior and millions like him know nothing of the Cenotaph. Or much else, outside the corrosive worthlessness of social networking.

Mr Justice Slag's sentencing, however, will do nothing to arrest Ruin's march. A stern rebuke and a few months community service, maybe amongst old soldiers, would have been the right disposal of Gilmour's case.