Monday, 4 July 2011


Ms Rebekkah Brooks-Filth, of skymadeupnewsandfilth.

Mr David Cameron of skymadeupnewsandfilth, 
also unelected prime minister and MP for Ms Brooks-Filth.

skymadeupnewsandfilthsters, Cameron and Coulson.

skymadeupnewsandfilthsters, Murdoch and Brooks.

The late Miss Milly Dowler.


Mr Jeremy Hunt of skymadeupnewsandfilth  and MP for Mr Rupert Filth..

"On 3 March I informed the House that based on advice that I had received from OFT and Ofcom, I was minded to accept undertakings from News Corp in lieu of a reference to the Competition Commission.  As the Enterprise Act 2002 requires, I published these undertakings for a public consultation which ended on 21 March. I am quite sure that the applicants would not do anything underhand, like hack into the phone of a murdered teenager, not since one of their chaps has spent time  running the prime minister, I mean working for him."


a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

Me, I think Rupe was happy to be elsewhere.

People don't understand that the ultimate boss is way, way out of the day-to-day picture in publishing.

The editor's decision is final. Rupe - like other publishing bosses - stays out of the way, as much to prevent being caught in the shit spraying.

The Screws - in its own office space, doors to manual - lived in its own world. Anything went. And they've really did it here.

Franchising out the really nasty stuff is no excuse. Brooks is toast, that's for sure.

But I'm not sure what can be done to a whole newspaper which 95 percent of the time pulls in millions of readers...

PT Barnum said...

There is a quality of moral depravity to this which shocks me even in the midst of the sewer we have become accustomed to. While the Murdoch Gremlins were hacking and deleting voice mails from her phone, no one knew what had become of this child (alive, dead, kidnapped, run away, trapped). They have taken unto themselves the power to declare that 'if it leads, it bleeds'. Perverting the course of justice would appear to be the least of it. Perverting the most basic traits of humanity must appear as a key job skill for those people.

call me ishmael said...

I remember, when Clare Scarf was trying to prevent teenage tits on page three, the rotten pinstripe spiv, Tebbit, smirking that it was just a bit of fun, the sexual objectification of younger and younger women, no harm in it - remember, they used to brag about showing just-turned sixteens, shit like Kelvin McKenzie. I hope these fuckers are a long time dying.

Edgar said...

Some days it's hard not to wish the best of luck to Abdul gelignite and his pals.

mongoose said...

Well, Rupert would argue that he would have a tough time personally steering every ship in his rotten armada, mr jgm2. So we must assume that the usual panto of "accountability versus responsibility" will take its course and Rebecca, the horrible bastard, will walk the plank in due course, and be off doubtless to an equally lucrative post elsewhere.

That an adult, sentient person would interfere with the phone records and messages of a missing child is frankly beyond belief. There was a swine on the radio this morning braying that the Press had "not just the right but the responsibility" to do these things "to expose wrongdoing". Experienced interviewer that I am the retort of "That would be the wrongdoing of somebody's missing but probably already dead daughter?" occurred to me, but occurred not to the Radio 4 bastard. I have lived too long. It is just rancid and vile.

call me ishmael said...

Your rage has made you hallucinate, mr mongoose, there's nae sign of mr jgm2.

Maybe what we need is Ed Balls to instigate Becky's sacking, as he did with Wossername, Sharon ShoeFace. The responsibility of course for such a call lies with Dave Thicko but that would hang him, also; so I think that NewsCorp and its subsidiary in Downing Street might just front it out, find a scapegoat or two. Is Lord Stupid Taylor out of jail yet?

Funny, maybe it's a sign of the collective madness referred to by mr anonymous on the News Review but I am not at all surprised, much less angry about this shit; this is how things are, this, friends, is Ruin.

yardarm said...

Could Rupe finally go into the shithouse on this one ? Happened to Maxwell and Black: the harder they come the harder they fall, eh Rupe ?

This is the sort of thing (and now Soham case) that makes even the purchased and receipted like Cameron run for cover, hoping every other owned politician is so frightened of the Rupertanian Empire they`ll forget Wisteria and Brooks were as close as turds in a cesspit.

No doubt Murdoch will lob some meat to the wolves; Brooks: Coulson`s bum must be twitching too. He will still have copious amounts of dirt on those in MediaMinster. And he can always plead old age and do an Ernest Saunders.

I did once think that the bankers`s balls up and the politicians fiddling exposures might change things but Ruin`s gyroscope returned to its settings.

call me ishmael said...

It's hard, yes, mr edgar, sometimes, not to feel the hot breath of the Jihad on one's cheek and wish it God's Speed.

Verge said...

When the Horror-in-Portugal story was still fresh the Sun ran a headline that read "Maddie Snatch Agony: Day 14". At the time I thought the squalid pun a sick oversight - now not so sure.

mongoose said...

It appears also that Rebekahkah is more than just a constituent of the chinless one. She is apparently a personal friend of the Friday night dinner party sort - out to the west of me in the posh part of the county. She needs birching but I expect that she will survive just fine and that Coulson will get to carry the can.

(Quite so, Mr I, ignore my raving. It was mr yaic I was replying to.)

call me ishmael said...

As the braying nincompoop struts around Afghanistan with Karzi the Crook - as if the Talimen give a flying fuck for what the chinless wonder says - few, if any, at MediaMinster are drawing the obvious conclusion about the Cameron-Murdoch-Metropolitan Police-BskyB axis, as posited in the pictures above. If any of them go to the wall the others, logically, are fucked. While Mr yardarm is right about Ruin's ability to self-correct, a general election is the least of the consequences which might properly flow from the Dowler revelations -first the PM's press spokesman is revealed as a piece of shit and now this, a macabre perversion of the course of justice by by his chum and cheerleader, Becky; surely even Joe Slob, slumped, comatose, in front of his PlasmaGod can join the dots, Joe, after all, lovesiskidstobits, do anyfin4em, wotever.

Even of there is no light at the end of the tunnel the light at the end of the tunnel is that the fuckpig, Murdoch, cannot go on indefinitely and when he is at last roasting in Hell such are his crew that they will tear the empire apart, like the spoiled worthless little fuckers they are. Ridiculous Rebekkah Wade, managing director of anything, Jesus fucking wept. My dog Buster would've made a better fist of it.