Thursday, 14 July 2011


Murdoch filthsters at play.

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Fat slob, Kelvin McPig, off Question Time (no, honest) and scumbag Piers Moron
celebrate destroying the life of some ordinary person/doing some successful
insider dealing/printing some fake pictures.

The Filth-O-Graph is reporting that Colonel von Fawkes has outed Piers Moron, apparently a TeeVee star with friends in high places, as being a filthy phone hacker himself.
The Colonel, over at the PizzaHouseOfBlood, has reprinted a section of a book which Moron claims to have written, in which he spills the beans about how easy it is to hack into mobile phones.

Conservative, Labour and DogShooting Members of the New National Govament, hastily formed to divert attention from cross-party negligence, indolence, stupidity and corruption, have called for bad shit to  happen to Mr Moron. In the United States, where Moron has a TeeVee show, senior Senator, Elmer Turdburger the third,  from Idaho, has called for the phone-tapping Limey fag cocksucker to be sent on a waterboarding vacation in Guantanamo.

Colonel von Fawkes of the Israeli Rocking Horse Cavalry.


PT Barnum said...

I'm waiting for the 'glorious' day when Staines gives evidence to CDM's public enquiry and becomes the new voice of Media Morality, hoisted aloft the shoulders of Rupe and Becks. All the filth that's beneficial to print. All the truth that's useful to the cause. Yeah, baby...

Oldrightie said...

With all the cosy deals between Rupe and the mighty and powerful now done for, I too await Rupe's "nothing to lose" memoirs!

call me ishmael said...

Now, now, mr ptb, last voice of freedom is the Colonel; hasn't he alwayts said that Kelvin McKenzie is his hero?

If his number two son goes in the pen, Stateside, the poor old man will have nothing to lose, except his money, his daughter and his chinky children and they don't count, like Gordon Snot's spawn, just a means to an end. I thought Snotty was bad but Murdoch hatched his in his seventies, bless him, putrid old cunt.

Dick the Prick said...

It's the timing that seems odd. If Murdoch could have supported Blair, or threatened not to - with the hacking being known by 2005; why go for Sky now? In the full knowledge that it would create a rumpus. Power vacuums are strange and to see Brown yesterday going for the Cabinet Secretary (who Sarah Brown has openly called a fucking cunt) seems banal.

Hey nonny non - to over analyse would be to give a shit which is a little bit above my pay grade. Fuck 'em and fuck 'em all. If they want to advertise their putrid, selfish, ambitious gripes in public then they can volunteer away. Dignity's gone to the bar and she's ordering cocktails and way out of these guy's league.

call me ishmael said...

Irritating, too, and pathetic, mr dtp, that while Flashman has spent his first year dismantling, without a mandate, people's rights, Snotty only comes out of the Oxfam shop to grind a personal axe.

Dick the Prick said...

I think I may have said that we got done for vote rigging but they couldn't make it stick because Labour paid more and won - fair enough all in all. My lad who was to be elected went a bit mental and it all got a bit messy so omerta got thrown in to stem the tide. Colonel Fawkes has posted 1990 was when it started which is a little bit vexacious, really.

Mugs game perhaps?

You know when you can sense something but you just can't put your finger on it? That's where we should start - that's where the spider senses start tingling but...etc etc. They don't even recognise how pathetic they look - fuck 'em, big time.

PT Barnum said...

The Colonel of the effing and blinding gabshite 'windowlickers' regiment is the last voice of freedom? We're doomed.

I'm torn between seeing our politicians - all of them - (and their police stooges) as either little dutch boys with their fingers in the proverbial or as an army of munchkin King Canutes. Their sense of their own stature, rectitude and gravitas is almost comical as they squeak and squawk about morality and ethics (a researcher must have looked those words up in the Ladybird Dictionary of Big and Important Words for them). Almost comical, given how much power these charlatans and crooks have to hurt us all.