Sunday, 3 July 2011



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Madame Christine LeVache, above,
new head of the International Financial Terrorist Federation.

Iyam 'ow you say in Angleterre, as 'appy as le cochon en merde to be doing zees job for which Iyav been training all my life.  You know, mon pere, 'e was le curé  an' so Iyav been grown up avec les values and le compasse moral superieur, just a fils du presbytère, owyousay in England, a son of the fucking manse. Or daughter, in my case. We were just  les peuples ordinaire, growing up in Fifeshire, I mean ze Loire Valley an eet was listening to my Daddy's preachings wot has made me such an homme gentile, I mean femme.

Together with ze Presidents and Prime Ministers of Europe - only not, of course le fascist, Cameron, oo, mes amis,  'as ze appointment trés finale avec Madam Guillotine - I will be doo-eeng ze right thing for ze countries and all ze 'ard-working, starving an' 'omeless familles, eet ees ze right sing to do, and with ze 'elp of ze armies and ze gendarmes an' secret police an' ze lyinfuckingbastard ladeesangennulmen of ze press  I weel suck-seed een leefting many millions of les enfants European eento ze debt. Now, eet ees not the time for le novice; oui, d'accord?

An' as for M'sieu Dominic Shish-Kebab,

M. Dominic Shish Kebab discusses financial matters with one of his reesurchers.
Alright, zen, Cherie, ten sousand Euro  for all night.

eef  'e want ees ol' job back - now zat eet seems 'e 'as been  all along framey-vous'd-up  by le President, M. le Dwarf, an ees amis in ze Big Apple - he can wheestle for it, Iyam 'ere an' Iyam staying 'ere. An zat weel teach ze dirty fuckeur not to go waltzing around ze Waldorf Astoria 'otel avec ees cock out an' singing Voulez Vous Couchez Avec Moi, Ce Soir? at every passing chambermaid.  Fuck me, mes amis, les Septics 'ave enough cock-waving pervert an' merde-munching degenerate of zair own in ze Senate an' ze Congress, wizout our own Presidential candidate joining-in.

Weel  'e run for ze Prsidency, M'sieu Shish Kebab, now zat 'e is nearly innocent? Oo knows mes amis?  An' weel ze French people now consider ze dwarf, Sarkozy, a dirty, underhanded, lying, thieving, baby-killing sonofafuckingbitch and throw 'is scabby arse in ze Bastille, after first keecking  eem up an' down ze Champs Elysees? Je ne sais pas,  mes amis; que sera, sera. Iyam just a wooman, what do I know of such sings?

A pale and haggard Mr Gordon Brown on his first day as Chief Financial Terrorist.
 Plus ça change, plus ça meme chose.


a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

The Frogs just don't seem to care that their sabotage schemes are so transparent.

They bombed the Greenpeace ship and cared not that we all knew they'd done it.

Sarkozy should swing for the DSK stunt. That and a preggers missus, a la butch Mr Blair.

Fuck me, what a cheek.

Dick the Prick said...

All good fun. This LeGarde thing is a bit odd, 6 years ago no-one had heard of the daughter of a bitch and all of a sudden she's legendary! Surely shome mishtake, n'est pas?

We had some cunt from Lloyds in our local rag openly stating that sacking 15,000 people in low grade banking jobs was 'a great move for Halifax'!! Whaaaat? Now I like a good bit of bullshit as much as the next guy but that's just mendacious arse gravy.

And the band played on......

PT Barnum said...

That top photo will haunt me in that state between wakefulness and sleep. A Bogeyman for the New Economic Age.

call me ishmael said...

She reminds me of our own legendary Dame Pauline Neville-Corpse, who, I underdstand, has resigned her post as CallHimDave's anti-terror apparatchik; perhaps, in the slime corridors of Power they abide by the dodgy precept that there is many a good tune played on le fiddle vieux, however much it might churn the Camillas of normal folk.

According to Dame Portillo of the BBC, Christine is barking, like M le Brun, incapable of counting the change in her purse; a normal appointmewnt then, perhaps she should have Merv's job, at the Bank of England, too.

The Brown image is, I feel, Mr ptb, far more darkly accurate than the clumsily and ineffectively crafted image of the young parent, relaxing in his sports jacket with his lissome wife.

THat's right, the Frog hierarchies have always played fast and loose but Sarkozy does set a new standard, perhaps le Colonel from Libya will yet shit on his croissants.

mongoose said...

Who would want to be head of the IMF this week, eh? Dear, oh, dear. The lads have let her have the tiller so that she will be the eejit who fails to save Greece, fails to stop them defaulting, fails to stop them leaving the euro, fails to stop the euro-zone being cut in half. And, of course, if the euro can be left, why then there is no use for it. It is a lie and a daftness, a politicians' conceit. And then one of the chaps can have the job. McDoom might yet "save the world" again.