Friday, 29 July 2011

EVENSONG, IRISH TRIPLETS. Bela Fleck & Gerry O'Connor : Banish Misfortune / The Maid Behind The Bar


mongoose said...

Very nice, Mr Ishmael, even though it features that bastard instrument. As luck would have it, I have to go to Dublin for a couple of days sometime soon. Perhaps a wee bar or two and a glass of the black stuff will be accompanied by similar.

the noblest prospect said...

Good stuff, Mr I.

Didn't maestro Thompson do a version of this once-upon-a-time?

call me ishmael said...

Dunno about Maestro Thompson, mr tnp, I'll have a look, he's done so much, one way and another. You may know that here in the best part of England the Radio Four slot on Freeview has been given over to BBC Alba, a Gaelic-speaking cnannel of insufferable tripe, apart from this guy, O'Connor, whom I did not know and who was in concert the other night.

Careful, mr mongoose, with those banjo insults, Ms Lilith, if my memory serves me well, is a banjoiste or devotee at the very least, she may, of course, have taken up the Herring bone flute or whichever instrument is indigenous in Scandinavia. Do they do any music, over there, apart from Abba?