Monday, 18 July 2011


Must be some mistake here, SonyCorp have, like proper bastards, blocked nearly all the Dylan stuff from the YouThing; maybe this, a traditional song reworked, from his first album and not an original composition is exempted from restriction by the artist himself, as he likes to be known, thieving little git. There's lots of interpretations of this, but none as jaunty, high-stepping or inventive. I love this, and I know mr mongoose loves it, too, so that's two of us and sooner or later one of us must know


mongoose said...

Sony? Fuck 'em. Though they're just doing what they're supposed to do. It is though loathsome that they must have their penny royalties from something near fifty years sung. A sounder business mind would say, heck, put all the old stuff up for free and it will draw in children then unborn - and their mothers and fathers then unborn too.

call me ishmael said...

But I don't think it's liable to happen, like the sound of one-hand clappin'. Lawyers and corpsters, Woe unto them for they would steal even the key to knowledge and as you say,. this overpolicing is stupidly bad for business. People who visit and use libraries are also the people who buy the most books, the same will be true of the YouThing audience.

mongoose said...

Desperate stupidity wrapped in greed is what it is. Junior is ten and currently engrossed in the horror show which was The Tudors. Her Amazon Wish List runs to 72 books, most of which are relevant to that. Well, maybe one or two, kiddo, but in place of all that, how about we go to the library and borrow some for your wee project. And, indeed, we do have more books in this house than most schools can collect together. But so, by one little step, do we teach the kid that you don't necessarily buy the materials for your research because in a civilised world the state provides libraries... Oh, right. I forgot. Maybe on God's golden shore there will be libraries once again.