Wednesday, 13 July 2011


 "   Murdoch media produce an unremitting torrent of right-wing social nostrums, warmongering, national chauvinism, and the glorification of “free enterprise.” 

Murdoch is forever associated with the Conservative governments of Margaret Thatcher and John Major, and above all with Thatcher’s brutal assault on the working class.
He cheered on her deregulation of the City of London, privatisations and tax cuts for corporations and the rich from which he benefited more than most. News of the World’s parent company, News International, carried out an infamous union-busting operation, sacking 6,000 print workers and transferring production to Wapping in London’s East End in 1986.
Then, after Murdoch decided that the Tories had exhausted their usefulness as a vehicle for attacking the working class and enriching the ruling elite, he switched support to Labour—which was more than ready to do his bidding.
Murdoch dictated government policy to such a degree that Lance Price, a media advisor to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, called Murdoch “the 24th member of the Cabinet.” Price added, “His presence was always felt.”
Murdoch himself has publicly boasted of setting the agenda of the Labour government on Europe and “the breakdown of law and order in Britain.”
The Murdoch press has relentlessly promoted wars of aggression, most notably the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003. Blair telephoned Murdoch personally on three occasions in the days leading up to the US-British invasion.
The narrow layer of the super-rich to which Murdoch belongs has dictated every aspect of political, economic and social life over more than three decades. His 175 or so newspapers and television channels, including Sky in Britain and Fox in the US, are widely viewed as kingmakers inside the political establishment.
Murdoch is the supreme purveyor of a particular type of gutter journalism, whose emphasis on sex scandals and the antics of the rich and famous is meant to divert and confuse the public and encourage the most backward sentiments.
In America, Fox News and the New York Post serve the same function as the Sun, News of the World (which Murdoch shut down on Sunday) and Sky TV in the UK, while the Wall Street Journal editorial page articulates the political agenda of the most reactionary sections of the US ruling elite.
The Murdoch media befoul social and intellectual life with an unremitting torrent of right-wing social nostrums, warmongering, national chauvinism, glorification of “free enterprise,” and demands that essential services on which millions rely be slashed.
The most significant expression of the political and ideological putrefaction this has produced is found within the former social democratic parties, such as the British Labour Party.
They all easily adapted themselves to Murdoch’s brand of politics, emerging as unabashed defenders of the savage austerity measures demanded after the 2008 financial crash.

(From the World Socialist website.)

Mr&Mrs Dirty Digger with Mr&Mrs Snot

Murdoch and one of his bitches.


mongoose said...

The World Socialist Website? What larks, Mr Ishmael, what larks.

Do not get carried away. There is not a political bone in Rupert's body. He gives a shit neither for the rich nor the poor. And did not the print unions need breaking? The idle, lard-arsed abuse of their collective power being just the other side of corruption's ruinous coin. The same as the Friday afternoon holidays of the Roote's idlers. These were not the huddled, exploited poor of the industrial revolution. Look, thee, today at the pay and employment terms of a tube train driver. If I was in charge of that, I would make Rupert look like Andy Pandy. ANd then the bankers and then the dentists. Why is it not illegal to charge more than say MLR+5% for any debt or borrowing? Or even +15%. Wongadotfuckingcom is a horror show far more obscene than anything Murdoch gets up to. APR today is 4214%. That's borrow a hundred quid and pay back four-fucking-thousand quid every year. Four-fucking-thousand!! So, it is not good enough to just say "working class" and "socialist" so that we can all sit down and have a good cry. While the foundations of the lives of poor people are undermined a bit by the tits'n'bums silliness of The Sun, those same people are shackled forever and hopeless by the financial savagery that allows even the notion of the likes of to exist, let alone be implemented and brought to market.

But, yes, Murdoch, the fucker, is a supra-national distorter of the very fabric of justice and honour. He makes the cloth on which we stitch our vision of civilisation - and nobody notices let alone understands.

Going back to yesterday's Vaz panto. Is this not cause for more profound weeping? The cunts are back in the saddle. Thieving forgotten - and therefore presumed to have been forgiven - pontificating cunthood of the vilest kind. OK, all coppers are bastards (except for Gemma) but such miserable half-baked swinery is beneath contempt. Why are they not all hanging from the lamp-posts of parliament Square? Geoffrey Fucking Robinson just spoke in PMQs! The good scag-fiends of Tile Hill have elected him once again. Why has he not instead been executed? Stoning to death in Charter Avenue is what he deserves. That shit-hole is his monument. Be silent, you cunt, and hide your miserable carcass. What the fuck is wrong with us that we let them carry on so?

call me ishmael said...

It's just a thought for the day, mr mongoose, like Rabbi Lionel BlueCock used to have, and far more germane than his witterings about his old mum. I think, also, that it is a fair summary of Murdoch's lifelong war on Decency and the betrayals of the Blair-Brown-Campbell-Mandelstein gay blackmailers' cabal.

I met that Robinson once, he was gladhanding in the Toll Gate pub; even as a young man I sent him away with a different point opf view.

We always said that they'd be swiftly back in the saddle and Gosh, this brouhaha makes them more smug by the minute, falling over themselves to congratulate the PM and themselves for their leadership, when all they are doing is reacting to a shitstorm kicked up by the Guardian about aomething they have all been up to their snouts in, split infinitives permitting; every last frotten ucking bastard of them hoping to smell of roses, instead of the dried Murdoch shit which encrusts their lips.

It is not the case that nobody notices; we, here, in these commentaries, have been espousing the skymadeupnewsandfilth reality for some years now, both here and previously at the PizzaHouseOfBlood. What else can a poor boy do?

Usury, of course, got up the Saviour's arse, too, but look where it got him, messing with the bankers.

Oldrightie said...

Amongst the global loan sharks, EU shit commissioners and our own, home grown talentless crappers, Rupe stands head and shoulders above the lot of them. Once he goes after the back stabbing lot, he'll become an International hero. Somebody has to do it.

call me ishmael said...

I think that if he has his own board and the Feds after him, mr oldrightie, he's fucked. Normal people going after him is one thing, the shareholders are a different matter, he's far too old to be fighting on all these fronts.