Sunday, 31 July 2011


Oliver Letwin
Oliver Letwin says he is determined to 'instil' fear among public sector workers to push productivity. 
Oliver Letwin, the coalition's policy minister, has revealed the government's determination to instil "fear" among those working in the public sector, who he claimed had failed for the past 20 years to improve their productivity.
Letwin, architect of the coalition's plans to reform public services, told a meeting at the offices of a leading consultancy firm that the public sector had atrophied over the past two decades.
In controversial comments angering teachers, nurses and doctors, he warned that it was only through "some real discipline and some fear" of job losses that excellence would be achieved in the public sector.

Letwin added that some of those running schools and hospitals would not survive the process and that it was an "inevitable and intended" consequence of government policy.
"You can't have room for innovation and the pressure for excellence without having some real discipline and some fear on the part of the providers that things may go wrong if they don't live up to the aims that society as a whole is demanding of them," he said.

"If you have diversity of provision and personal choice and power, some providers will be better and some worse. Inevitably, some will not, whether it's because they can't attract the patient or the pupil, for example, or because they can't get results and hence can't get paid. Some will not survive. It is an inevitable and intended consequence of what we are talking about. Only not for politicians. fuck me, no. Or bankers, certainly not. Or very wealthy people"


mongoose said...

Letwin is the one, Mr Ishmael. This is the start of the feasting upon cabin-boys and toilet-cleaners. It has taken a whole year longer than I had thought it would - a year, frankly, donated to them by Labour's incredible weakness and disunity and the mind-bending stupidity of the LibDumbs. This autumn will see a holocaust of public sector jobs which will make your hair stand on end. Th true repeal of civilisation starts. And, as you imply, of course, not a single fucker of those who started this will be touched. The pretend-leftie cunts who manufactured daft jobs to create a client sector of the workforce and the pretend-rightie cunts who have sold tomorrow's wealth into debt slavery. They are alright, Jack, and we are fucked for a generation. Who are the enemies and who the victims, Oliver, of our society?

Outed said...

Aye, true enough mongoose but what will they do to fuck us over in the generation after that?

yardarm said...

This drone, burbling cuntspeak as you very rightly call it, this drivelling wastrel, chair polisher divvying up the spoils with the suit wearers at KPMG; has he considered another failure of productivity ( as if he`d know what that meant ) caused by the desire to balance the books.

I`m talking about the 15 week minimum waiting list some trusts have between diagnosis and operation. The ' thinking ' being that the time lag will cause some patients to go private or die; anyway, save money and help balance the beloved books.

Or the patient might get their treatment too late, their condition worsens and they spend their last months in agony in hospital. The system might be fucked but the last thing we need is this bone idle fool prattling about diversity of provision.

Dick the Prick said...

He's Rothchild's gimp. He's got a fancy job title but completely ineffectual in public. Tories' Mandlestein except he can't win votes - bit of a useless fuck, really.

call me ishmael said...

I'm lost for words. This gobby Old Etonisan layabout talkiing about instilling fear in the workers. What are the young people playing at, why aren't they on the streets. We must pray that the skymadeupnewsandfilth scandal unseats WisteriaMan, although no-one perched on the Great Latrine of State wants that to happen, not even the non-oppositional opposition. But never mind, friends, good news, the Moribund brothers are talking again and Moribund major - the one who, on Hillary Trousers' orders, tried to hide the torture of British nationals from the British courts, BananaMan, is back onside, having first secured a private sector earner of fifty grand a year, and he's about to carry Ed's message to, I think, the young. They might believe him, they seem to believe anything; they believed Nick Gimp about their finding.

There is a bit of me says They deserve whatever they get, the young, worthless, brainwashed consumeroids, desperate for any old wanky job, so long as they can call it a career. That one person chooses to venture into the public consciousness with the irredeemably obnoxious Alan Sugar is, to my eyes, Ruin's neon sign, flashing cheerfully in the minds of many, many millions.

Mike said...

This berk is a mere pimple on the state's arse, soo to be forgotten.

As for frightening the workers, I have a few mates (I play golf with, Mr I), bricklayers, 120 kilo brick shithouses who would return the favour with interest to this lavendered popinjay.

Mothers Ruin said...

The young, by and largely, have been seduced by technical gizmos and groomed by the wily seducers Stock, Aitken, Waterman and Cowell to live in hope of celeb status, a lottery win or a claim for compo, that seems to be the future most of them hope for anyway.
Their parents, concerned with the possible fall in property prices, have their own dream that if it all goes tits up, we can sell the house and bugger off to cheaper climes.
Oliver Letwin holds one ball from each of his well drained tennis court players in each hand.

mongoose said...

Madspeak from the USA too "The bill would raise the debt ceiling by $2.4tn (£1.5tn), from $14.3tn, and make savings of $2.3tn over 10 years."

Best of luck with that, kids. That's like saying we will raise our credit limit by $24 dollars and take ten years to save $23. So maybe $2 per year adding up to the twnety-odd. To hell in a proverbial. God help us all. (NB just the 30,000 job losses at HSBC.)

call me ishmael said...

Yes, but they won't be crucial, wealth-creating, tax-evading jobs being lost. And anyway, the newly unemployed will be able to train for new, poorly paid, unregulated and unpensioned jobs in the booming - but not very - private sector, You simply must stop talking down the economy, mr mongoose.

mongoose said...

I actuallt went out and bought a newspaper today, Mr I, in order to try to make sense of the sums the yanks are pretending to do. Christ, they are a bunch of fucking charlatans! There will be blood on the streets over there.

Verge said...

Watched a documentary about WongaWorld called "Inside Job". One aspect that hadn't really occurred to me before is the pernicious corruption of academic Economics. Regulation bad, l'argent de vodun tres bon, and here's my Harvard Business Skule PhD to prove it. Monotreme swine.