Friday, 21 August 2009


PCC warns papers after Gordon Brown's children pictured in Telegraph

Photo of Gordon Brown's children with him at a football match appeared in Daily Telegraph on Monday

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Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown had explicitly asked newspapers not to print pictures of his children, in order to protect their privacy.

The press watchdog is understood to have reminded newspapers of a private agreement not to publish images of prime minister Gordon Brown's children, after the Daily Telegraph ran a photograph of his two young sons earlier this week.

On Monday, the Daily Telegraph published a picture showing Gordon Brown and his family attending a football match in his Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath constituency. The game took place on Saturday at Stark's Park, where Brown's local team, Raith Rovers, were playing Dundee.

The picture was published on page 8 of Monday's Telegraph above a short picture caption: "Why the long face, Gordon? It's only football …"

Brown is seated behind his wife, Sarah, who is between the couple's two children, John and Fraser. The Scottish First Division match finished 2-2.

The Press Complaints Commission is understood to have reminded newspapers of their obligations under a private agreement with Number 10 about coverage of Brown's children, which stipulates that no pictures of them should appear in print. The PCC Code of Practice also contains guidelines about the coverage of children, which states that publications should not write about their private lives, even if their parents are public figures.

Although the PCC code does not appear to have been breached, the separate agreement with Fleet Street has been in place for several years and the prime minister has made it clear in the past that he does not want his children to appear in the media.

A spokeswoman for the paper's publisher, Telegraph Media Group, declined to comment. The PCC also chose not to comment.


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caesars wife said...

if only the rest of us were entitled to such luxuries as privacy .

iraq still hasnt realised Gun toting clerics Islam is a bad idea all round.All to tragic in these pics stanislav , all too tragic

call me ishmael said...

When the beeb and skymadeupnewsand filth start publishing them = or indeed any news of civilian deaths - then I'll stop; as it is, they impudently pretend that we would be too upset, when the reality is that we would be too fucking angry.

The Blair and Brown brats feted and protected, the attempted suicide of a serving prime minister'a child hushed-up, even in the Pizza parlour, while Everyman's entire life is fair game for scum like Wade and McKenzie and Morgan; the only thing free about the press is its ability to destroy the lives of the poor and ordinary, whilst fellating Power and Money.

Caractacus said...

I think it was Martin Bell who complained that the public (via the BBC) never saw the damage caused by the firing of guns etc which are often highlighted at the beginning of a news item (makes the news more watchable and exciting). This, however, santitizes war and conflict. But of course, the BBC is never wrong, so it must be a good thing, mustn't it?

call me ishmael said...

May have mentioned this before Mr caractacus but your point is made by the Feedback programme with Roger Boulton on Radio Four in which ine producer after another wearily explains that the complaining listener is simply too stupid to understand his good fortune in being able to listen to the BBC; they are, as you say, always right.

mr b obombaklaart said...

re: photos of dead iraqi children

i apologize and hereby promise to make full reparations.


president b obombaklaart junior

mrs missile obombaklaart said...


ha!ha! don't worry folks - he's only pulling your legs!!!

chris cock said...


oh holy fuck! that one nearly killed me!!!

chris barack cock said...

as i've always said, it's very difficult to make jokes about president obama - especially when you've paid him a fuck load-a-dollars. i'll leave the jokes to him from now on, and just supply the first-ego-wanking laughter.

spark up said...


they are, as you say, always right.

funny that...coz guido frocks is continually complaining that they are always left. although he could be getting confused, of course - what with him swinging both ways.

doctor martin's laugh-in said...

cock 00:43

i say, that mr obombaklaart's a real kidder. is from south africa?

ah yes, maestro, to the business in hand, i have made a thorough examination of your comedy's penetrative depth, and it would appear, mr cock, that when the incumbent president was elected, you laughed it off.