Friday, 14 August 2009


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President Obamalama speaks to the nation.

My fellow niggerlovin’ motherfuckers. The fact that all the eminent people who had planned to be on that Lockerbie plane suddenly changed their minds does not alter the fact that Mr al Paddy McGinty’s Goat is as guilty as sin. These coincidences sometimes happen - that wealthy and powerful people are out of harm’s way when shit goes down. Or Trade Centres. Or in this case, airplanes. But this is nothing to do with the CIA. It’s just the American way. God takes care of the blessed. And that's why in Him we trust, us multimillionaires.

Let us remember, my fellow motherfuckers, that the motto of this great nation, this land of hope and opportunity, based on the finest human values of ethnic cleansing and slavery and racism and newkyoular terrorism, that motto is e pluribus unum, which, for those of you nigger motherfuckers who aren’t law professors, means Obama Is the Messiah. Now, he may well have prostate cancer, Mr al McGinty’s Goat, but if he’d a been captured in modern times, when we have rendition, even though we don’t, he’d a had something a lot more grievous that cancer up his ass, I can tell y’all (cheers).

I am talking here, motherfuckers, of the Red Hot Poker of Democracy (cheers). They don’t like that shit, them commie faggot motherfucking sonsafuckingbitches. But since we didn’t get our hands on him we have to rely on our good friend, Mr Gordon Snot, the Limey premier, to make sure that not a word leaks out about CIA involvement in the Lockerbie outrage, not that there was any.

It is in the interests of the United States of America that this terrorist dies in jail, or immediately upon leaving it and as Elder Brown well knows, motherfuckers, what’s good for Uncle Sam is good for Uncle Snot. We got enough shit to sweep under the carpet what with Nine-Eleven, the whole Goddamned US Airforce being on holiday and everything, and we don’t need any more.

We have nothing to fear from openness, we can cover that up, too, just like any other shit but if the word got around that Mr al McGinty’s Goat was just a stoolpigeon and didn’t actually kill President Kennedy with three highly accurate, rapid-fire rounds why there ain’t no telling where that shit would lead.


With God on our side said...

It stinks to high heaven. A "proven" mass murderer released on compassionate grounds. Can Ian Brady now look forward to release?
What are his conditions of being sent home? Keeping his mouth shut?

call me ishmael said...

That's about it. They don't want his appeal heard. But look on the bright side, this is Scotland, where all the lawyers are bent, from the Lord Advocate, across the Courts and into the wee parley-a-ment; rotten, shameless, thieving bastards, every last one of them. They'll sort something out.

Edgar said...

It has been reported, Mr Ishmael, that the release of the prisoner does not stop the Appeal. On the other hand, his death probably would do so. Methinks there is no guarantee that he will die soon in gaol, therefore, as an act of mercy, he can be handed over to Col. G, who recently has been on much better terms with the United States, to receive what humanitarian assistance has been deemed necessary.

call me ishmael said...

PM, not with Smug Eddie Mair, at 5.00pm, was reporting that he had abandoned his appeal and that Christine Somebody, my mind has gone blank, an MEP, anyway, was saying he had been leaned on. Have you heard differently, Mr $dgar, since teatime?

If anyone has a few minutes to spare and an interest in Bonny Scotland they should google Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers; it is not at all Lockerbie specific but does give a flavour of quite how rotten things are up here.

Edgar said...

Thank you for updating me, Mr I. It's a lazy habit I have, commenting on news without bothering to check the latest.

Edgar said...

Oh, and thanks, too, for the link to SACL. I never saw a version of 'One law for them and another law for us' that was so literally true.

caesars wife said...

you will like Barrys most recent promo for national health care says it causing business to go bust !! funny I thought it was the banks , it all sarted in fife.

just dont mention execs of fanny mae and freddie mac , who mysterious were democrat backers all along .

so was banking system busted for NWO to take over ??

Looks like Barry has bit off more than he can chew this time , so long democrats it was nice ceremony an all that , but they just dont like debts and the IOUs , so its yippie ky ai where has all the money gone over there then .